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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A look at...the West, Russia, Ukraine, Isis, etc, and the propaganda to control what you think.

US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN.
UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.

The joy of the January revolution of 2011 has given way to the return of a form of authoritarian rule
Among Egypt's revolutionaries and rights lawyers, it is no longer remarkable to say the country has returned to the era of Hosni Mubarak – or worse.

ISIS: a monster made by the moralists of the West
They created it, they inflamed it. ISIS might be doing the killing, but the space in which ISIS could rise and gain influence was provided by Western forces, by the Western invasion of Iraq and Western intervention in Syria. To listen to the very facilitators of ISIS’s emergence now say that ‘we’, the good and the powerful of the West, must stand firm against this new ‘Islamofascist threat’ is almost too much to stomach.

Let's be realistic for one moment, why the hell would anyone vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution might be baffling to some, but if one understand geopolitics, it is more beneficial to the western economies and multi-national companies if the Russian federation would be broken in pieces. All that oil and such, Ukraine is the pathway to that little construct.

The west had a chance to fix this mess during negotiations between former President Yanukovich, Russia and the e.u.. Russia had offered 15 billion in aid and where in negotiations with the e.u. for additional aid for the Ukrainian economy. But under pressure from local governments, the e.u. gave Yanukovich an ultimatum, either them or Russia, so understandably, he went with Russia. To have accepted the western offers would have thrown the Ukrainian economy into chaos since most of it was tied to Russia. Re-organising an economy from one side to the other is not something that is done overnight and a time consuming endeavour which would result in much economic pain, also there is no assurance that it would work.
So, the western governments got involved, financed an uprising and the rest is history. 
Take Germany for instance, when the east was absorbed back in the rest, they expected instant economic results and equality, even to this day, decades later, this has not come about, so if they are having a problem, imagine Ukraine.

What should have been done is negotiate a special place in Europe for Ukraine, make it a neutral country, a buffer between NATO and Russia, if this would have come about, all the mess which is happening right now would not have taken place. This would have satisfied Russia, and Ukraine would have benefited from an economy from both sides.
NATO was salivating at the thought of having a base in Crimea, integrating Ukraine into it would have made this possible, but instead decided to turn that county into chaos.

If we think about all this in a more realistic manner, what would we have done if the roles where reverse. Let's say the Warsaw pack would have come ahead in the cold war, instead of NATO, and they where slowly advancing their military alliance towards us...Look what happened in the Cuba missile crisis, the bay of pigs, the multiple attempts on Castro's life, didn't we do the exact same thing? At the expense of the Cuban people, and still doing it today...The u.n. has voted how many time to lift the embargo on that country? (23 times actually) If it would have been lifted decades ago, the regime most probably would have fallen by now.

Russia has the historical right to be aware of who is on their borders, from Napoleon to Hitler, looking the other way did not exactly worked for the benefit of it's people, lesson learned in their case...When there is talk of NATO expansion to their borders, fascist and extreme right tendencies in a neighbours government and a fascist militia fighting in the east, we can relate to why they are so nervous. 

So far, the west have not exactly been good to governments who did not tow the line. They did not like who the Egyptians voted for, so they financed a coup, re-installed the old guard, declared the last election democratic with 38 to 44 per cent turnout, claiming 93.4 per cent of the total vote went to the former army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Declaring it a fair election...Ya, sure it was....

Many other countries have been "destroyed" by the west, Iranian coup of 1953, which was born out of Americans and British wanting to protect their own interest, interests of corporations, and their oil companies, that were nationalized when Prime Minister Mosaddegh was elected into power.
So the British and Americans with collusion from the CIA, rounded up all the local radicals in the area, and they formed a coup, riots in the streets. They were paid to riot effectively, to create the coup. Everyone in the British secret service and American CIA were involved in that coup. Obviously that meant the installation a pro-western friendly Shah government with all the terrible implications for the people of Iran.
Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, all ungovernable. Yugoslavia, China, remember Tienanmen square? that was financed by the west, didn't work out so now they're trying with Hong Kong. 

Believing the sanctions imposed on Russia is hurting them is wishful thinking, maybe in the short term, who it really hurts are the small central European nations actually, and as janice stein said recently on tvo's the agenda, the rich in Russia might rebel if they do not get their French cheese, that is the extent of the arguments from those who lived through the cold war and still stuck in that era, as is illustrious leaders like harper of Canada. Russia does not have to do business with the west, when they can get products cheaper from the east, like China and India, and if anyone thinks they will not oblige them... all the best to you.

Let's go now to the middle east, and bad ol'ISIS, chopping the heads off people, making war, having, according to western media, apocalyptic tendencies...
Fighting for them is against the laws of the west, but fighting for the Kurdish militias, all having ties to the PKK is fine, (A recognized terrorist organisation by the west, including Canada.). Ask the Turks what they think of all this with thousands of death on both sides. Why do you think Turkey is not getting involved against Isis, because the west is doing the fighting for them with the so called heroic Kurdish militias, which all have allegiance to the PKK. When the PKK was declared a terrorist organisation by the west, they simply created other organisations and got funding from them. Smart move.
So, like here in Canada, fighting for the Isis terrorists is bad, fighting for the kudish terrorists is OK...and heroic. Turkey doesn't think so but hey, what the h*ll.
Why is that, why is it, the west only got involved in this crap when Isis came close to...Erbil northern Iraq? Well, it's because Erbil is the centre point of oil exploration in the north, western oil companies all have their headquarters there. 
For those who look for wars, and continuously fight in them, once you have seen war, and it's full realities, a sane person just doesn't want to see it again. There is nothing heroic in participating in a continuous war.
Let them fight it out, they don't have the technology to go any further, for now, and if they want freedom, we can't give it to them, they have to take it themselves.

And as for chopping of heads, we have allies who are better at it.
Since January 2014, 59 people have had their heads lopped off in the kingdom
Mr. Baird, how are Saudi Arabia’s beheadings different from Islamic State’s?
It’s something the Canadian Foreign Minister still fails to grasp

Who created Isis, now knows as Islamic state, you bomb the sh*t out of an area for 20 years and something is bound to happen. A lot of angry people, relatives and neighbours might not fully support them, but if you want revenge....go where you can get it.
And if I.S. is defeated, what we have to worry about is, what comes after? There is still going to be thousands of people over there pissed at the west. Are we looking at another 100 year war we cannot possibly win.
Maybe the west should train the local military? Oh wait! They have been doing this since 2003 and when it came down to fighting, the people the west trained, ran...So now, the west is going to train them...again, sh*t that should work out just fine.?
Isis controls deserts so far, a few cities, military equipment from the west they captured from the rabbits they trained, which cannot be replaced or fixed. They expanded to fast, they extended their forces to much and are probably at the extent of their power.
We should be aware of past history, Rome considered itself a beacon of light in a dark primitive world, but eventually fell to a primitive tribe, the Goth. Constant wars, political corruption, the elitist mentality and it was just a matter of time, who was the most patient.

Sometimes you have to look at all this from a simple view, the elite prevents us from doing that, with propaganda and "we know best attitude" while plunging us into something none of us want.  
Whether the wars of 1914 caused by a bunch of inbreds, also knows as the kings of Europe, related to each other and victoria of england or the Versailles treaty of 1919 which basically caused the rise of hitler and the second world war, if we are not able to define our own destiny, without depending on those who have financial interest in wars, then maybe we do deserve to be treated like sheeples and eat the table scraps from them...
Let's face it, the western economies are not exactly in top form right now, and somehow, seems like someone is looking for a war to invigorate that failing system where the rich take and the rest of us...watch.

We do not take sides, we do not look for a Pulitzer prize, we just point to a different look at things. This is either our world, or theirs, we are many they are very few, yet they cause most of the problems...Who are they?
The Elite.
A group of people who have the most wealth and status in a society.
A group who believe they have the only right to rule.
A group who believe themselves better.
A group who try to controls the lives of the majority.

None of us are afraid to fight and even die for a just cause, but not one our side is responsible for.


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Love to read but no comment much,have to say this,thank you.
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The sheep follow without questioning anything.

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History repeats because of many sheep.