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Monday, October 13, 2014

Oversexed female teachers or bad individuals? Should we judge all women on the acts of the few?

Ottawa-area teacher charged with sexual relationship with teen boy
OTTAWA - A 33-year-old Ottawa-area Catholic school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a teen boy for several months.

The Ontario Provincial Police did not say whether the boy, who was under 16 years of age at the time, was one of Annie Carriere-Cote's students, only that the alleged abuse happened outside of school.

They say, however, Carriere-Cote was in a "position of trust."

Carriere-Cote of Alfred-Plantagenet, Ontario faces charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

Police said the sexual relationship began earlier this year.

The woman has been moved around to different schools and was currently teaching in Casselman, Ontario.

She is due back in court October 22.

This is the second such charge in the Ottawa area this week.

On Tuesday, an Ottawa teacher assistant was charged with carrying on a sexual relationship with a teen boy for two years beginning when he was 15.
My my, but female teachers are having fun lately aren't they...we could even say they are oversexed.
According to the rational of feminism this is..."EMPOWERMENT".

In a recent article, local feminist extraordinaire, defender of women's rights everywhere, and director of the local women's shelter, erin lee todd, promoted the idea of a slut walk, to empower the young ladies....ya! OK....that should teach young girls to have respect for themselves...(Noticed she always targets schools and teens.....)
I have a suggestion todd, you first?
This is her way of showing she cares for the youths?....slut walks have never been taken seriously, sure they'll have the proverbial pat on the back, but basically it is seen as a negative, especially by moms and dads...
If those who promote such crap want to make an impact, they should practice what they preach and not push it on the young...Though it is definitely not something you or I would want to see....YIKES!
Self respect is thought by parents to their daughters and someone like this comes around and teaches the opposite. There is a time and a place for all this, and the streets are not it...
What is a man willing to do for a woman who has class and respects herself? And doesn't life shows that when someone has class and do respect themselves, whether they be men or women, they will respect those around them?

Then she (erin lee todd) goes on a tirade; "beside telling all women how not to get raped, we must teach men not to rape"...
"How do we deal with predators, people who are on the street?" asked Lee. She added that women not only need to be told how not to get raped, but that men should also be told the message not to rape.
First, let's remind this little girl who lives in a land of make believe where all are victims or bad, "men do not rape", a small number of individuals of both gender do, and to tag all men as rapist is disturbing not to mention...disgusting. It's like us tagging all women as bad because of a few.
How do we deal with predators? simple, TOGETHER. And let's make sure we remind all those concerned, not everyone who walks the streets are predators.

The safety of women, and kids for that matter, depends on men willing to sacrifice themselves for them to live peacefully and secure...I.E., soldiers, police, so on. We even dies at an earlier age than women and still, it's not enough for these "people". Not to mention, higher rates of accidental deaths on the job, suicides, on and on...
Though women have their own gifts and strength, they can't do it without men, that's a fact of life. And yes, relax, men cannot do it without women. It's our differences which makes us stronger when we work together, this is not a weakness....might be to feminists and manginas, but not to the rest of us.

Now that said, under her reasoning and obvious dislike for the male species, shouldn't we tag all female teachers as rapists and teach them not to rape???? Maybe even "teach all women not to rape??
Doesn't make sense does it, well neither is listening to such crap.

Thing is, when someone of that calibre demonizes all men, victimizes all women, promotes a policy of fear and  hate, she also puts in danger many people, because she alienates half the population and women who do not agree with this bottom of the barrel policy, that's a pretty good chuck of people who could be supporters and make a difference....and they claim they are the experts???? OOOOK!
Males, which she tags as potential rapists, includes, politicians, police officers, and many many more who are in a position of power, and when statements such as "teach men not to rape, or men achieve power through rape" are made, it installs a negative about anything feminism,  therefore their message is not taken seriously even ignored. Unless of course one is a mangina, bows and accepts he is a danger to all women, there are such males.

If one really wants to make a difference and make society better, one does not victimize one half and demonize the other, the only way we can have the surroundings we all want is to work together and rid ourselves of those who divide for self promotion and financial gains.
Blaming all for the acts of a few gets us nowhere, keeps the flame of fear in the forefront, and trust in each others capability is replaced with doubt and mistrust.

Hate, the semblance of hate, mistrust, doubt, victimizing, shows the true character of a person, obviously living with hate and fear themselves, teaching it as a way of life, this does not make survivor with the strength to continue, it make returning clients with a negative life. If one lives as a victim, one always sees the bad, and looks over their shoulder for something that is not there. That includes one who blames himself for the acts of others or co-operates with such stupidity.(i.e.;the lowly mangina)

Men and women are an unstoppable force if they work together, the balance of the two with their different look on life creates a better outlook on what and how things should be, this is passed on to our kids and they pass it on to theirs....eventually the making of a better society.
Nothing will ever change is those with a negative life and negative thoughts are free to push a message of division.
Women's shelter for instance, should not be staffed by man haters or those who blame all men for the woes of the world, such a negative view is destructive and helps no one, especially "real victims" of crime of "both gender". Believe it or not, men have achieve great things which makes life for all, easier. And to show this would benefit those who have suffered from DV.
Good men involved in this aspect of life can bring the realistic message that the strong majority of them are good and caring, love and respect those around them. This is the way to turn a victim into a survivor.
men achieve power through rape
teach men not to rape,
men buy beer and beat their love ones at xmas
men buy beer and assault their wives at sporting events like the superbowl.
And the list does on....
I mean holy shit, that pretty well cover all of us as a bad entity...
under those statements, there are no men left who are good.
Sh*t, give feminists and their manginas enough time and eventually will demand the elimination of rocket launching because it's to phallic??? LOL.

In the meantime...
All men bad, as the feminist message implies, is taking it's toll, many are now realising that if they do not destroy such idiocy, things are not going to get any better, and others are just insulted by it...especially the mother who raises her sons while dad is at work.
Either way, many news media who have thrown away the mantle of the bowing mangina, have started to fight back and expose the hatred which is been used against the males species as a tool to victimize all women, and showing the other side. And that is some women can be as nasty as some men, different side of the same coin.
Just like this site,  we, unlike the man-hating feminist, understand and pass on, "our message" that under no circumstances do we believe or promote the idea that we must teach women or female teachers or otherwise not to rape, because we know not all women are the same, most are decent and loving, just like the men who walks at their sides and treats each other as equals in life.
F*ck #heforshe, let's do better, #both4all.....

We are all a strand in the web of life. 
When we respect each other, 
The web is strong 
And life is good.
We are not only here for ourselves, 
but also for those under our protection 
Inside the web of life...
Our kids.


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