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Monday, October 27, 2014

Latest Feminist Stunts to Degrade Women

October 24, 2014
 By Jen Kuznicki (Full report here)

Carol Costello of CNN has apologized for "joking" about a "brawl involving the Palin family."  Breitbart points out that she won't be making the apology on air, where the offense occurred, proving again that she has no class as we all witnessed in the now-viral video of her initial "analysis".
It wasn't long ago that Martin Bashir said on MSNBC that Sarah Palin deserved to be punished by having someone defecate in her mouth.  He apologized and left MSNBC over the remarks, but don't hold your breath over Costello's fate.
The bottom line on the visceral attacks on the Palin family, and by extension all of middle-America and on the average Christian American as well, and those do overlap, is that liberal feminists enjoy offending and, therefore, angering well-meaning Americans to get a good reaction, and let's face it, attention.

This brings me to the FCKH8.com shock video that uses small girls to say, "I'm a feminist and I have no standards."  I know, that's redundant.

Far be it for me to suggest that FCKH8.com could possibly be trolling for blog hits to sell their t-shirts like the pure capitalists they are.  The top of their website lets you know that on orders over $99, you get free shipping!  Want a t-shirt that cusses out prayerful people?  There's your site, and it’s just in time for XXXmas!

I always found liberal feminism to be a disgusting death cult.  I will never understand how abortion, the ripping apart of a child, is their end all for freedom.  If feminism's sole purpose is to advance the status of women, how can you advocate the torture and slaughter of the unborn as a feminist, when half would grow to be women? If your lives depend on whether you can call the destruction of life a right, then why stop there?  If they are so interested in showing that abortion is freedom, why don't they advocate puppy and kitten abortions, cut down the sequoias, kill baby dolphins in the womb and tell the vegans they aren't doing enough to stop the slaughterhouses unless they start demanding calf abortions?

Ridiculous?  It is only ridiculous if you suggest these atrocities weigh somewhere in the spectrum of the murder of the most innocent in the womb. If human life is so cheap, what are they fighting for?  Yet, we are living amongst a death cult that hyper-emotes on their own selfish unnatural cause.
Getting certain young girls to swear on cue is not hard to do. It's funny to them, and it seems grown up.  But teaching young girls to love and respect others is what most of Middle America does.  I think it may be difficult for some young girls to go along with such an ad, if they were raised to be respectful, and that is what worries a lot of people watching this type of thing unfold.

Bristol Palin was clearly raised to respect and defend her family.  She was raised to respect life.  She defended her sister, and then a loser with an attitude treated her like a ragdoll.  I can name ten guys in my circle of friends who would not have hesitated to put that boy, that piece of filth, into the hospital for a month if they witnessed what happened to Bristol.  It's about righteousness and respect for one another, and liberal feminists have none of that. They cannot allow their carefully crafted cult to be shown for the hateful and truly selfish, cheap, emotional and hypocritical bunch that they are.

The feminists who have pulled these stunts don't have any shame. So there is no need to try to shame them.  More people need to speak out against this thuggish version of feminism and put them in their place, on the fringe lunatic edge where they belong.
Feminism is a cult, no different than the kool aid drinking jim jones or the kkk of this world. Like the kkk, feminism is a small group of people with an inferiority complex who want to make the world according to their twisted vision....
Both hate themselves, their lives and try to push this hate on others, one hates a race, the other a gender, so what's the difference.
The way to destroy feminism is not to look the other way, but to expose what and who they are, what they say and what they represent. Anyone who promotes hate, (as in local feminist hate monger does; promotes teen girls to dress like sluts, wants to teach men not to rape, says men achieve power through rape, and men buy beer and beat their wives during sporting events and xmas, so on) is nothing more than the lowest life form amongst us. This way of thinking has totally f*ucked up our society which our grandparents gave us. And the males who follow this agenda of idiocy, are nothing more than crap under the shoe of these feminists, AKA; The lowly manginas.

The evolution of humanity was doing just fine, till the ol'hags who have no men of their own, and only cats and manginas to go home to started to spew their BS and their lies, especially in schools.
They became a useful tool for those who wanted the destruction of the traditional family, religion and spirituality. Feminists think they are respected by the elitists, unknown to them, when they leave the room, they are laughed at and ridiculed. But as others who are to stupid to figure out they are causing more damages than good, they have become the tool against spirituality, self confidence and faith in oneself, replaced with dependency on the state.
Fortunately, more and more people, especially confidant women have had enough of idiots calling their men, fathers, husbands, sons and brothers, rapists. 

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