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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wagging the dog? Terrorism doesn't work? OK. question now is...who is the terrorist?

It's just paranoia the sheeple will say, conspiracy theory the elite will call it...

Medical Martial Law Has Begun
CSEC is a vital tool of the Canadian ruling class that plays an important role in the pursuit of its imperialist foreign policy and in the surveillance and suppression of opposition at home. The size of CSEC’s staff—it employs almost 2,000 people and a further thousand military personnel assist its work—give an inkling of the scale of its activities.
Canada and the War on Terror: The Ottawa Shootings, What Really Happened?
Another important question is the following: how could an armed gunman that had already started a rampage make his way into the Centre Bloc of the Canadian Parliament unchallenged? Anyone that has been to Parliament Hill knows that there is a relatively large armed presence on the whole area and, specifically, at the entranceway and doors which is comprised of Canada’s national police force (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the local municipal police (the Ottawa Police Services), and two special federal forces (the House of Commons Security Services and Senate Security).
NBC News reported on October 8, 2014 that US intelligence officials told it «that Canadian authorities have heard would-be terrorists discussing potential ISIS-inspired ‘knife and gun’ attacks» inside Canada. Canadian officials, however, dismissed the report. Did US intelligence know something that its Canadian counterparts did not know? Why the contradictions?
Want to know why ISIS is so attractive to so many?

While big bad harper, hides in a closet. Do you hear that? It's the Russians and the Chinese...laughing.
You don't have to be a Nobel prize winner in literature to be able to notice and find weird shit going on...
We are slowly loosing freedoms, in order to protect our freedoms from terrorism? does that make sense?
Here is a thought, on all these restrictive anti-democratic laws, when have you ever seen a law "THEY" passed been retracted? Once there, they stay.
Case in point, the war tax of 1917 was supposed to be temporary, do you know what it's called today?
Income tax.
The salaries and perks of government officials has gone up since then...

Since 1993, a 20 year war has existed  in the middle east... those who have gone through hell, seen death and destruction, family killed, have decided to fight back are of course called, terrorists, but are they?
If the same thing happened to you, seeing you family die, thorn apart, babies in pieces, "from aerial bombings", you would not try to fight back in fear of been called a terrorist? or would you say f*ck it and even if you do not agree with their policies, join the closest army, , who is showing some backbone instead of been bought off like most of the middle east tyrants???

The reason we have and will have for the foreseeable future, terrorism, is because we, or should we say the elite, believes all should be like them, think like them, sh*t like them, be greedy like them, be immoral like them. They are too STUPID to see the world for what it is, a diverse people who have and think differently and must be respected for their beliefs...
As long as these idiots continue to try to impose their will on others, over oil and support oil companies, terrorism will exist and even "GET WORSE".
I am not willing to see the women and children of my family pay for the greed of the few.
Are you?
We are dropping tons of bombs from the air and they should be happy that we care about them???
Are we that arrogant?

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