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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fathers, important and a must for the betterment of the child and society.

Statistics show marked disadvantages caused by fatherlessness. 
Fatherless children account for more youth suicides, runaways and drop-outs, and are two to three times as likely to have behaviour disorders, experience poverty, chemical abuse, institutionalization and imprisonment, child abuse and child neglect.
Criminal behaviour such as anger-related rape is higher for those who were fatherless.
However, the greatest losers when fathers are not present are daughters. The prospects for family of fatherless daughters are very different from those of daughters with families. Fatherless daughters are more likely to have kids as teenagers, more likely to have a pre-marital birth, and more likely to get divorced. 


Ok...well, the first thing I would say about all this is...
Tell us something we don't already know and have been saying all this time....

I would add, the main reason for such a destructive side of our society would be the takeover by greedy and corrupt feminism of our schools, children's aid societies, and all social programs in between. They keep on telling our kids, parents are bad if we discipline them and when that happens, we all know we lost the argument with the kids when they come home, as in, "if you yell at me I'll call child protection", having that over ones head makes a parent fear their own child and offers the child a way to control the situation and that is a recipe for disaster.
Other causes of all of this is, the lack of backbone from politicians to stand up against those who hate men. Oh sure they will yap with courage about ukraine, russia, china, hong kong, isis, syria, iran, situations where they don't have to face anyone personally, but tell them they own backyard needs fixing first, to face those who are destroying our kids future and they simply cower towards the door, telling us there is more important things, some will even throw that magic word at you, misogynist, never mind your a father who wants what is best for your daughter..
Also the easy access to welfare, feminist support of false accusations and using said false accusations to advance themselves with power and undeserved salaries, especially in the women's shelter industries. A father, who is usually the one who pushes for self determination financial or otherwise for his kids and especially for his daughter, (yes some moms do it also), has to compete with the twisted messages been thrown at his kids that there is an easier way, like go to a shelter, even if one is under-age, the staff will show one how to claim abuse, even if it's not true and it breaks dads heart, that doesn't matter to man-haters, and your instantly given a welfare check and housing, all controlled by...feminists and their manginas.
The thing is, if one does not experience this, then you are not privy to what is really going on.
Trusty me, it's not pretty.

Here in Perth and lanark county, a radical feminist who controlled the st-john"catholic" high school, was anti parent, anti fathers, and called the cops if a parent did not follow her rules. (She's gone now, thanks to yours truly)
The local shelter in Carleton place Ontario co-operated with some woman in smiths falls ontario, who collected under age girls from them to pay for her mortgage by grabbing the welfare checks of these young girls once they where at her rooming house...(which she freely admitted to me when she tried it with my daughter)
I even had what I considered a friend who worked there, whom I believe would help me when my daughter went rebellious, but showed her true colours when it came time to do the right thing. Which she showed me the true nature of feminism, that I, as a parent, especially a dad, was on my own, and should only depend on myself in this crazy world gone totally nuts.
They even tried false accusations of such stupid proportion, with the help of the feminist controlled Perth legal clinic lawyers, that they had to ask for a publication ban in order to hide what idiocy they accused me of...
These hags, sorry, these people openly showed their hatred of men and fathers, promote immoral behaviour, pick and chose who they want to help, have one hell of an inferiority complex that would choke a Hippo, and politicians know this, some have even admitted it to me. Yet instead of standing up to what they know is a destructive policy against the traditional family, especially men and fathers, the stay at home mom, they pat these haters on the ass and send them on their way with money, hoping they will go away...

If we continue on letting these cat loving parasites walk freely in our society, what is described on the post above, is going to get even worse, this is only the beginning. And if your a man caught up in that kind of situation, who can blame him for giving up...even walking away.

The weak woman is not the stay at home mom or the working mom, which by the way, is criticized herself for having kids by the same lefties who sides with idiocy, it is the feminist, she has an inferiority complex, hates men, always negative and lives in such fear of the world around her that nothing good comes out of her life, just like the weakest of men is the lowly mangina who bows to such sub-intellect.

To be honest, I do not see any magic fix for these "people", they are lost and will be around for a while to come, (the Creator must love the fool, he made so many of them). The worse thing we can do is try to debate them, they just don't have the intelligence to keep up. Pointing out what they do and represent, even making fun of their stupidity is a start, but we are in for the long run, these losers are well entrenched, like an Alabama tick, once inside the skin of your family, getting rid of them takes strength of character and a strong will to protect children against what amounts to corrupt people.
We, men and women, mom's and dad's, have to protect ourselves against them, in order for our kids to have a chance at a prosperous future.
We must keep them away from fools who make them believe the answer to family love is a welfare check and more kids to increase the amount received. Don't forget, children thrive on well placed discipline, it shows you care and love them and when a parents gives up on that responsibility, one gives up on their kids.
We only have to ask kids, "who loves you best, parents that are too involved, or those who are not involved at all".

This type of destructive behaviour has been tried before, even on a state wide level, fascism, communism, totalitarianism, yet, if you look at history, they all failed in the long run, because they always go too far.

The demonization of the traditional family, demeaning of a fathers importance, for personal purposes, most of the time been for financial gains and hatred, targeting our kids, will also fail, they are too stupid and greedy to see the markings on the wall, but the thing is;
How much damages will they cause to our society till they do fall, and fall they will.

The real revolution,
Is the evolution of conciousness.
Once we have achieved it,
Lies, hate and propaganda
will die off and rest... 
In the graveyard of history. 

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