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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The politics of fear. Feminism, rapes, ISIS, wars, it never ends does it? Are we still a child like species to fall for it?

Any bureaucrat or politician, 
who is usually well off financially,
Collecting a six figure salary,
Receiving a Cadillac benefit package,
Becomes a millionaire in office,
Who tells the poor, the disabled, the disadvantage,
That they must make sacrifices,
Has no business as a legislator,
Or been called a decent human being.
Unless he or she get’s in front of the line,
And willing to make said sacrifice themselves...

You've been warned, this is a rant...lol.
Maybe not all those in politics are the same, but from my experiences, all feminists are.

The easiest way to control a good chunk of the population nationally or locally is fear, governments now have a new subject,(aka;isis), and local man haters have (teach men not to rape). Both have the same message, both have the same results...FEAR.
Again, people are now going to look over their shoulders and fear anyone who looks middle eastern and wears a beard or a scarf, never mind that ISIS made no threats to anyone outside their own sphere, till they were bombed from the air.  The excuse this time was to save the freedom of other. 
Oh but wait, recently the city of Kobani which is under attack, has been judged unimportant, as reported on CNN, and left to fall to ISIS. So much for defending the freedom of others, guess there is no pipeline and oil around there.
So, this alone shows that it is not about the freedom of others, or our security, but other reasons, Otherwise they would have gone to the kurds defence.
Whether the middle east or Africa as a whole, there is always...that other reason.

Isis, realistically has gone as far as it can, they don't have the manpower to take too much more territory, if they get too stupid, they will have the shia militia, Iran, Turkey, to name a few, to deal with, not to mention been bombed from the air, right now Turkey is letting them destroy the P.K.K., which is in Kobani, and when isis falter, their own sunni supporters who will probably be given millions by the west, just like what happened to al qaida in Iraq during the surge, will eventually fight against them.
So as for them been a threat to the the world...please.
By the way, bombing them over there, will not stop a copy cat killer from doing something stupid over here, that is a totally different scenario.
So who is the bigger threat? "Students" of Harvard U seems to believe one thing, while others think otherwise, Who is the real threat? Anyone who looks at war as a normal everyday thing to be passed on as national policy?
(When it comes to war, this site does not take sides, we think they are all nuts, this is just an opinion)

Oh and by the way...just for the sake of argument...

Fear as a policy is not only used nationally, we have seen this with the lowest life forms amongst us, the corrupt little fool who thrives financially by saying, "teach men not to rape". That phrase actually installs a fear of men in some women, makes them permanent victims and dependant of those would preaches and live in a negative world. Some have said old style feminists long dead and their quotes do not represent the present thought of that group. "Teach men not to rape" was not said 20 years ago but last year by local anti male feminists. Claiming to defend women's rights by promoting young girls to call themselves "sluts".
(Local interval house also knows for; "Men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment"
Let's get one thing clear once and for all....calling oneself a slut, walking around looking like one, does not empower women, but it does, obviously, offer more air time to those who arranges it, having ones name in the local newspaper is more important than promoting modest women who work hard in the real world. The only thing you get when one participate in a slut walk is a hand shake in the front and laughter and ridicule in the back. No woman who lives in the real world would enjoy been called a slut.

When this is promoted as normal ...

 and this is not even mention.....or appreciated as the real everyday life of people...
Then those who tell young ladies to dress as sluts to be empowered have an ulterior motive, and that is to promote themselves and install fear. Because "dress like a slut and get raped" is the hidden message.
Yes, you risk getting raped, if you walk down a f*cking alley, or alone somewhere, not by the majority, but because there is bad individuals (both gender) and you might run into one...also be aware, majority of men will defend your rights to walk free and secure no matter how you look. I am also aware, as a man, if I flash my money and walk down an alley, I might get mugged, so I'm not stupid enough to do it....
Also be aware, that most men are attracted to the modest woman for family building, not the one who claims she is a slut. (Cute to look at maybe, but not trustworthy)
As for the ladies who want to dress sexy, (not slutty), go ahead, your beautiful, and we are there to make sure, you are respected....When we look, it's not stare rape, it's a compliment, again, be secure in the reality, no one wants to rape you,
Psst! Here is a secret......we don't like rapists....

In the article, She(erin lee todd) added that women not only need to be told how not to get raped, but that "men should also be told the message not to rape". Excuse me, I never raped anyone, and I'm a man....Have you? Has the PM, or the G.G, Premiers, M.P.,  the police Officer, the chief of police, the working man, your dad, your grandfather, your son? We do not need to be insulted by someone of her calibre to tell us we need to learn not to rape... And if men do have power, did they achieve it by raping women????? As she claims?

I know a lot of women who would give me one hell of a look if I passed on a message, "before you go out, this is how you won't get raped", The usual answer is "hey I'm not a child, and don't need you to tell me how to dress or behave".. Believe it or not women are not children who needs to be told about the world, they do have their own intelligence and are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, unlike what (lanarks) feminism incur, that all women are at risk.
This is the message this person wants young girls to have in the back of their minds, every time they are in public, that all men...bad? So let's all dress like sluts to prove the point???? That is installing fear.
Here is one thing I will never accuse them off, "been smart".
These people will claim they are the experts, they have degrees, from where a cracker jack box???
What the f*ck happen to them in the past to make them so hateful against half the population, some of which are innocent children?

Now both have the capacity to produce the same results, fear. Bomb the shit out of a group of people for over 20 years, don't be surprise if they get pissed, but when they do, they are all of a sudden a new threat in a non ending war. Same foe, but new threat, does that make sense? It's called manipulating the public.
Same with the local message, all men bad, how long have we heard clowns spew this type of message? I have no doubt it works in some circle, some women will fear men, some men feel insecure(aka; the mangina).
Politicians(some), ISIS, feminism, their all the same when it comes to that one little equation, they use fear to get what they want...

We don't all think that way, thank the Creator, #womenagainstfeminism, pro-men and fathers sites, pro- family sites such as this one or this one, most of us don't want our women, or daughters identifying themselves as sluts, it f*cking degrading, we don't rape each other, we don't revert to beating each other up when we have an argument or during xmas and superbowl day. To us this is...idiotic.

Is it beneficial, well not to those of us who live in the real world, but to those who can be lead by the nose through fear, it does have benefits, especially for the inferior complexed feminist and their manginas, or the oil companies and the greedy. It does create jobs, the false accuser needs a lawyer, the woman in constant fear will need counselling, so will the mangina. The oil companies will need more workers, governments need soldiers, security companies like blackwater will need mercs, building pipelines, making said pipes, trenches, not to mention the bureaucracy to run all this. (Sarcasm)

The point is, if this type of message of fear was only nationally, we could vote the manipulators out of office, but since this is rampant and used by anyone who suffers from an inferiority complex, or thrives on the power over others, getting rid of this manipulation of the population through fear is practically impossible in the type of system we have now. Pointing them out is one way, vigilance another, but in my opinion, the most important way is to use their way against them but in reverse.
Example; They want war? Let's see them in the front lines. Or send their kids. First.
               Ever notice, the ones who cause wars are usually the ones who will never fight in it?
               Do you really believe all men are rapists? Your dad, your husband, or when you look at your son?
               Then,"why in the hell are you listening to them then?"
Lanark county interval house
The politics of fear.

The problem with dumbing down a population, or assuming they are dumb enough the subscribe to fear forever, eventually backfires. The greedy, the corrupt, those who suffer from an inferiority complex against you, will never have enough of one ingot of gold, once they have that one, they want two, then 4, then 8, so on...
As I said, fear is not a national policy only, if we look further, all those with a semblance of power have and still use it....what we have to do is point them out, never leave it as if they do no harm or that it does not concern us individually, because it does. If we want a future without fear we must teach our kids to stand strong, be self reliant, but never give up on self respect and stand for what is right, not what is politically correct of blindly follow the wolf into his den in order to be safe from the pack, we are not sheeps.

When it comes to your rights, governments, or individuals with messages of hate, they do not give them to you, your freedom to have a good life away from fear and to be the best you were meant to be, depends on yourself, follow and you loose said freedoms, be yourself, listen to your heart and life will be a hell of a lot less stressful.
Sure there are bad individuals, and under real threats we do have to go to war, unfortunately, but they do not represent the rest of us, and should never be the guide in which the majority is judged. We are perfectly capable of, identifying and judging who is a real threat to our surroundings, we do not need to have fear installed on us in order to help us make that decision. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, in my experiences in the pass years, war is not only a national issue, it can be a personal thing imposed on you, as it was on me by lanark's own inferiority complexed feminists simply because I tried to raise my daughter with self respect and self reliance, because I was a dad, a male, so I was instantly tagged as bad....their mistake.
Personal wars pushed  on us by the sub intellectual, are as nasty and any of them, you go on the defensive, then on the offence, true there is no mass deaths, the heartbreak that results is different but can be just as heartbreaking. If a parent gives up, it can result in suicide, death by overdose, drugs and alcohol....teen pregnancies, dependencies on others, this is what parental nightmare are made of, and in my world it was caused by those who have no self respect for themselves so they pass it on as policy to the young.
I believe, in order for us to survive as a species, we now have to separate ourselves from these "people".
They will never change and will try to bring us down with them. At least this way we will be ready for what is coming.
And that is my rant for the day....

I pray whoever is reading this,
That every ounce of fear,
Anxiety and discouragement
Will be taken away.
Even if it’s just one person,
For change always has to start with one.
May the Great Spirit, Creator of all life,
Comfort and strengthen your heart
And refill it with Peace.


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