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Sunday, November 30, 2014

ReMoved, the story of a foster child.

Originally created for the 168 Film Festival, ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.
This is a very powerful film about kids in foster care, to recognize, it is not about us, but about the child's feeling, emotions and especially, their short history. Some go through so much pain, and do not have the capacity yet to understand why. The love they deserve and where never given We should never blame them but those who made them this way. The word for foster children is always...patience and understanding.
I know for a fact, most of us want to tell this and children like her, "baby, this is not the way things where supposed to be like".
Some of us have had a rough life, but this still brings us to understand, some have it worse...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Feminism exposed.....A diamond ring and marriage proposal is...sexist...

Feminists Are Reeeeally Starting To Reach For Stuff To Be Outraged About Now.

Proposing marriage is sexist according to self-described feminist Meghan DeMaria, who wrote about "The latent sexism of the male marriage proposal" in her most recent column for The Week.
According to Meghan, the modern proposal is "obviously sexist." She offers historical information on the tradition of the engagement ring, and scoffs at how those rings have allowed men to "demonstrate their control over women."

Her arguments are based on the historical information she linked us with...From caveman to 1880...OK!

First, someone who lives in the past with it's weird and primitive customs which all thoughtful intelligent person would giggle at, let alone base their live according to it, definitely lives in a non-existent world and quoting that for an argument is a sign of an inferiority complex, which feminism and their manginas are known for...

Second, let's be realistic for a moment, we know feminists want to ultimate destruction of the traditional family, that's on record. But to say women of today, those who have moved with the times that is, not cat lovers, want, expect and love diamond rings because they want to be controlled and owned by men is totally of the charts... Men get those for their women not to show possession of said women but as a sign of respect and love for them..

Third, who possesses whom in that case, diamonds for that cat lover's information is not exactly something you buy at the local dollar store. It is extremely expensive and the man is found to pay for that little piece of glass for a very long time...That alone should show that he is willing to sacrifice many things to please his woman...and to show his love for her....That is living in this century, not in the time of the caveman, which by the way, there was never any proof that the string story is real...

As for the 20% of feminists and falling numbers because of their stupidity, 15% of them still secretly want a diamond ring but are afraid to say so, and the rest of the 5% are hateful females who are either not happy with the mangina they live with or the cat who is waiting for them at home.

What happened in the past is gone, that's why we call it the past, to relate that time with today's world of men and women relationships is by far idiotic. Buying or getting a diamond ring, is not a mark of slavery or possession of another human being, it has evolved to show love, respect and pride, it is the beginning of two people taking the path to family life....It shows the man's willingness to sacrifice for the woman....this is called honour, respect, love, which as we know most women want to see in a man.
"Correct me if I'm wrong but, It is also something women love to show their friends..lol."

In our world, the man gives bread, blanket, and had to make fire without matches before his marriage to a woman, in the old days, he had to do this in front of clan mothers, Elders and the brides family, to show he could take care of her and the family to come. This tradition is still happening in some circles today.
Bread to feed her, blanket to house her and fire to keep her warm.
Women owns the house, the kids and the land...
Not exactly a sign he was going to turn his woman into a possession. That's why native women and feminism do not mix for the majority of them.

The relationship between men and women has come a long way, whether it was at one time a show of possession, who knows, personally I wasn't there, most of us live in the today anyway. I also find controlling another human being to be abhorrent. We can achieve more by co-operating with each other in a relationship, when one is controlled by the other, that person's capability and gifts are lost and everything they could do to make life a better place in the home is curtailed. 
There is instances where either gender, men and women, can be controlling in a home, nowadays its the recipe for divorce, but for the rest of us, a diamond ring is not a sign of possession, in today's world it's a sign of love.

My guess is, feminists are against it because they didn't get one...lol.
The negative tone of those who thrive on division will always be there, the important thing is to expose such idiocy that comes out of their mouths and ask....
"Is this what you believe? Because they claim to speak for you".
And if women do not want diamond rings, say so, we will...oblige...after all, more money for us?(sarcasm)

Friday, November 28, 2014

How "stupid" have thing gone in this society? Well read this and let me know.

Police Charge 9-Year-Old Girl With ‘Battery’ For Allegedly Punching Her Sister

Police in Indianapolis, Indiana just arrested a 9-year-old girl for allegedly hitting her sister. The child was charged with battery after her mother thought that calling the police might help teach her daughter a lesson.
But instead of giving the girl a stern talking-to, and putting a good scare in her, officers determined that the correct course of action was to arrest the girl, and put her through the system.
The report filed by the arresting officer claims that the girl’s mother, Andrea Stumpf, “stated that her 9-year-old daughter punched her 6-year-old sister in the head.”

Mother filmed the incident, and when the police viewed the footage “the officer made the decision to arrest,” according to Officer Rafael Diaz from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Diaz said that it is not unusual for police to arrest children that young.

“It happens. It seems like we spend a lot of our time dealing with juvenile issues,” Diaz claimed.

Rick Whitten, the executive director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, spoke with local reporters about keeping children out of the criminal justice system whenever possible.

“We know that the younger kids get involved in the juvenile justice system, the more likely they are to keep getting involved with the system,” he explained.

This is a good reminder to parents that you cannot use the police to teach your children lessons anymore. Police will not come and give your children a good scare, at best they will arrest them, and at worst, your child might end up dead.

The “Mayberry” years are gone.

Not much to say about this is there.....Other than WTF.
It use to be parents and police would work together to benefit kids, "If you don't obey your mom and dad, I'll throw you in jail with bad people" to scare them and help out parents with unruly kids.
And they wonder why people are turning against them...
The lesson...don't call the cops to teach your kids a lesson....

Policing, society and the public perception, past and present...it's not just cops that's the problem, it's all of it...

First thing first, police are supposed to be experienced, trained to handle situations, they try real hard to get us to believe they are above petty emotions like ego, fear and such...This is what the perception they created, not us...
This is what they pass on to the public with the help of the media. They are special people, even making it look like they are better,.braver and fearless....
When we where young, before youtube, we would look up to these guys, been around a cop was like been around a Warrior, the Knights or the Centurion of old. As kids we could not get enough, we would storm around their cars, they would talk to us and hang on their every word....
And all of them seem to genuinely like been around kids. So what the hell happened...?

Of course my memories of cops is based on us living in the backwoods smallest of towns where if you blinked passing by in a car, you would miss it...Our school had one class, in that class we had grade one to 7 and still the room was half empty. So for us seeing a cop was a special occasion. It was also a time of massive changes.

Jean Lesage and his quiet revolution in Quebec promised advances against the English oligarchs, the bill of rights was approved, natives got the right to vote in federal elections, Diefenbaker was still PM of Canada eventually replaced with more liberal minded people like Pearson and Trudeau. Royal Commission on the Status of Women, Murial Fergusson was appointed as the first female Speaker of the Senate...And in America, a new president who promised a new world, John F. Kennedy. My mother just loved Jackie.
Let's not forget the civil rights movement...
Everything was headed in the right direction...
Again, if we look at today's world, what the hell happened?

Hate, anger, rage, wars, gender divisions, schools used for political ideology, parental alienation from their own kids, corruption, greed, on and on and on...
In the old day we looked forward as kids to associate with cops, they where heroes to us and they behaved that way...at least we thought so, if youtube was present would we have the same thoughts? Who knows.
Honestly, I don't think they where as bad, if we compare it to today, unless you lived in the south and the civil rights movement.... These days they seem to feed, either on power or fear of everything and everyone. Combine that with those who thrive on the position of power they hold and that seems to be an explosive situation.

The one below for instance is disturbing, a 12 year old holding a bb gun, you can see they rush in, shoot him dead the second they get out of the car...they even went on TV to justify all this.
They could have analysed the situation from a distance and would have come to the conclusion this was not as dangerous as they saw it...and a 12 years old would have freaked and dropped the gun and still alive today....

That said....
Is it all their fault....Glorifying gangster lifestyle gangsta rap, in music, shooter games in xbox, playstation, violence on TV. When children see and hear this, they want to play or imitate what they see....

We did it after seeing a cop and robber movie or cowboys and Indians or an old popular war show of the times called combat, and the rat patrol....we did it with any toy gun we could find, and they looked a hell of a lot more real than they do today. We imitated what we saw, as this kid was doing....and guess what, cops sometimes played with us...they did not rush in and shoot at will...

This is not unique...

This one is complete fear, obviously this cop is so afraid of his surroundings, he lost his perspective on these type of situations a long time ago. In this case the cop was charged with assault and battery.

Toronto Police shoot man on street car 
This one is just strange, the guy is in the bus, yes, holding a knife, but he is not an immediate danger to any of the cops outside. Since there is 4 of them, how about 2 with guns, 2 with tasers? Or shoot him in the leg, 4 cops would not have missed, and no death would have occurred...I believe in this case the cop who shot 3 times, waits 5 seconds and shoot another 6 times was charged with 2 degree murder...but that does not bring back the life he took does it. Why did he do it, some say it's "defy us and you die" policy some now have, or just a lack of respect for life....power, ego?...Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out someone with a knife in front of 4 armed cops has some type of mental problems or a death by cops wish.

Police officer seen tripping pregnant woman, repeatedly punching suspect’s face
There are rules to been a cop, even if one is arresting a drug dealer, too much violence as we see in the video and he goes free is one of them. Punch the crap out of a drug dealer, trip a 7 month pregnant woman to the ground, try to delete the evidence of your actions, and you just let a drug dealer off the hook and made yourself and those around you look bad. 

A dangerous criminal? he had an expired sticker on his licence...

There are good people in the police force, even some who make mistakes and try to fix it, some who go out of their way to help, try to make it safe for all of us...
But with the advent of the internet and sites like youtube, the most we see are those who abuse their position, we only see a few who are the real police officer.

Good Cop Protecting a Mentally Disturbed Man from Fellow Cops.

Cop helps dad travel for daughter's surgery

Police officer goes beyond duty (white cop helping black child)

When you beat, shoot and kill innocent people, it overtakes the good that is done for the public. They are supposed to be helpful and and example to kids. The word of wisdom when an argument ensues, and even put their lives on the line for the public welfare.
They have to live in today's world, (cameras, youtube, internet) the good must go against the bad ones, forget this code of honour of not do or say anything against those who do wrong, it's passer.
That way, when violence is needed, the public will understand and accept it better.
People see violence, this is what they remember, because it is not suppose to happen.

As we said before, we can't put the blame solely on them, when you have artists who themselves do drugs, live with violence, guns, hoes, glorify gangster lifestyle, games of first shooters, killing hoes, cops, so on...then your going to have  a 12 year old try to imitate that, we wanted to be the good guys in our time, not the bad guy...
Our movies had strong morality in their messages. One that always stayed with me was a James Cagney and Pat O'Brian movie for instance...Angels with dirty faces....I remember watching this movie with my grandfather. O'Brian been the priest trying to keep kids from looking up to his tough gangster friend who was trying to lure them into crimes. The ending was the moral of the whole movie, been a bad guy was not all that it was supposed to be, they eventually show cowardice when it came to reality....Cagney's character Rocky Sullivan at the end, cowardly cried, screamed, when he went to the electric chair and O'Brian's character explaining his friend's true self to the kid who adored and wanted this type of life.

As parents we are outnumbered, a father who does his best to teach his kids to be honest and good competes with the fool who sings the good life selling drugs and hoes. The politicians who takes what is not theirs, hateful people who do their best to demonize him simply because he is dad, stuck on the same idiotic message that men cause violence, men cause wars, men rape, men achieve power by raping women, teach men not to rape, comparing all men to the few who do bad to others, instead of those who sacrifice so much for their kids. Schools promoting immoral behaviour, sex with whoever.....that is what we compete with, low lives and people who hate everything around them, pass that hate to others and the weak who even pass this as an evolution of society.
Is that who we really are?

No matter what they tell you, what they spew, men in general are good, caring for children, and women and the Elderly. Men as a whole, do not rape women, do not abandon their kids, they teach them moral values, want to see them achieve the best they can be....
We will even put our lives on the line to protect these values...

Yet, the low lives, the beta humans we compete with is sometimes overwhelming.
When the few bad ones are pointed out as an example of the majority's behaviour, and promoted as such for financial reason, then such a society is on it's way out, we can fight all we want, maybe even wait them out, but remember this, negative people rarely change their colours, you have to physically push them out, staying silent only emboldens them to continue.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ya! The economy is doing just fine...and I saw a jackalope in my backyard.

The Netherlands Has Repatriated 122.5t Gold From US

More and more countries require the return of the United States of its reserves of precious metals. Someone can, someone - no

A Major International Monetary Crisis is Looming

The gold standard bandwagon is rolling

We're not economists, but it doesn't take one to see, when this happens, something is going on they do not want us to know...
The american debt been the major problem, and Canada with it's own, will fall with it.
The current government in Canada took a  healthy economy, 7 year average of almost 10 billion surplus, around 560 billion national debt, and turned it into no surplus, a deficit, surpassing the debt of 1993 when mulroney left office which was around 560, now at 650 billion,
And they claim to be good at managing our taxes, harper calls himself an economist?
They inherited a good economy and they screwed it up, isn't it amazing every time the conservatives are in power in this country, the economy goes bananas?

The Canadian government debt, commonly called the "public debt" or the "national debt", is the amount of money owed by the Government of Canada to holders of Canadian Treasury security. In 2013, this number stood at CAD$1.2 trillion across federal and provincial governments.

The American one is;
$18,055,745,321,000 Not counting, state, county, municipalities.

Add personal debt and it goes up even more in both countries....

But, it's ok, everything is fine. Go into the light....

Some can't even afford good food for their families, especially kids and the Elderly...
Recently went to grocery store, a small package of hamburger?   8 f*cking dollars.
I have even feed people, and I have financial difficulties...
And up north, even worse, a bag of milk, $16...
But all is well economically according to governments...?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CNN caught; a propaganda station. Christiane Amanpour’s Interview with RT Host

Here’s the edited interview that ended up airing on CNN:

This is what they left out...(the most trusted name in news...lol)
NAOUAI: …It’s an absurd question coming from someone that’s propagated the line of the State Department for over 15 years. I mean, it’s absolutely absurd.

AMANPOUR: Well, are you talking to me?

NAOUAI: Yes. Absolutely I’m talking to you. Who else would I be talking to?

AMANPOUR: Are you talking to me?

NAOUAI: Absolutely.

AMANPOUR: You’ve got to be kidding me.

NAOUAI: You’ve propagated the line of the State Department for over 15 years, starting with Yugoslavia and all the way into Syria. And now you’re doing it for Ukraine, essentially. Absolutely, I’m talking to you.

AMANPOUR: Oh, my goodness. Have you seen any of my reports about Syria? Have you seen any of my reports about Syria?

NAOUAI: I’ve seen lots of your reports and in not one report where you find you questioning the United States government and their policy. And we, with our Russian propaganda, question those arms to the FSA, question those arms to al-Nusra and other leagues. And now today we have ISIS.
Now watch the full, uncut video of Naouai’s side of the interview

Anissa Naouai takes on CNN

CNN, the propaganda station.

Cnn or the western media does not have the right to cut out interviews to push propaganda...Amanpour is known to ask loaded questions and so is wolf blitzer, every time they ask a question notice they try to divert the answer by putting their opinions into the question. Guiding it to what they tell us to believe.
Cnn, known for propaganda, has claimed the right to decide what we should see of not....
You don't have to take sides to be disgusted at this type of news media. It is pure and simple...propaganda.
Josef Goebells would be proud.
Glad to see someone is calling them on it, even if it is RT.
Not taking sides, it's about pointing out how the western media is as guilty as anyone in their attempt to control what they judge what we should know. WTF, they think we are all sheeples???

Propaganda is the first sign of an elite trying to protect their power, financial or otherwise, it is also a sign that things are not as secure in a system as they would like us to believe.

Cnn is not the only one,
We have the CBC, CTV, GLOBAL and on over here....(Here is the 6 o'clock news and this is what we want you to believe)
Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working
The incident immediately became headline news around the world as journalists for all the major media heaped praise on Harper for courageously “shirt-fronting” the dastardly Putin. What was left out in the media’s account of the exchange, was Putin’s crisp retort, which was, “Unfortunately it is impossible, (for us to leave Ukraine) because we are not there.”

Touché. As you might expect, Putin’s response did not fit with the media’s narrative, so it was scrubbed from the coverage altogether.

The Harper incident was a particularly big deal in Canada where all the newspapers ran gushing articles lauding the prime minister for his righteousness and fortitude. Oddly enough, however, only a small percentage of the people who commented on the dust-up, saw Harper as the hero. Here’s a few samples of what ordinary people had to say.

This is from BobsOpinion:
“Harper embarrasses Canadians again on the international stage. It will take years for Canadians to re-build our international relationships and to re-build our reputation.”

This comment is from redondex:
“Harper made a childish and baseless remark to Putin and walked off with a grin of a proud five year old spoilt kid. All Harper achieved was to ridicule himself in front of the rest of the world. That is our leaders usual behavior.”

This is from Makman1:
“I was under the impression that a proper democracy would first use negotiating as a way to understand the divergent groups involved in the Ukrainian revolution and then apply a political solution, if possible. The present Ukrainian government immediately used force. PERIOD! The Harper government, instead of using its “influence” to attempt to defuse a complex situation blindly followed the actions of the USA. If Harper really cared at all he would ask his foreign minister to get directly involved with Russian and Ukrainian counterparts and help reach a compromise…. Hopefully, Harper is not supporting Ukrainian right wing fascists?”

This is from Jörð:
“It’s not wise for Harper to follow America’s lead on every foreign policy. The USA government has a terrible track record when it comes to getting things right in foreign lands. Also Putin was correct when he responded to Harper’s comment by saying “It’s impossible, we are not there.” Technically Russia is not “In” the Ukraine.”

This is Time4Change:
“This is another example of Harper BLUSTERING backed with NO SUBSTANCE! Why are there NO SANCTIONS on the Russian Energy Giants Rosneft and Rostec? Could it be the hundreds of billions of $s the Russians have invested in the tar sands have caused Harper to be the SOFTEST on ACTIONS while shouting the loudest.”

And this is from Mt Athabaska:
 …one day Harper will reach puberty on global affairs.”

The media is increasingly worried that it’s losing its ability to persuade people to support policies that only serve the interests of elites. The media has rolled out all the heavy artillery in its campaign to demonize Putin, but the strategy hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s backfired quite badly leading some publications to cancel their comments section altogether.

And the response from readers has been huge too, mainly because the standoff between two nuclear-armed adversaries has galvanized the public's’ attention. For example, in the CBC article I cited above, more than 2,500 comments have been posted already, while many of the other articles on Ukraine or Putin have exceeded 6,000 comments. This just shows how closely people are following events and how passionate they feel about the policy.

And, as we said earlier, this isn’t just a Canadian phenom either. For example, here are a few of the comments I picked up from an article in the conservative UK Telegraph in an article titled Global economy to suffer as Putin quits G20 early.
(Go to site read the comments)
Be aware, no longer take what they say on the news as fact, they do preach the line the state does...research after you are interested in a story, even go to the other side, to listen to their views, like RT, or cctv, make up your own mind, otherwise your nothing but a sheep and they will control what you do, think and say.

The perception the darren wilson interview left us with...

It was hard to listen to this interview, after seeing it, I have to admit, I agree with M. Brown's mother, sounds like this guy wanted to kill someone, he never used his gun before, and that was his chance. The coldness of the interview shows this guy will kill again if he is ever returned to the streets. I don't know who told him, or if it was his own decision to do this interview, but at this point in time, it was a bad idea, and even if he was coached, you have to be heartless to do it at this time and say the things he did. The perception left after you watch this is not, he had no choice, it's, he actually made things worse.
Everything he said, the way he said it was just incredible, you listen to this guy and you get a cold wave running through you.

As for his explanation of the incident, here is something very strange....in the interview "he said";
"He hit me on the left side of my face, very powerful man, I don't know if I would be able to withstand another hit like that", but wait, the pictures with the marks are on the right side??? None on the left and the marks do not look like a blow from a very powerful man...(WTF?)

He does say he was hit "with a solid punch" on the right side, does that look like a solid hit from a 300pds man?
Look at this, see any marks on the left side. His words; "a very powerful punch".
When your hit by a "very powerful man with a solid punch", the marks are black and blue and do not disappear overnight.
A cross examination would have pointed that out.

The other thing that was scary is, at around 2.20 min. of the video above he said, "I wasn't looking at him, expecting another hit, I put up my gun and fired" he make a head movement to the right, not looking where he was shooting. Aren't police officer trained not to fire blindly in the case they might shoot an innocent person, a woman, a child, a passer-by?

1- It is not in human nature to get shot and turn back and charge, it stops you in your tracks...
Are you telling me, your getting shot and you run towards the person shooting you???

2- The so called injuries to wilson are not direct blows from a 6'4", 300 lbs person, even if he is a 17 year old kid, they are more likely friction burns....(maybe even puberty rosettes, razor burns?)... from brown pulling himself away from wilson during the scuffle, while wilson was trying to hold on or pull him in.
Also, no broken eye socket there. and...
ABC News reported that a source said Wilson suffered a "serious facial injury," but these photos certainly seem to refute that characterization.

When you see the so called injuries on wilson, the first thing which comes to mind is..."are you serious, they look like rug burns? Not blows from a "very powerful man".
Notice; On his interview on ABC, he still had the rosette on his cheeks, no different than those on the pictures above...

And he said, "his conscience is clear, he was doing his job", this guy kills a teenager and his conscience is clear? Killing a human being is just a job to him, that tells you something about what really happened, and who this person is. He should never have been or be a police officer, he doesn't have the character.
He admits targeting Browns head, why didn't he target his legs?

3- And then there is this video
You can see this is an honest reaction to what just happened.
This would had been reason enough to have any of us charged by a grand jury. 
And shows probable cause to have wilson charged.
After seeing this...
Wilson stopped been a police officer, became a killer, when he shot Brown after his hands went up.

Wilson obviously exaggerated his testimony when he said; "when Brown was hitting him, it was like a 5 year old against Hulk Hogan". Wilson is is 6'2' and 220 lbs, not exactly a small man. And someone who feels like a 5 year old kid does not continue on chasing a Hulk...

The so called marks on wilson does not corroborate this at all. You get hit by someone who is the size and power of such a big man, the marks do not look like rosettes or rug burns. Trust me on this.
Here is why; Having been a doorman aka; a bouncer, I saw many fights and the results. Therefore anyone who has been one, knows what I'm talking about and I dare anyone to contradict this.
As a doorman, it is not one's job to win a fight, no one wins a fight, a good cooler or bouncer tries to get the problem out the door with little violence as possible. You have to remember at the same time, the person in front of you might want to down a bouncer been inebriated and all, still you have to calm the situation, by talking. Your there to protect people and property. It is not the job of a doorman to prove his power, to chase someone who might have defied you, of even to do it alone, you wait for other bouncers, backup. This defuses the situation.
And if it does comes to blows, especially from a big man, I guaranty they do not look like rug burns.
That said, (1) when a bouncer has the wrong character and the job goes to his head, eventually something goes wrong, either he or the opponent get hurt badly.
I know what a blow from someone who weights almost 300 pds looks like and the marks on wilson do not match his testimony.. So, his claims was dubious at best.
That again, was probable cause and should have resulted in him getting charged.

The other thing is:
The prosecutor should have taken himself out of all this, for personal reason.
He did not bring a case to show probable cause to go to trial, but he treated it as a trial without cross examination. That is not a fair process. Wilson's own testimony was not even challenged by a lawyer. So anything he say's would stick with the jurists.
This D.A.'s report on the news, did everything to blame Brown, without cross examination? Again not exactly fair.

There are many other points to all this but a testimony from the accused that does not fit the actual events, is reason enough to bring him up on charges, and let a court of law decide. 
None of this was fair, doesn't matter if your white, black, yellow or red, it's about justice and as I said, if it would have been any of us.....it would not have gone the way it did.

Fortunately, like what happened in the south in the 60', there is still a chance at justice, bringing wilson on federal charges would be the right thing to do. It would even be better for wilson himself.

Wilson was angry Brown fought back, add that to his fears, and he continuously shot, even while the boy had his hands up. He could have shot him in the leg. He could have gotten in his car, ask for backup, defuse the situation, the way it used to be done. And if they keep on saying, when someone who is already shot, has a gun pointed at him, decides to rush the person shooting at you, 35 feet away, then they are passing us as fools, which most of us are not...was it a white cop on black man, who knows, but with the rash of unnecessary deaths at the hands of these cops who are afraid of their own shadows, we would have to say the use of guns seems to be their first and only answer to confrontation...
Because of his own words, "Struck on the left side, marks on the right side, none on the left"....
Wilson should be in jail or on bail at the moment, charged for something, he obviously exaggerated on the stand, and let the courts decide instead of a stacked grand jury.

We are not experts, we even might be missing something that would explain all this, but wilson's testimony just does not fit what we can see for ourselves and that is, he used excessive force, he could have gone a different way to diffuse the situation, wait for back-up. (2)When a cop has the wrong character and the job goes to his head, eventually something goes wrong, either he or the opponent get hurt badly.

This site does not condemn police officers, we know some who are honest and genuinely want to protect and serve.
And as for our political affiliations, we are independents, not left nor right. (just so you know)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holy sh*t...Animal rights activist, lol, hold, lol, funeral, lol, for a, lol, frozen chicken. lol.

or cluck?
Nothing says, 
Take me seriously!” 
than holding a funeral for a frozen chicken.

Dealing with comments and requests....Also, Accepting responsibility for one's own words.

HNM has left a new comment on your post "Feminists and manginas, showing their true colours...":

I have no way to contact you apart from this. But the bottom most picture is a photoshopped picture of me. Please remove it since it has been placed here without my consent. This is a great privacy concern and copyright infringement. Please take this iff asap and oblige.

Posted by HNM to The Native Canadians at 11/18/2014

When we did search for the picture in question, we easily found many reference to it. As in this one for instance,
We get many comments, usually through the email, we might not answer all, or even point them out but we do read all.
We even make fun of the silly ones.
For example;
A few local radical feminists(STAFF OF THE LOCAL SHELTER) came to the defence of the director of the local woman's shelter and feminist extraordinaire, lol,(and that is their right), saying she was not a man-hater and we where promoting hate...no surprise there..How the h*ll does one promote hate by been honest, you tell me.
As we have said before, we do not put up posts we cannot prove...
When someone say this, what are we supposed to think???...
Men achieve power through rape.
Men buy beer and beat their loved ones during sporting events and xmas time with the help of the lcbo.
Teach men not to rape (We know many men, no rapist anywhere)
Dubious statistics on DV supposedly committed by men.
On and on.. we did not invent this, it's her own words and we have linked them to the pages which quoted her.
When we see such reference to the male gender as rapists, we just come to a conclusion that the person in question does not like...men. Life is relatively simple, if you say something you must be held responsible for it...
We just quoted what was said.
This is what we do, expose what is said, what is done and who is responsible for it.
And we stand by it....

We looked at the picture in question, it's pixels and surrounding lines and did not find anything that would show it to be Photoshop as they have claimed.
Also, this picture is all over the web, so the odds of this specific person finding this specific site and the specific post amongst thousands is small.
So, who really sent this comment? ( We can assume). And if by a miracle, it is from this specific person, I would suggest she demands the picture be deleted from the sites that have a link or a description attached to it first...

This is the web, yes, some sites are based on disputed posts, most are not, they are well put together, well researched and majority are honest about their experiences or their thoughts. Here at the TNC, we hold responsible people whose words preach division, anti-family ideology, anti-male rhetoric, even anti-woman-stay at home mom BS, or simple idiotic expressions targeting a segment of the circle of life.
We recognize no position of power...

The stare rape issue is by all means, irrational, and there are many feminists who refer to it online. Yes, there are those who will look at a woman sexually, but the majority of men do not. We fully respect women and to judge all for the act of a few is idiotic. It alienates support and pushes away the very group who ensure freedom to say such stupid things. If a man does look at a woman, maybe it's just because she looks so fine, that's a frigging compliment, not an insult for God's sakes. Correct me if I'm wrong but women look at men also, is that stare rape?

If you want to associate yourselves with feminism and the inferiority complex they have against the sons, husbands, brothers of women, be sure you will be ridiculed for it. By both gender.

As for the picture in question, we will take it down if proof of it been photoshopped is shown...
till then, it stays up.
Don't want to be made a fool of, don't say foolish things...it's not up to us, it's up to the person making ridiculous unsubstantiated false statements and accusations.

There are many problems with the world right now, and stare rape, feminists with an inferiority complex about men, should not even be on the horizon.
If feminists are so adamant about protecting women's rights, go somewhere you are really needed, like the gulf states for instance, where they treat their women worse than we treat our pets...
See how that works out for you...
You do this, you will have all the exposure and recognition you want from TNC.

NOTE; If anything we post is found to be untrue, we welcome anyone's opinions on it... we will look into it and if you are right we will gladly take it off, till then, you say something hateful, divisive, stupid, idiotic or ridiculous, we will make you famous for it. Simple.
Our email is in our bio, (or the about link) and we will respond to all mature and honest discussion, be aware though...any screeching banshee cat loving comments will be ignored. lol.

Have a nice day....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Making fun of Lena Dunham; e i e i o.... Song...LOL.

A personal thought on the battle of the sexes? Does it even exist?

Saw a tittle "are men winning the battle of the sexes".  It should have read, "are men winning the battle against feminists".
In my opinion, men never wanted or aspire to win the battle of the sexes, we love women and vice versa, and want each other at our sides. This has never been against women, it is against man-hating feminists who cause damages to men, women, families, relationships and children. Women can be who they want, working or stay at home, doesn't matter to us and they have our full support in their choices. We as men and women understand full well, a shirt some scientist wears does not demean women, it just does not fit into the argument at all...
Our goal is to make sure our daughters have to same opportunities as our sons, that's what were here for.
Feminism as it is know today is toxic in the least, and a hate group at the most. They achieve nothing and have had a free hand for long enough. Their ideas cannot advance anything, as a matter of fact, it has cause more damages recently than good. When you have young ladies been told that it's ok to dress like sluts or a couple of celebrities showing their boobs at an aids reception, we know someone is looking, either for attention, to promote themselves to the public or simple exhibitionism. Which is fine in a free society, but they are judged by their action and usually the most critical of their behaviour is not men, but their fellow women.

This dark behaviour by feminists giving the wrong advice to young ladies is mostly in the west, that's because our system has been infected by them and their manginas. Men with rubber for a back bone and both with an inferiority complex which they try to pass on to others. Yes we know, femen in Europe, but they are clowns, now treated like clowns and people love clowns.(sarcasm...lol)

This site was created and exists by the actions of local radical feminists. Their headquarters at the local shelter have done nothing for the community for quite a few years other than divide families, chase down rebellious teen girls to separate them from their parents and add them to their false statistics for funding purposes, promote false accusations to increase said statistics, on and on.
In a recent interview, we found out a woman who was at this shelter was told by it's staff to claim (lie) she had her children so she could have housing.  She did not have her kids, they where placed in foster care. Local housing authority did give her a home under the belief she had them. Taking it away from those who really need it....At the moment according to local residents, 2 women who do not have their kids, have 2 homes designated to poor families in need. Both came directly from a woman's shelter.
Another one claimed boyfriend stabbed her but now admitted to a neighbour she cut her arm on his belt buckle, he is still in jail. Got housing through shelter in question.

This shelter has a program for children, a couple from a neighbouring town claimed they had to pull their kids from the program because they came home one day, and confided to their parents that they where told; "when women live with men they abuse children because dad is in the house". If this is not man-hate then what is?

Many false accusations has come out of this shelter, supported and defended by the local legal aid clinic, which is also feminist controlled. As a matter of fact, we would have to say, the majority of claims coming out of that place of horrors are false. Many interviews, from women, have directed us to that conclusion.
Stories like "I can say anything and the staff will help me as long as I have a man charged" or "they love me there and will do anything for me". If someone wants to be put ahead of those in real need for housing and emergency help, they only have to claim "I am afraid for my life", then a bunch of women and staff shows up unexpectedly at the home, surprising the shit out of the male friend this woman was been helped by. Eventually, some of the women called back on this person to apologize when they realised who he was.(true story)

They have been known to use women and teens, to demonize good men, and when they are done, throw them out like used garbage. One who was used in such a manner had no place to live once they where done with her. To be honest, this one made so many false accusations during the years, that the results where predictable. If one is known to make continuous false accusations, even the family will be afraid of such a person, also the negative vibes one surrounds themselves with, eventually reflects one character.

Another mentioned she and her kid was treated badly because she refused to have a man charged.

I have mentioned on many times where I asked politely and diplomatically the director of the local shelter not to put my daughter on welfare because she had medical issues, explaining why she seemed rebellious, she was 6 months away from college, with a scholarship and a job offer, which I had worked hard to achieve, only to get a visit from her girlfriend from the local police. They eventually admitted all my correspondence to this person was...polite. So why this behaviour other than man'hate. The staff of this shelter even went as far as to "fake" a lock down of the shelter claiming I was coming over....Never been there, no plans to.
Her defenders had the balls to comment, this director does not hate men??? "REALLY"
This is why this site exists, no one has the right or the power to do this, but they do it anyway...Such is feminist respect for men and women I guess.

Did we see it as battle of the sexes, not for one minute, this was corruption, man hate, anti-parental and anti family; parents don't cares what gender someone with such a negative character is, we came to a conclusion the staff and director of this shelter suffers from an inferiority complex, a deep dislike for men and some women, bordering on pure hate...I mean, what the f*ck are we supposed to think?

Don't you have to have 2 opposing sides to have a battle?
Their battle is against men, we on the other hand do not battle women, and women do not battle us, we need each other to continue the species. We understand the logic of co-operating with one another to benefit our kids and ourselves. So where is the battle of the sexes under those condition.

This is not an ideology, what it is, is an effort to inject personal opinions and hatred on others. This does not help women and children in need because there is no effort to listen to the individual stories and figure out what and how to help them to become survivors instead of permanent victims.

Would those who make false accusations, either for custody, revenge, vendettas, or to be put on the top of an emergency list for housing do such things if they knew their stories would be investigated, not likely, so the blame falls directly on the shelter industry's behaviour and lack of respect for real victims when they openly support any accusations against men. Let's not kid ourselves, the reason they do not investigate is because any and all who go through their doors is put into statistics for next years funding.

This is what feminism is, as for not all of them are the same, if those who claim not to be and say nothing about others that do this kind of crap, well, that makes them the same in our book.

The battle of the sexes is their false claim, not ours, our battle is against man haters, cat lovers, those with an inferiority complex, ol'hags, femtards, feminazis, ol'spinsters, ol'manless maids with a chip on their shoulders, who will use men, women and children to advance whatever they personally believe, but caring human beings they are not.
Let them and their manginas have a battle of the sexes, the rest of us will expose who and what they are, and that is why they are screeching at idiocy like some rocket scientist's shirt....they have nothing left but the dark clouds over their heads.

Here is a titbit of reality; There is no battle of the sexes, how can there be such a battle when men and women work together against feminism?
The battle, if there is one, is to expose who and what they are and the radical notion that feminism and their manginas have a point to debate other than their dislike of traditional relationships, man, woman, fathers, mothers, stay at home moms, children so on.
And anyway, It is hard to debate someone who has the mentality of a monkey sitting in a cage throwing sh*t at you. So this site has taken a simple position;
We refuse to have an intellectual battle,
with an unarmed feminist and her mangina.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This is what a mangina sounds like. Men sitting is causing universal destruction of society...lol.

I am not putting a link to this story below, because I don't want his traffic to go up and this idiot to think he is important...it's easy to find if you have to.
In a world of hunger, starvation, wars, threat of war, risk of human annihilation, diseases, hate, so on, this fool of a mangina ....
Finds this to talk about? (Below)

There is a physical difference between the male and female body, that's why guys sit this way. It's not something men consciously do, to prevent people from sitting beside them, it's just there....and if someone wants to sit beside us, we instinctively put our legs together to be polite.
There is no ulterior motives other than that, you pink shirt wearing mangina...

This might explain it...
"Because of the broader pelvis in the female, it is necessary for the femur to come inward at an increased angle to make the distal end of the condyles parallel with the ground. The quadriceps, patella and patellar tendon form an angle centered at the patella. As the quadriceps contracts, the angle tends to straighten, which forces the patella laterally." ~Magee, D.J., Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 3rd Edition, 1997, pg. 507.
This means that in a comfortable, relaxed position, men's knees do not touch, whereas women's knees do, due to differing bone structure. If the train is not crowded, asking men to deviate to an unnaturally shallow angle creates significant discomfort that is completely unnecessary. Talk about biology-shaming. See attached image (slightly NSFW). Your move.
Image explaining the biology of man and woman.

As I sit here in front of my computer writing this oh so important comment on this manginas post, (ok it's not that important) I'm putting my knees together and relaxing afterwards, and guess what, my legs separate on their own...So the explanation above makes sense. But that's me, maybe my legs are malformed. LOL.

‘Man Spreaders,’ There’s No Excuse for Not Closing Your Legs on the Subway
Brian Moylan (mangina) is a writer and pop culture junkie.
There are lots of things that men do that are crazy, like insist on trying to impress people by regurgitating lines from Adam Sandler movies and investing scores of time in that imaginary monstrosity that is fantasy football. But there is no worse, man-centric behavior than manspreading on the subway. Seriously guys, it has got to stop.

You know what I’m talking about: the dudes who sit on the subway and expand their legs to bar anyone from sitting anywhere near them. It’s like they have an imaginary sumo wrestler sitting on the floor in front of them (or an imaginary cat, as this meme would lead us to believe). The problem has gotten so bad that the MTA, the agency in charge of New York City’s subways, is starting a campaign to curb the phenomenon. But, really, do we need subway posters next to those cute little Poetry in Motion poems and Dr. Zizmor ads to tell the bros not to do this? No, we should not. We should already be showing everyone some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as Aretha says.

As a human male who possesses a penis, I can say that there is no possible way that your package is that big that you need to sit with your legs spread like the Grand Canyon. And if you have a package so large – as in an actual parcel – that is making you sit like this, you probably should do yourself and the world a favor and spring for a cab.

Also I know that your unit is not throwing off that much heat, even in the blistering days of the summer when the subway feels and smells like someone set the Gowanus Canal on fire. As an owner of a set, I know that testicles do not get that sweaty and even if they did, sitting as such would not create an adequate cross breeze to cool them down. If you are having such intense grundle fires, then you probably should consult a doctor and you should not be rubbing your junk all over public transportation. Or maybe just go commando.

That is the crux of the situation. The problem with leg spreaders is that they are breaking the social contract that we need to abide by survive in New York City. It is the same contract that says you stand on the right and walk on the left on an escalator and that you never shout at a celebrity when you see one on the street (this isn’t LA!). There is just not enough room for everyone in this city and, in order to accommodate everyone, we need to take up only our allotted bit of space.

The thing about the subway is that the seats and benches are divided to tell you just how much room you have. That little indent should not only fit your butt, but also your legs. If they are spread past that indentation, your stance is wider than Larry Craig’s in an airport restroom. If you’re on a car with those blue benches, which are meant to fit precisely six people and there are not six people on the bench, you are also spread too wide. Everyone paid $2.50 and they get only one seat. The same goes for backpacks on the seat, setting your bicycle or stroller in front of a whole row of benches, or passing out on an entire row on the F train on the way home from an East Village bar at 2 a.m. Sure, if the train is a little bit empty, you can be at ease, soldier, but never to the degree that it would intimidate someone else who might want to sit next to you in the event the train gets more crowded.

This is the most visual manifestation of patriarchal privilege and that is why it is especially angering. It says to everyone, “I find this comfortable and I am a man so my comfort comes before all else in this entire universe and especially you.” That’s why people hate this. It’s because men are saying that they don’t care about anyone else, and that is awful. They think that it is somehow manly, by claiming their territory. That is not manly. A real man is courteous and thinks of others and only takes as much as he is allowed. That’s what we need to tell our sons.

Whenever I see a leg spreader, I intentionally sit right next to him and spar for my bit of room. I want to let him know that it is not okay to stake claims to things that don’t belong to him in the first place. It’s like picking the tulips that grow in Central Park and putting them in a vase on your table.

Contrary to our reputation for being easy to anger, New Yorkers get by only by being nice to our fellow man. It’s the only way that we can survive crammed onto this tiny island at the center of the universe. The only place where this doesn’t happen is with men on the subway trying to prove something to the rest of the world (also in line at Trader Joe’s).

All you jerks with wide stances need to get over it. You are not losing anything by sitting with your legs together. It’s not that much worse. If you don’t like it, you can buy a bike and just ride everywhere. And if you really don’t like it, then you can move. Or better yet, you can stand. There are some of us who would also like a seat and we know how to use it.


And let's not forget...
We go to the church of the holy penis every Sunday...
Bad ol'male patriarchy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A look at...the West, Russia, Ukraine, Isis, etc, and the propaganda to control what you think.

US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN.
UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.

The joy of the January revolution of 2011 has given way to the return of a form of authoritarian rule
Among Egypt's revolutionaries and rights lawyers, it is no longer remarkable to say the country has returned to the era of Hosni Mubarak – or worse.

ISIS: a monster made by the moralists of the West
They created it, they inflamed it. ISIS might be doing the killing, but the space in which ISIS could rise and gain influence was provided by Western forces, by the Western invasion of Iraq and Western intervention in Syria. To listen to the very facilitators of ISIS’s emergence now say that ‘we’, the good and the powerful of the West, must stand firm against this new ‘Islamofascist threat’ is almost too much to stomach.

Let's be realistic for one moment, why the hell would anyone vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution might be baffling to some, but if one understand geopolitics, it is more beneficial to the western economies and multi-national companies if the Russian federation would be broken in pieces. All that oil and such, Ukraine is the pathway to that little construct.

The west had a chance to fix this mess during negotiations between former President Yanukovich, Russia and the e.u.. Russia had offered 15 billion in aid and where in negotiations with the e.u. for additional aid for the Ukrainian economy. But under pressure from local governments, the e.u. gave Yanukovich an ultimatum, either them or Russia, so understandably, he went with Russia. To have accepted the western offers would have thrown the Ukrainian economy into chaos since most of it was tied to Russia. Re-organising an economy from one side to the other is not something that is done overnight and a time consuming endeavour which would result in much economic pain, also there is no assurance that it would work.
So, the western governments got involved, financed an uprising and the rest is history. 
Take Germany for instance, when the east was absorbed back in the rest, they expected instant economic results and equality, even to this day, decades later, this has not come about, so if they are having a problem, imagine Ukraine.

What should have been done is negotiate a special place in Europe for Ukraine, make it a neutral country, a buffer between NATO and Russia, if this would have come about, all the mess which is happening right now would not have taken place. This would have satisfied Russia, and Ukraine would have benefited from an economy from both sides.
NATO was salivating at the thought of having a base in Crimea, integrating Ukraine into it would have made this possible, but instead decided to turn that county into chaos.

If we think about all this in a more realistic manner, what would we have done if the roles where reverse. Let's say the Warsaw pack would have come ahead in the cold war, instead of NATO, and they where slowly advancing their military alliance towards us...Look what happened in the Cuba missile crisis, the bay of pigs, the multiple attempts on Castro's life, didn't we do the exact same thing? At the expense of the Cuban people, and still doing it today...The u.n. has voted how many time to lift the embargo on that country? (23 times actually) If it would have been lifted decades ago, the regime most probably would have fallen by now.

Russia has the historical right to be aware of who is on their borders, from Napoleon to Hitler, looking the other way did not exactly worked for the benefit of it's people, lesson learned in their case...When there is talk of NATO expansion to their borders, fascist and extreme right tendencies in a neighbours government and a fascist militia fighting in the east, we can relate to why they are so nervous. 

So far, the west have not exactly been good to governments who did not tow the line. They did not like who the Egyptians voted for, so they financed a coup, re-installed the old guard, declared the last election democratic with 38 to 44 per cent turnout, claiming 93.4 per cent of the total vote went to the former army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Declaring it a fair election...Ya, sure it was....

Many other countries have been "destroyed" by the west, Iranian coup of 1953, which was born out of Americans and British wanting to protect their own interest, interests of corporations, and their oil companies, that were nationalized when Prime Minister Mosaddegh was elected into power.
So the British and Americans with collusion from the CIA, rounded up all the local radicals in the area, and they formed a coup, riots in the streets. They were paid to riot effectively, to create the coup. Everyone in the British secret service and American CIA were involved in that coup. Obviously that meant the installation a pro-western friendly Shah government with all the terrible implications for the people of Iran.
Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, all ungovernable. Yugoslavia, China, remember Tienanmen square? that was financed by the west, didn't work out so now they're trying with Hong Kong. 

Believing the sanctions imposed on Russia is hurting them is wishful thinking, maybe in the short term, who it really hurts are the small central European nations actually, and as janice stein said recently on tvo's the agenda, the rich in Russia might rebel if they do not get their French cheese, that is the extent of the arguments from those who lived through the cold war and still stuck in that era, as is illustrious leaders like harper of Canada. Russia does not have to do business with the west, when they can get products cheaper from the east, like China and India, and if anyone thinks they will not oblige them... all the best to you.

Let's go now to the middle east, and bad ol'ISIS, chopping the heads off people, making war, having, according to western media, apocalyptic tendencies...
Fighting for them is against the laws of the west, but fighting for the Kurdish militias, all having ties to the PKK is fine, (A recognized terrorist organisation by the west, including Canada.). Ask the Turks what they think of all this with thousands of death on both sides. Why do you think Turkey is not getting involved against Isis, because the west is doing the fighting for them with the so called heroic Kurdish militias, which all have allegiance to the PKK. When the PKK was declared a terrorist organisation by the west, they simply created other organisations and got funding from them. Smart move.
So, like here in Canada, fighting for the Isis terrorists is bad, fighting for the kudish terrorists is OK...and heroic. Turkey doesn't think so but hey, what the h*ll.
Why is that, why is it, the west only got involved in this crap when Isis came close to...Erbil northern Iraq? Well, it's because Erbil is the centre point of oil exploration in the north, western oil companies all have their headquarters there. 
For those who look for wars, and continuously fight in them, once you have seen war, and it's full realities, a sane person just doesn't want to see it again. There is nothing heroic in participating in a continuous war.
Let them fight it out, they don't have the technology to go any further, for now, and if they want freedom, we can't give it to them, they have to take it themselves.

And as for chopping of heads, we have allies who are better at it.
Since January 2014, 59 people have had their heads lopped off in the kingdom
Mr. Baird, how are Saudi Arabia’s beheadings different from Islamic State’s?
It’s something the Canadian Foreign Minister still fails to grasp

Who created Isis, now knows as Islamic state, you bomb the sh*t out of an area for 20 years and something is bound to happen. A lot of angry people, relatives and neighbours might not fully support them, but if you want revenge....go where you can get it.
And if I.S. is defeated, what we have to worry about is, what comes after? There is still going to be thousands of people over there pissed at the west. Are we looking at another 100 year war we cannot possibly win.
Maybe the west should train the local military? Oh wait! They have been doing this since 2003 and when it came down to fighting, the people the west trained, ran...So now, the west is going to train them...again, sh*t that should work out just fine.?
Isis controls deserts so far, a few cities, military equipment from the west they captured from the rabbits they trained, which cannot be replaced or fixed. They expanded to fast, they extended their forces to much and are probably at the extent of their power.
We should be aware of past history, Rome considered itself a beacon of light in a dark primitive world, but eventually fell to a primitive tribe, the Goth. Constant wars, political corruption, the elitist mentality and it was just a matter of time, who was the most patient.

Sometimes you have to look at all this from a simple view, the elite prevents us from doing that, with propaganda and "we know best attitude" while plunging us into something none of us want.  
Whether the wars of 1914 caused by a bunch of inbreds, also knows as the kings of Europe, related to each other and victoria of england or the Versailles treaty of 1919 which basically caused the rise of hitler and the second world war, if we are not able to define our own destiny, without depending on those who have financial interest in wars, then maybe we do deserve to be treated like sheeples and eat the table scraps from them...
Let's face it, the western economies are not exactly in top form right now, and somehow, seems like someone is looking for a war to invigorate that failing system where the rich take and the rest of us...watch.

We do not take sides, we do not look for a Pulitzer prize, we just point to a different look at things. This is either our world, or theirs, we are many they are very few, yet they cause most of the problems...Who are they?
The Elite.
A group of people who have the most wealth and status in a society.
A group who believe they have the only right to rule.
A group who believe themselves better.
A group who try to controls the lives of the majority.

None of us are afraid to fight and even die for a just cause, but not one our side is responsible for.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pushing back against the feminist bully

That’s it. Enough already. Enough. Enough. Enough. Whether we want to or not, we have to deal with our feminist bullying problem.

The attacks on scientist Matt Taylor are crazy. Enough already.

It’s time to stand up to the bullying

Rose Eveleth @roseveleth 
Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me assholes

Stop Apologizing

Standing up to feminist bullies helps women

Bullies are bad for everyone, actually

We need to say no to double standards

Read the whole post here.
It makes a whole lot of sense and it is comforting to realise, the majority of women see them for what they are...bullies.

In my experiences, this is exactly what I saw feminists in those who claim to be representative of women's rights...
In lanark county the local women's shelter staff and their supporters, like the Perth legal clinic used bullying tactics to try to destroy this site using anyone they could put their hands on. And when they where finished with the poor women they used, they simply threw them away. One even having no place to live after she was used by these cat loving ol'hags who have nothing but a black heart in their chest.
It is incredible how far they went to try to eliminate this site and demonize one of it's administrators. Unfortunately for them, they came up against someone who could not be bullied. 
They are too stupid and filled with hate to realise they never represented women, they represent hate and destruction, and as for their eunuch manginas, they too have no understanding of how useless they are or out of touch their bowing to these hags has become...
There is a big difference nowadays between someone who protect people's rights and the feminists who will use anyone, even little children to promote their dissatisfaction with their own lives. Some of the staff at this women's shelter are so lonely they have to put adds on dating sites...
They are unable to realise no man in his right mind, would associate with them or want them near.

There is no denying their attitudes toward men and women is destructive, I see no other way to describe them, I realised this when they used children to benefit themselves, even trying to say any woman who lives with a man is abusing her kids because he is in the home....
Promoting alternate lifestyles in the shelter by it's staff, instead of promoting survival and healthy relationships... 

Is it an ideology? I don't believe this any more, there is to much stupidity in their action, and to much hate, to resemble any kind of ideology, it is more likely, they had bad experiences in their lives and brought this with them and it evolved into pure hate for the male species. 
And they have to gull to call themselves...experts.

We have interviewed many residents from shelters and no woman in need as of yet said they where satisfied with the help or the staff, all where disgusted by what they experienced...
Of course those who went there for false reason where well treated, in other words, bitch about a man, make false claims and your the staff hero.

Most of us have daughters, or know of some and we can plainly see, feminism will not advance them in any way, it will only make them into permanent victims and hateful people, always looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, filled with doubt and resentment.
If we want to advance life and evolve into better human beings, we must rid ourselves of those who promote division and hate between the sexes. 
"When someone talks about you, chances are their lives isn't much to talk about", and that defines...feminism, especially lanark county feminism.

Be advise...we do not invent or post anything we cannot prove and or have experienced for ourselves. Everything we say is real and true. We might not receive a Pulitzer prize for writing but at least we are honest. Reading through the eyes of those who experienced this is in the least, better than reading it through some in the media who support such behaviour of hate and division, as in what the newspaper, aka; the Courier does.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Radical feminists fight for women's rights...by sticking a cross up their......muhaha? In public?

We might criticize feminism and other ridiculous scaremonger, but one thing we always promote is, in a free society, everyone has the right to express themselves freely...no matter how stupid...
That gives us the right to show what these idiots stand for.....
A man lands a probe on a distant rock, millions of miles from home and he is blasted for a shirt he wore...
2 women who are looking for attention show their boobs at an aids event, and that's ok...
Man tries to advance knowledge for humanity but it's all bout a f*cking shirt...
Feminists in the meantime try to advance women's rights, by showing their boobs and sticking a cross up their...muhaha...And that's empowering? OOOOOOK!
We have nothing against boobs, but sticking things up one muhaha in public, at the Vatican, where millions of people look to for spiritual health, that's where we draw the line...

This is sluty, whorish, and shows no respect for women at all...the only thing it does is continue on alienating women from that idiotic group. Or get sexual attention. Frankly, we never know what their true intentions really are, but we do know this, women do not subscribe to this sh*t, majority of them have self respect.

Men and "women" can put their minds together, to go far into an infinite space, showing what we can do "together", yet, in this advance age, we still have to expose and worry about a subspecies who can slow down advances by useless rhetoric...and shoving crosses up their...u know what..
Well if they want to be taken seriously, go to a Muslim country and do it in front of a mosque, go to Israel and do it in front of a synagogue, and if you survive, we'll definitely be impressed.
Otherwise, kiss your ass, and bow to the men and women who fight for and allow your freedom, so you can actually do this in our side of the world.
This is all about attention, these "feminists" show their disrespect for the female species because their want to be noticed. They know damn well this is sexual, whether showing boobs in public or whatever, nothing will advance by what they do, it just turns into a comedy act.

Men are rapists
Teach men not to rape.
Men achieve power through rape.
Men drink beer and beat their loved ones during sporting events.
Men are this...
Men are that...
Men are horn dogs? Well, you don't see us dressing like sluts in public to prove a point, so who is the horn dog??? Don't get us wrong, they have the perfect right to do it, but the message is never what they  intended, showing their goodies is sexual...nothing more. It is public exhibitionism, and if it turns them on, so be it.

We encourage feminists to continue their little sexual exposures to prove who they really are, and we will continue on showing who they really are...and self respect for womanhood in definitely not in their cards.

Men, and that is "normal men" will always have respect for women, and vice versa, we do better together with mutual respect for our places in life, walking side by side, not in front or behind each other. If they want to live in the past, it's their choices, but our daughters have all the rights they deserve, no thanks to feminism, but because we, together, brought upon this world, the reality that the Creator, made us all the same, yet different, and to find our place as equals without stepping on each other.
The most important aspect of life is to have self-respect, this way you have respect for other...
Some small portion of the population don't have this, so how can we believe they would have it for others....
As we can plainly see.....

Banning the word...feminist. Results are causing feminist and cat depression everywhere.

Time Magazine released its words people want ban poll asking people to vote for the word they dislike the most and feminist is winning by a mile.(can I get a giggety)

Well over 50% percent of respondents picked it so far and was still climbing before time took it off with pressure from the ol'hags.

Feminist has triple the votes of runner up, bae.

Just 3 percent of respondents currently want to ban the word bossy.(sorry what's your name)

We can safely say with assurance that banning feminism is winning because it is a negative, filled with lonely ol'hags suffering from an inferiority complex who go home to cats.

If time magazine would not have cowered to this small insignificant minority, feminist would have kept on going up.
As for the man-less ol'hags who complained and claimed victory in taking the word out of the poll...to late...everybody now knows your a losing group of cat loving refuse of a time gone by...
So, go home to your cats...or your manginas... and fade into the wind coming from an outhouse.

Feminist n'cat depression everywhere.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Look at this headline...what's wrong with it? False accusations becoming a free for all against men.

Wrongfully convicted rapist is freed after 17 years.. and hit with a $110,000 bill for backdated child maintenance 
DNA testing showed that skin cells found underneath the fingernails of the victim belonged to two other, unknown men.

But Northrop's relief at finally being exonerated was short-lived. Under Washington's law, exonerated inmates can try to sue for damages, but such cases rarely succeed because they need to prove intentional misconduct by law enforcement officials.

Instead, Northrop was told he owed $111,000 in back child maintenance payments. About half of that sum was owed to the mother of his children and half to the state, which helped support the family while Northrop was incarcerated.

The state's Department of Social and Health Services has a programme for writing off child support bills in hardship cases, and it waived its share of Northrop's balance in November.

But Northrop still owes tens of thousands of dollars to his former partner, and the state has now enforced mandatory monthly payments of $100 out of his wages.

Now...do you see what's wrong with the headline?
Remember, this guy was exonerated, so why are they still calling him rapist???
Shouldn't it have, at least, said "man wrongfully convicted of rape?"
Even when the guy is exonerated, they still find ways to demonize him, by sticking the word "rapist" at the same time as wrongfully convicted...on top of it all, making him out to be a....dead beat dad...because he was in jail.
As for "misconduct by the state"...
I would say, when the state sends an innocent man to jail for 17 years I would definitely say it is because of misconduct....
If someone is wrongfully convicted, it is because someone either lied or the state wronged him....
Either way, he would have been working and the state owes him the amount he would have made.

Living in this century as a man is becoming a f*cking nightmare, even if your found not guilty, if the accuser, usually a vendetta filled female, is found to have made a false accusation, having been charged with rape stay on one's record, it isn't erased...
How can one get his life back together under those circumstances?
Someone who makes a false accusation against another, especially of rape or sexual assault, is by all definition mentally unstable, not only that, but it makes real victim's claims more difficult to believe since the justice system, (the honest ones) have to look at the possibility that she is lying...how does all this help anyone?
The man-haters, aka the feminists, should be up in arms at the numbers of false accusations of rape and sexual assaults if they where honest about caring for victims; but in my experience, they will promote such false accusations in order to increase their statistics and under those circumstances, ask for more funds...
It is coming to a point where we might have to ask for a mental stability report before a date....

What we need is more judges like this person.
Women making false rape allegations need to be punished: Court

Personal thoughts;
False accusation hurts many, mostly men, but it also hurt the real victims, it's hard to believe when so many are using false accusations for personal reasons..or for the in thing.
We speak out on these issues mainly because of personal experiences and those we interview (locally in lanark county Ontario). There is accusations against men out there that are so ridiculous, so idiotic, so unbelievable, that some lawyers, ask for publication bans in order to protect themselves from ridicule. If some of the accusation we have heard would ever get out, it would hurt if not destroy reputations, especially if their names would come out....
So why do they do it anyway, for money? For an ideology? For dislike of the male population? Who the hell really knows...But we do know this, if this continues, if they keep on pointing without any substantial proof or continuing on this "I don't want to talk about the details or when or who, just believe me if I say so", eventually men are going to say "wait a f*cking minute". And so will the majority of women who have never seen, experienced or been part of any assault by the men around them....
This is not only a men's issue, men have mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and if there is anyone who can put a balance into all this, it's them...And if I may...
When a she-bear decides to defends her family, get out of the way...
(OK, no one get their panties in a twist, I am been funny, We don't see women as she-bears)

Modern Feminism: Appalling Stupidity Backed by Hysterical Rage. A good read.

Modern feminism is getting embarrassing. There’s a reason why so few women identify as feminists: It’s less a true “women’s movement” than the public face of hysterical leftist intolerance — combined, of course, with utterly bizarre (and bizarrely stupid) ideas.

While I had numerous brushes with extremist feminists in law school — women who declared that all (heterosexual) sex was rape and often responded with literal screams to classroom speech they didn't like — it all felt fashionably fake. Surely no one took that level of extremism into the real world, did they? Then my wife encountered a lesbian couple in Ithaca, N.Y., who was raising their child to be “genderless.” They refused to call him a boy or girl, allowing him to “choose his gender” identity during his teenage years. And, apparently, they are not alone.

Most people — including most liberals — believe that kind of behavior is insane. NPR, by contrast, writes a glowing profile of women raising their “boychicks.” It’s hard to craft a more nauseating self-parodic paragraph than this self-identified “queer-identified male-partnered monogamist’s” description of her son:

She describes her boychick, born in March 2007, as a “male-assigned at birth — and so far apparently comfortable with that assignment, white, currently able-bodied, congenitally hypothyroid, cosleeper, former breastfed toddler, elimination communication graduate, sling baby and early walker, trial and terror, cliched light of our life, and impetus for the blog. Odds are good he will be the most privileged of persons: a middle class, able bodied, cisgender, straight, white male.”

The true insanity is not that there are crazy people in this world — there always are (I can tell some stories after 45 years in church) — but that modern feminism actually strives to elevate the crazy, the stupid, and the just plain hysterical into the realm of actually relevant cultural and political commentary. Consider these examples:

1. A woman (who likely identifies as a feminist herself) quite sensibly writes that college girls should drink responsibly as a form of defense against sexual assault, and other feminists call her a ”rape denialist.”

2. A feminist hero writes about an extended period of grotesque sexualized conduct involving her sister — conduct that would lead the Left to write any conservative woman out of respectable society — and prominent feminists rush to her defense (though, to be fair, it seems that to some in the feminist world, defending Lena Dunham is a “white feminist” thing to do).

3. A man helped remotely guide a spacecraft onto a comet — let me say that again, a man helped remotely guide a spacecraft onto a comet – but to some feminists that’s less important than his geektastic shirt. 

The stupid is so very strong here. The list could go on and on. In fact, we should never forget that perhaps the single-most stupid political argument in modern politics — that you’re waging a “war on women” unless you completely support requiring all employers of any faith or no faith at all to provide employees with free contraceptives and abortifacients — was adopted enthusiastically and wholeheartedly for at least two full years by one of our major political parties.

This is a movement that seems to be all about short-term gains, mostly through name-calling and other forms of online bullying, at the expense of any long-term intellectual coherence or even basic integrity. But in the long run how many women want to be identified with a movement whose champions can’t even listen to a mildly controversial speech without having to walk out to keep from either blacking out or throwing up? How many women want to be identified with a movement that is currently arguing over whether the founder of Facebook’s preference for plain T-shirts is sexist? 

All of these reactions display a level of hyper-sensitivity and emotional fragility that every woman I know finds repugnant. Treating women as equals in our culture and politics is simple fairness. Modern feminism, by contrast, has nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with the special pleading of its entitled commentariat. 

Treating women as equals does not mean that we ignore differences — men and women tend to have different strengths and weaknesses, different likes and dislikes, and will often choose different career paths, family roles, television shows, books, and movies. In fact, men and women tend to like that they’re different and celebrate those differences. Feminism has reacted to this obvious reality by either arguing that our myriad differences are mere social constructs or by arguing that — to borrow my wife’s excellent summary of feminist philosophy – men and women are the same, except when women are better. After all, it wasn’t long ago that one prominent feminist argued that our entire “postindustrial society” was just “better suited to women.”

Feminism doesn’t really have a philosophy. It’s barely even an ideology. It’s mostly just a series of temper tantrums thrown by a small, privileged minority. And, unless it changes, it will soon be irrelevant.

Could not have said it better myself, more and more are identifying feminism for what it is...a useless bunch of ol'hags, ol'maids, ol'spinsters, with an inferiority complex who will use anyone and anything, even children to destroy what makes us all safe and secure....family.