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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Feminism now been recognized as a putrid word.

Cameron refuses to wear feminist t-shirt, Twitter reacts

emma watson's and all other feminist's #heforshe  has become more or less a joke on parts of the web, first they say they don't need men, then they need men for them...Exposing the stupidity of that cult like ideology.
Pro feminists twitter might be pissed at Cameron, but look at the real comment below the post and you see reality show up.
Yes, there are plenty of manginas who will wear the t-shirt, but not many men and women consider themselves man-hater and their bitches,aka;manginas.
When we have;
teach men not to rape
men achieve power through rape
men are walking dildos
men should be killed with high heals
so on.
And when manginas like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, go around wearing a logo that is associated with man-hate, we can only assume, these manginas really mean, "this is what a feminist's bitch looks like".
As for feminism's claims of representing half the population or as they falsely claim all women, they live in la la land, they have at best 20% support (if that), that simply means when one is realistic and wants to truly work for the betterment of humanity no matter the gender, one does not call one's self a feminist and declare themselves a feminist's bitch a.k.a.; the lowly mangina.
The word feminist has been associated with man-hate for quite a while, before we just threw away these ol'hags as spinsters who never had a good man, or at the least a mangina and a cat at home. Recently they have tried to get back into the lime light as much as possible, but it has caused a backlash. Unlike the past, very few knew exactly what they really stood for, their deep hate so to say, they could hide it. But with the web, they can no longer have free reign, because when one searches for feminism, the real identity is there also, and that is...man-hate, child hate, stay at home mom hate, on and on. They are also associated with on demand abortions and their declaration that if a child is unborn it's just a mass of flesh, or whatever.
These evil realities they have embrace is not the realities the rest of us live by, sure we argue about abortions, marriage, unions, and a lot of other things, but the majority of us do not demonize for simply having a opposing view and call each other names or turn such a discussion into hate.
And that is why feminism is such a negative, calling yourself one, makes people back off and see instantly the other word associated with it...hater. And if your male and wear a t-shirt declaring yourself one, you are seen as a mangina.
The thing they fail to realise, blinded by hate, is; men do not achieve power through rape, wishing all men dead alienates women, and most importantly..mothers do not raise their sons to be rapists.
90% of men are good, we should not point them out and judge all by the action of a few, it would be like judging all women as man hating feminists, if that happens, you can say goodbye to the human race.
Actually the way we have been behaving towards each other lately, might not be such a bad idea, let some other specie take over, maybe they will do better.

So, is feminism been seen as a putrid word, maybe not on a grand scale, but it is there and growing.

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