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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ottawa...Was it all a false flag, did they know about it, but did nothing?

Did they know about what was going to happen in Ottawa, since the person was already on the watch list, and let it go, costing a life, so they can fast track and pass this unconstitutional invasive anti democratic surveillance bill?
Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law During Ottawa Shooting

The media, instead of been appalled since it would also affect them, are trying to explain it...
CBC instead of condemning it asked..."are you willing to trade some freedom for security"
Let's answer that right away, NO.....

WAKE UP.....
or you might find yourself in a camp one day....because of what you believe....or said or even who you are, as one of cbc's commentator suggested, "let's put everyone we doubt in camps".
It's the internet they are afraid of, and they are trying their hardest to keep track on all of us, not just s few.
They didn't even wait for the smoke to clear, give it a few months even weeks at least.
We have been destroying country after country in the middle east, and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, so on...bombing the sh*t out of them, killing innocent people in the process, "making" enemies and soldiers for ISIS (not ISIL), and what?
We expect them not to retaliate???
Are we that stupid?
Let's face facts here, ISIS is not interested in our values, not that we have any left and they could care less, someone on tv asked, "why are they doing this?"...Its simple,
We are at war, have been since 1993, and in any war we have to accept there will be casualties, let's not use that as a reason to curb our freedoms or what's left of them, otherwise what the hell are we fighting for if not for those freedoms?
If your curious and research ISIS, doesn't mean your a terrorist, but it will mean your on a watch list?
It's damn obvious they are fanning the flames of fear, and in the meantime, the elite are hiding in closets...
This is who we will listen to?

ISIS is a state, they now call themselves Islamic state, it's no longer a terrorist organisation, it's an ideology, which makes it harder to defeat, so let's treat i that way. As history shows, with guerillas of China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, for instance millions of bombs from b52 where dropped on them and it did nothing.
Ideologies is a hard thing to deal with, without great sacrifice, we have fought some of them before, but to give up some of our freedoms doing it, weakens our resolve, after all, isn't wars fought over who is right? Who has the best system? If we give up on our way of life in order to fight them, then what the hell are we fighting for...
As I said pussy footing around for 20 years as we in the west have done, has created ideologies like ISIS, so what's next, another 20 years while our great leaders cower in a closet?
Let's remember what happened in London and Madrid, for problems of the middle east that does not affect us?

We have to have a reason to stay in the fight, and "let's give up our freedoms for security" is not one of them. Let's get out of there, before we really pay the price...
Don't listen to them, Canada is a lot of things, cowardice is not one of them.

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