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Friday, October 17, 2014

How a simple quiet person becomes an activist.

It starts with someone you don't know,
sticking their fat ugly nose where it does not belong...
This causes us to question what we know.
We open our eyes and seek the truth.
The more we uncover it,
the hungrier we get to understand what is really out there.
In turn, 
we uncover pain, corruption and deception.
Once this reality is before us,
we have the burning desire to know more.
We read, research, even protest.
The corrupt, the greedy, try to tag us as negative,
even racist, anti this and anti that.
We are labelled as anarchists, angry people, 
conspiracy theorists and even terrorists.
We are threatened by the elite, 
and mocked by the main stream media.
Yet, once reality is before us, 
nothing stops us from spreading the news,
exposing the liars,
pointing out those who put in danger our families for personal gain.
As time goes by, it can be a solitary journey,
but the rewards is the realisation,
you are normal, 
and you just become aware 
you are dealing with a second rate intelligence,
incapable of positive thoughts 
and an inferiority complex 
which they try to pass down to those around them...
From that day on,
you become an activist,
defending the rights of all those who think as you do...
You also become aware, 
you are not alone in these thoughts and beliefs.
The majority thinks as you do....

That life, honour and self respect is not a commodity to be dealt with as a stock,
or thrown away as a thing of the past,
but to be respected as a gift.

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