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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pig-dog feminism, manginas and their child abuse.

Every time I look at this I get more pissed....

Feminism and their manginas have lost all credibility, their idiocy goes hand in hand with their inferiority complex. Politicians, local or otherwise who claim to side with them will be pointed out as nothing more than intellectually challenged second rate humans who have lost all face of reality or legitimacy. Manginas, begging for a pat on the back from those who actually calls them rapists, abuse kids, will be as responsible for the lost of a generations as the ol'hags who have an adoration for the feline species.
Anyone who sides with a bunch of child abusers of 9 and 10 years old little girls are nothing more than the crap you scape off your shoe.
This has nothing to do with t-shirts, the message is clearly feminism, and we should see it for what it is...feminazis. Child abuse.

Nobody is making little girls wear princess dresses or enjoy being pretty. They just do. 
This video is not only a good example of child abuse – any parent who lets their child participate in this sh*t should also be charged with child abuse.

The idiocy of feminism and their manginas knows no bounds, they target kids, many of us have exposed this for a while, even locally, with their fake stories and B.S, but the manginas who have the power to put an end to this, keep on bowing to those who look down on them, go figure that one, because I can't, other than beta males who could not hold a candle to any real man.
We try to raise our sons and daughters the right way and low lives keep on using them for twisted ideology that eventually cause revolution to begin and nations to fall...so be it. Who in their right mind would support such revulsion.
It's just like a local idiot who tries to make herself more important than she really is but promoting teen girls to dress like sluts and spews out, let's teach men not to rape.
Nobody is teaching their sons to rape, especially moms and dads, so there is no need to “start” teaching them not to.
Dum dum, no mother teaches their kids to rape....while dad is at work....

And that's my rant for the day...
Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

No matter where I turn anymore,people are putting feminist's in their place.


The Native Canadian said...

ya, finally.