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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Over vaccinated children...Autism, brain dysfunction, ADHD, so on.


Children today receive more than 12 times as many vaccine doses than in 1940

Are, amongst multiple other things, chemicals which are injected into our children and are said not to be dangerous, they will say the body has them naturally. OK, but what happens when we had extra amounts through vaccines?
Well, you have increase, adhd, chemical imbalance in the brain, autism, so on.
It's no secret all these problems have been on the increase since they have poisoned our kids with their cocktails of chemicals. Let's be realistic for just one moment and stop been sheeples who bow to what governments, lame stream media and pharmaceutical companies say.
Inject that many unnatural chemicals in a babies body, and something is gonna go wrong, because the human body was not created to accept such a shock to it's system.
Actually, to combat some diseases, one has to have them first, if ever some virus mutates, and becomes stronger, we, the human race, as we are today, would not have the capability to fight it...
No parent wants their kids to be sick, and that's the problem, they are using this fear against us. We have a tendency to bow to what the elite tells us, we consider them smarter and totally depend on them to make the right decisions. Well, the right decision is not always made when it comes to those who consider themselves our better, because most who look down on others usually see us as...inferior. And history is full of fools who believe they were our better who went around causing death to those who depended on them.
We live in the 21 century, there is no longer a place for this type of system, yet there it is...at the expense of our families and especially our kids.
Instead of injecting it all at once, why not a few with time. Let's take a step back, while being careful of course, and see if there is a connection between autism and vaccines...
Oh wait! That would cost the pharmaceutical companies millions and we certainly don't want that do we?(sarcasm)

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