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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Babies, kids, children, our children, targeted by what can only be described as...EVIL.

I recently interviewed parents in Smiths falls on, what they told me threw me for a loop, because now, seems that I was wrong in thinking they only had it in for the male species, men and fathers are not the only one in their sight, looks like they are demonizing "MOTHER" for having relationships with men, and promoting lesbianism to...small children...as in, it is better to be loved by a woman than a man.
I have to look further into this, before I commit myself to exposing it, because if this shows to be honest, it's no longer about "all men bad", or "teach men not to rape" (as if), but a concerted effort to totally destroy the traditional family and impose their twisted B.S. on others, they have evolved their hate for men and are now targeting "women" ???
I guess I was wrong, Its not an ideology, it's pure corruption, not only in a financial sense, but of values. These people believe they can do to anyone what they want, destroy who they will, and be answerable to no one...?
I pointed out before they where targeting teens, sometimes with stories that can't be verified, but if I'm right, they have gone further down the line and going after smaller children.

Combine that with this one, ( More college students support post-birth abortion) and as I said, this might not be ideological any more, but anti-value, anti-family or even further, evil intentions. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, or a deeply religious person to see and understand, that once someone or something targets children, especially promoting; after been born, they are not aware, and can be "INFANTICIDE"; the only reasoning you can put besides such ideas, is an evil that has griped our society.
Question now is not who you support, what your political beliefs are, the line is in the sands, the only choice is, whose side your on and to fight this for what it is....evil against children.
For if we do not fight for kids, then what are we good for? Providing more wealth to the greedy elitist? Because they use this, some are for, some are against, tell us to support or opposes, and while we are at each others throat, they quietly take what's not theirs. And were just f*cking letting them.

Nature, Mother Earth, is all about caring for the next generation, plants, animals, insects, humanity, all have a responsibility not to themselves first but to make sure life continues....
There is no more debate, no more arguments, when people believe and promote the idea, children are tools to be used for their own personal purposes, children after their birth are not aware and can be "MURDERED", and also promote the idea that paedophilia is inter generational intimacy, or having child porn is OK, then it's all about cleaning the dirt out of our lives.
And dirty it is....
Feminism, manginism is a weakness of the spirit, they are tools used by the corrupt, which those who claim to be this are so hateful, blind and suffer from such an inferiority complex, they are easy to manipulate.
Debating weak minded people only takes the real fight to a place that is continuous, it cannot be won, or lost, it can only make us fight each other, while the snake slithers and takes the young.
We know who the enemy is, that is who we should be resolved to go after, not the weak minded.
I ask myself, How many times have I read such disturbing and disgusting issues, always pushed on us by those who are inferior, then I shrug my shoulders and refuse to debate this shit, because we know what is going on, what is coming, we're not as stupid as they make us out to be.

We better put our sh*t back together and remember who we are here for and who "WE" protect,

Because if we don't, if we serve what we know to be wrong, Mother Earth will replace us with some other species who have better values and care more for their children.

and if you want to follow them,

go right ahead...It is and always has been...your choice.
But if you think there will be no ramification for following their beliefs or looking the other way, your diluting yourselves.
Have a nice day....


Anonymous said...

This site say what we think,u evr thought about doing podcasts?

BlackWolf said...

Not really, dabbled on youtube but a podcast? I'll look into it... Who knows...Gotta look up what a podcast is first...

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that the some organization's would stoop lower than they already are.

It's all about the money and control.

Hitler used children to get his message out.


BlackWolf said...

So did stalin, lenin, and many others, strange company to keep isn't it?