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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Women now see feminism as a joke. And rightfully so.

How Feminism Became a Joke
Susannah Breslin Contributor

1. It has no sense of humor.

I’ll never forget sitting in a feminist film studies class when I was an undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley listening to the professor explain the placement of a prop in the movie “Working Girl.” As I recall, a handle on a piece of workout equipment had been situated near Sigourney Weaver’s crotch. This, the female professor explained with grave seriousness, represented Weaver’s symbolic penis, and it was for this that her character would be punished.

2. It is hypocritical.

Feminism claims to be about empowerment. In fact, over the years, it has increasingly devoted itself to promoting the image of women as victims. Victims of men. Victims of pop culture. Victims of sexism. Victims of discrimination. Victims of other women.

3. No one’s buying it any more.

Feminism was always based on the idea that women have it harder than men. These days, people just aren't buying it. The stock market has gone haywire, unemployment is endemic, and some women are beginning to see that feminism’s segregationist, mollycoddling politics have done more harm than good.
This site support women's rights to free expression....and honesty, like many as the one above. We also respect women's rights to make their own decision without been told what to think by those with an inferiority complex. IE; the feminist and her mangina.
We point out the irrationality of feminism and their manginas, sometimes even giggle at their idiocy, their divisive nature and their luring of young ladies in their immorality, such as the disrespectful slut walk and expose as hypocrites anyone who tries to get said young ladies to participate in this without dressing as sluts themselves.
Case in point...Recently the local shelter for women has promoted the idea of a slut walk for empowerment. Empower who? Certainly not women. The word itself, "slut", is a negative, it has never achieve the results it was meant to, it show disrespect for the ladies, the working mom, the stay at home mom, the woman who sacrifice so much to make sure her family has the security and protection of her nurturing arms. When a young lady is lured into thinking dressing as a slut as a show of empowerment by those who would never do it themselves because of their inferiority complex about their own looks, shows disrespect for her parents, herself, her place in society, but especially her dad who will always see her as his little princess..
I find it incredible, the staff of a woman's shelter, especially it's director erin lee todd, would promote such a degrading endeavour considering they are there to offer a protection against violence, a different way to see the world, are against the sexualisation of women, yet promote it in such a disturbing disrespect towards women. Some of these "people" are against porn, yet promote it indirectly by luring the young ladies of lanark county to imitate it in public, such is their rational.

And this is why, feminism, its representatives and their supporters have become a...joke. Especially amongst the ladies who feel secure and know who they are without been told they should dress and act as sluts to promote their importance to society.
Don't get me wrong, those who want to dress as "sluts" have the perfect right to do so, whether they want to show off their goodies, or to have a false sense on empowerment, or just to please the local man haters with their inferiority complex, whatever the reason, it's a free country, as we are free to oppose such disrespect for the beauty and importance of the female gender as equals in our society. Not to mention, as a father of 2 beautiful daughters I would be horrified and extremely disappointed, not to mention heartbroken if they would participate in such a self degrading gathering. Fortunately, they do have self respect, and I am very proud to know they would not do this.

In closing...
They say if one wants to make a point, or if someone wants to lead on a specific issue, this person should lead by example, so since erin todd, director of the women's shelter in carleton place ontartio wants the young ladies to dress like sluts, she should lead by "EXAMPLE", in other words...


Anonymous said...

Googled Erin Todd and slutwalk...this is the result.


Almost ready for her tirade to empowerment.


BlackWolf said...


Stay at Home mom said...

Ur absolutely right,if she and those working at this shelter want to have teens dressed like sluts,they should lead by example.Let me see them dress like sluts first.

Dad in Almonte said...

For the love of god please, if anything I dont want the vision of them in a slut outfit, have you seem what these people look like.

Anonymous said...


Nikyon the clan mother said...

The point is,the slut walk will never have any other meaning than "slutwalk". And for any woman proposing or dressing like one is an insult to the rest of us who have fought so hard to be respected, not as a sex toy, but human beings, with all our faults and gifts.For every step forward we take someone takes us back 2.This is why no woman with self respect should ever participate in such a degrading proposition.And I agree,if anyone proposes such a thing,they should do it themselves first.
This is not about equality,its about self respect,the word slut,however its used does not bring respect,quite the opposite,it has a negative undertone and will always bring that for women.
A woman or a man who shows a sense of pride in who they are will find peace a lot faster in their circle than to listen to those who have a dark one.
I am a woman, I give life to Warriors Elders and everyone else,I can do anything others can do,sometimes even more,I look for peace where there is arguments,if I were to call myself a slut,I would demean all that I represent and all those who follow after me.

Allison said...

Amen Niky,couldnt have said it better myself.

Tewennate said...

Niawen Nikyon well said

Runingwolf said...

slutwalk,thats why feminism is a joke.theyll never understand what it means to real people with selfrespect.dumbasses.