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Monday, November 10, 2014

Banner wars in lanark county Ontario. Mayor of Perth against anti porn banner

Anti-porn campaign
Fenik also had concerns about just how the banner was being perceived across the country, and the reflection it made on Perth.(john, it shows Perth cares about it's families and children)

“I got emails, naturally, about the banner (last year),” Fenik said. “It cast the town in a very bad light.” Some emails came from as far away as British Columbia, and the writers wanted to know, “does the town of Perth have a porn problem? Is porn rampant in Perth?” (I doubt anyone who sees this banner would think porn is rampant here, it is more likely they would think we care about our kids)

Closer to home, parents with younger children approached him with concerns of their own, about turning the corner on to Foster Street and being met with the huge words “Porn” stretched across the sky, and having their children ask them what the word ‘porn’ means. (instead of pretending it does not exist, these parent should face reality and explain why it's there. What have you got against that "john?")

“Instead of being a positive influence of change… (the banner) is becoming a lighting rod for negativity,” said Fenik.(that john, is "your" opinion, not ours)

In the end, council voted five to two to allow the banner, with john fenik (mayor of perth ontario) and peterkin voting against, and Graff, Brown, McPherson, Gemmell and Boldt voting in favour. Perth council. (We will remember that when someone else runs for mayor, since "we" are the majority, john.)

Tear down Porn Harms banner
By Neville Wells
The "Porn Harms" banner is an eyesore, constitutes an improper effort to impose a particular moral point of view on those who stroll the streets of Perth, delivers, in any case, a deceptive message, and does discredit to our beautiful, historic downtown.
(Neville, whose web site says he lives in Victoria, seems to have a problem with morality. Morality is not a bad thing, especially when it comes to teaching children the right path to life. There has to be a balance of course, but it is the main dish in raising of kids. The message of the banner is missing something, as in, "porn harms families, especially kids" is the preferred path I would have taken instead of just "porn hurts". But the concept of the banner is in its right place. When we have those in our society, as in professors who "promote" paedophilia as "intergenerational intimacy", then we know something is wrong. Morality Neville is a just cause, because it shows kids we as adults care, of course there are zealots, on both sides, but the majority of us agree the banner is a necessary thing in the process of building a better world for kids...and your effort to demonize Joy Smith is of poor quality my friend)

A response to "neville's" ill conceived letter.
by Veronica Felizardo
As parents we all agree, morality is important to the raising of children, none of us pursue a zealot path to explaining it to them. Parents do not teach hate with morality as neville seems to imply. People such as him always try to find something that isn't there, it isn't surprising he tried to tie in gays with his anti banner views, which make no sense. 
(As Veronica says, the protection of children is the primary concern of any parent, and with the advent of the internet we have lots to worry about. Including those who "promote" pedophilia as inter-generational intimacy, or paedophiles who now demand the same rights as homosexuality claiming it as a sexual orientation.")

More here.
Get the facts about be aware coalition
The Be Aware Coalition is a community-based, non-profit organization comprised of citizens of Perth and area that addresses social justice issues. It is not a religious organization nor does it preach a moral code. It works together with businesses, schools, the Town of Perth, churches and concerned citizens from all walks of life.
(The point fenik, peterkin, neville and the few who have a problem with defending morality always divert a good thing towards a non existent bad one, this is not an imposition of will(religious or otherwise) of others, but a defence of our children, what they seem to have against this is beyond me, other than these people are so desensitized to the damages porn actually does to family unity let alone kids that they forgot, the majority supports this banner.)

Mayor John Fenik wasn't in favour of the banner.   He supports the campaign, but said the wording of the banner, "Be aware Porn Harms" offended many people last year. (it "offended" a minority john, the rest of us fully understand the issue and it's problems in our society")

Coun. Jim Graff defended the starkness of the message.
"I think some people take it too much to heart," said Graff, when a child queries their parents on the meaning of the banner.
Coun. Judy Brown also challenged the mayor's comments.
"I always try to do what is right," she said. "Yes, I try to represent all of the people of Perth," but, on this issue, she believes that "porn is evil." She also commended the inter-faith alliance for bringing the issue forward, calling them "progressive citizens who are interested in protecting children. We are blessed by the people we have here."

By Josh Sullivan
McDonalds Corners Road
Please stay out of the bedroom of your citizens and stop trying to look over their shoulders. Members of town council's individual morality is their own business and should not be discussed or demonstrated during the course of duties as elected officials.
In my opinion, this campaign is a thinly-veiled religious organization that is trying to bring back censorship to Canada based on religious authority. Church and state are separate in this country and publicly-funded support for organizations that support censorship is not welcome in a free society.
Please stop using tax dollars and public resources to control what people are allowed to see based on an individual's own moral code.
(Josh, get you sh*t together and stop trying to divert the reality of this issue, it is not about the bedrooms of adults, it is about protecting children, what have you got against that "josh"?)

John Fenik stressed his belief that the Be Aware campaign, which is made up of an inter-faith alliance of area churches, touched on the debate over the separation of church and state.
"When you start delving into spiritual beliefs, I am not sure it is the direction to go," said Fenik last month. Further to this, "when we get behind one particular group... we run the risk of alienating other groups."
(John john john, here is a bit of reality for ya, separation of church and state is a lost argument by "those" who want to change society according to their "personal" beliefs. Our whole society and it's laws is based on spirituality, especially the 10 commandments, the fathers of confederation, founding fathers of America, so on, created these nations on these laws. Look it up john.")

Pornography remains one of the biggest threats to our children's safety. The issue of pornography is not a "spiritual" one, nor does this campaign endorse the interests of "one particular group".
(do you get it JOHN? Its about kids not religion.)

And john's response to all this....
It's not about porn 
by john fenik.
I recently read the article entitled "MP says Fenik not showing leadership on porn banner".
For the record, I believe that banners flown in the Town of Perth should be restricted to Perth's festivals and events. I do not believe it is appropriate for religious organizations, coalitions or political lobby groups to utilize town property and resources to fly banners.
In regards to my lack of leadership, I would like to say that my entire life has revolved around the protection of children, speaking out against violence towards women and advocating for the rights of LGBT youth. When it comes to leadership, I will let my record speak for itself. (yes it does...john)
Sincerely, John Fenik Mayor of Perth

John....if you where worried about children you would co-operate and find an understanding with those who have the safety of children in mind, not try your best to push them aside. As for your speaking against violence against women, we know of your association with the radical feminist group of lanark county, (the all men bad group), strange you would associate with those who say "men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, teach men not to rape(as if) and during xmas and sporting event men buy beer and go around beating their women." Your a man with power john, did you get said power through rape and sexual harassment, what about xmas and sporting event, john?
What about violence against men, which as you know, most of the crimes are committed against, what about kids john, what about a statue for those who have fallen to crime, men women and kids, john...instead of a radical man-hating feminist oriented one which when they gather, do nothing other than demonize men, (that's you john) and bring up marc lepine every time they can, giving him what he wanted, notoriety...
By the way, didn't you approved a gay pride parade, utilizing town property, roads, school grounds???
What's the population of gays in Perth john? .5%? They had to bus people in to make it viable.
Yet the majority who wants to eradicate porn, whether in coalitions or otherwise, are not to use town property, your strange john, this is not your property, it belongs to us.
It is fine to protect minorities john, but you also have to be aware of the "majority", the idea minorities deserve special treatment is causing resentment john, and people like you who should show "leadership" revert to the smallest denominator...divide and conquer...
In carleton place, those you associate with, the radical feminists at the local interval house have a banner asking for money, no one said anything against using town property, or restricting it to festivals, strange since they claim men like yourself achieve power through rape, john.
They can do it, but those who care about kids first and their safety have to go through this kind of problems?
john, your priorities are f*cked up.

Amazing isn't it, to people like fenik and company, it's about religion, they will find anything and everything to degrade the real message behind the banner, which is....porn hurts families, especially kids.
And a concerted effort to destroy religion even if religion is not involved in the specific issue.

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