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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mocking The Crap Out Of The horrific Potty mouth princesses F-bomb for feminism. And their manginas.

Take that, feminists who think it's empowering to exploit kids.  (If you missed the original video, you can see it right here.
Feminists are perfectly OK with exploiting little girls while complaining about girls' oppression.  They are so hypocritical it's absolutely stunning.

Radical feminists have been targeting teen girls and pushing their man-hate for quite a while now, especially here in Lanark county, (which we have exposed many times over). If it's not all men bad, beat their wives on sporting events, we achieve power through rape, it's promoting slut walks to teenage girls, don't be surprise if they don't switch to baby slut walks, give them time, video show they have no limits. Local director of the women's shelter one erin lee todd recently screeched about having a slut walk, would we see her and her staff, or even their manginas dressed as sluts themselves? No, why not?
What are they ashamed of? 
But they will promoted to young girls, without a care in the world what parents think.
And remember....they claim to be the...EXPERTS. This empowers young girls....ya right! Dumb asses.
What's worse is manginas siding with such a bunch of low lives with an inferiority complex so deep that they will use kids.

Talking about manginas.....Or in this case queen manginas, take a look at what their site is promoting, amongst other crap they exaggerate or falsely report on....What a bunch of out of touch cat lovers.
Now we know........ manginas can dress like sluts and what will real women think?
"your an idiot, be a man?"
The video tries to tell women how not to dress for Halloween, now watch carefully, they need "MEN' to tell women how not to dress, I thought they didn't need MEN...lol.

So ladies, lanarks feminists are "again" trying to tell you what to do this Halloween, personally we think it's your choice, we believe, unlike lanarks women shelter staff who do not fit into these costumes, you are free to choose your own path without ol'hags dictating who you should be.
The more they expose their sub-intellectual idiocy the more support they loose, why don't they realise this?
Because you can't teach decency to those who have none, go home alone, thinking of such stupidity while watching TV, petting their cats.

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