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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wise words from a wise woman.

"When I was at home with my children they used to look out of the window and watch out the front door open on the street. From 7 o'clock onwards in the morning there were men pouring out on the street on the way to work.
I always saw them as far more oppressed then we women ever were, we could choose how to spend our day. Now I listen to women who have no choice but to work in the home and in the workplace.
Men now have the choice not to marry and become wage slaves, men can refuse to make any sort of commitment to women and many are going their own way(MGTOW).
This means that they're is going to be women across the world who will never marry nor will they have children.
When western women declared war on men, I doubt if they had any idea of the consequences. It has been a wake-up moment in the world of men but for women I think it is been a catastrophe." (Erin Pizzey)

Mrs. Pizzey is right, Women better wake up and realise "who" claim to speak for them, because men have had just about enough with those with an inferiority complex, who say this kind of shit.
erin lee todd

Before the truth can set you free,
you need to recognize 
which lie is holding you hostage

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She is right.Talk to most young men that have watched their families destroyed.
None of them want anything to do with marriage.....ever.
Watch the middle aged women with no children,then ask them if they are still looking for the "right" guy.


Feminism has done these poor women no favours and just wants them to grow old and lonely on their own just like the miserable childless hag feminist's.