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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Attacks in Ottawa Canada, Wagging the dog for 20 years...Idiotic manipulative #$*% media...

Don't agree, don't read.
This is my last comment on this issue. Want to fight an unending war...you go.

Now they are saying our innocence is gone???
We have been through a lot in our history, stealing lands from nations, trying to turn children into european in residential schools, death of millions, annihilation of nations, 2 world wars, Korea, and now what can be referred to in some way, a 3rd world war...in other words, some of it not so proud to be known for and others, rightfully so, we are a lot of thing but innocent, I don't think so.
I took the time to listen to the media's "here is want we want you to know and believe", the elite and the fear they promoted and promoted they did.
What about the video of the shooting in parliament, we can see and hear one high powered shot, from a rifle, then multiple shots coming from multiple hand guns, yet they give credit to one person, the master at arms. Guess they want a hero so bad they will invent one. It was the security services that brought him down, not one person. The real hero is the soldier that lost his life for his country family and people. Sorry but I found it disturbing, the media would say, "he died but the hero is this other guy". They could have waited a few days and respect the young man who lost his life.

The danger here is scaring the hell out of so many they will ask for more restrictive laws, and taking it to so much extreme some will see terrorists behind every tree and report on each other, creating a scared population. I guess that way it's easier to control such a population, also when these restrictive laws are passed, history shows they stay and get even worse. Always be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

Here is the way it should be seen.Instead of CTV's anchor's definition, of thugs and clowns.
They had some clown of their own, john thompson, a so called terrorist expert who advocated throwing all those we doubt into f*cking camps....just like we did with the fascist, nazis and comunists because Russia was ally with Germany at the time...(his words)
It took another commentator, Scott Reid to remind him about the Japanese internment camps and how much of a bad idea that was...Who the hell in his right mind, after what we learned from history would recommend internment camps?
Of course this bozo went on, we should increase the powers and funding of the intelligence service and the police because as he said, we are under policed...What the *&%? In Canada???? To inform this clown, more funding will not stop, the lone wolf, that one person, but when it comes to stopping groups, our services have done just fine with what they have.

Then of course you have the CBC's, "this is Canada's 9/11". Tell me that's not a subliminal message of...your screwed and run for the hills. Fear...be afraid, ask for more laws. Idiots....
The silliest thing I heard from the elitists, whether in politics or the media was, "this is an attack on our values". ISIS could care less about our values, I don't think they share them to begin with, I just don't believe they would have a gay pride parade any time soon, or a slut walk, or manginas, or feminists, sex education for kindergarten kids, so on...

Let's continue....
When the two decided to convert to Islam, and support ISIS, (not ISIL) they became their soldiers, this is the way it works with them. We should never look at the world especially the Arab world the same way we look at ours, that is the mistake we are making and why this has been going on for 20 years, with 20 or more to go.. We can do better if we forget the idea that everyone wants to be like us otherwise we'll bomb the shit out of them till they submit. Which looks like they will not.
Al qaida was a terrorist organisation, it targeted civilians, New York, London, Madrid, ISIS on the other hand has called for attacks on military, para-military even politicians, so far not our civilians, which includes our women and children..
We can mourn for the lost of the 2 soldiers of the past 4 days, brave, and honourable, yes, but they are soldiers, which means that death follows them in the choices they made. It's part of the job.
It could have been worse, let's remember who rode the buses in london and the commuter train in Madrid, "women and children". The media and the elite can compare ISIS to al qaida, but that's not exactly what they are. They are going after our military, because military is going after them, that does not make them terrorists, it make them an enemy state with an army.
So let's call this what it is, a f*ucking war, and let's stop pussy footing around and fight it as a war, and accept that there will be casualties.

CTV showed a few who asked, "why is this happening, why are they doing this?". Makes for a good show, thoughtful and makes one think and feel bad...but reality is not the media's strong point...
They also showed, to my surprise, some guy from england, saying "what do you expect, you bomb them, they'll bomb you back".

So let's look if they, the Arabs have a reason to be pissed....(short  version)
Starts after the Great war, they were promised an independent homeland if they fought the Ottoman empire,(the turks), did they get it, no, they were stabbed in the back and occupied by western europe, or in this case england and France.
After the second war, they got some independence but the borders imposed on them (intentionally)were so screwed up that it produced the problems we have today. Fighting amongst each other.

Move forward to recently, Egypt, we tell them to get rid of mubarak, go democratic, but because they did not elect the person the west wanted, we supported a coup against a democratically elected government and re-installed the old regime.(the voting was so low, the election of the west's man has to be considered invalid)
Libya, bombed the crap out of it, destroyed in social structure and left it to terrorists and tribal militias...
Then we patted ourselves on the back for it....There is more to this one, like oil, the dollar and pipeline but let's keep it short. Try to find the social programs that country use to have, it's water projects, and tell me you wouldn't like to have those in in the west.
Syria is the same, social structure gone, coached the tribal faction to rise up, caused a civil war, armed them, then oops, wait a minute, al Nusra front and now ISIS comes out of it. Not to mention all the others. Which "we" armed.
Now for the big one...Iraq, we have been bombing, when I say we I mean the west, since 1993, 20 f*cking years. Started with bush the first luring simpleton hussein into a war with his message "the borders of the Arab world does not concern us" passed on through the ambassador to kuwait. And ol'saddam feel right into that one. When clinton was in trouble he would bomb Iraq. Bush second invaded with non existent wmd's.
Let's bring in Pakistan, and the drone strikes, weddings and truck convoys...Even obama is doing it.
Not to mention what Israel's government with our support and their hatred of hamas did to gaza...thousand of civilian death, little over 60 Israelis, all but 4 military. Totally destroyed infrastructure, stayed the same, one big jail with a population of over 1 million pissed Arabs.
Since then, it is estimated that well over a million Arabs have died since 1993, a 20 year war.
There is more, and yes some of the dictators where bad, but we promised the people a better life, in return they watched their women and children die by an enemy they could not reach. (air force)
Now again, we are bombing the shit out of them, from the air, where our side is safe and out of reach...some people might look at this as cowardice.
Canada now included, 6 planes.....
Don't get me wrong, not taking their side, and for the Intel, not to worry, will not convert to islam, just pointing out reality....

Now, put yourself in their place, see kids, women, elderly, members of your family die at the hands of foreigners, who promised you a better life and give nothing but death, and tell me....wouldn't you be eventually pissed????
Especially with allies like the gulf states, the saudis, kuwait, so on, which treat their dogs better than their women and the so called royalty are worth billions, stolen from it's people...

But don't take it from me.
(I started getting upset by what was going on when I saw the video of a young child bombed by the coalition Canada is now part of and her bottom jaw was missing, and she was still alive...I guess the humanity in me kicked in. I am warning you, it is in the video below, so be aware.)

Here is a theoretical situation, you emigrated to Arabia, and it is part of a coalition that is bombing the shit out of Canada, you have family here, it's been going on for 20 years...what would you do????
And what does all this make us????

This is not who we are, we use to be peacekeepers, respected and in demand...Doesn't mean we were pussies, ask the Croatian during the Balkan wars for instance, when they tried to attack a defenceless Serb village...50 of them to our none....ask the Germans, so on.
I don't know what to think any more, I use to walk proud to be Canadian, our families were safe from outside interference from the state and it's social programs, they were there to serve not to dictate. The world looked up to us, we were respected  for our easy way of looking at things, yet feared by our enemies.
Now we are nothing but a satellite to other countries, our families, the strength of this nation are falling apart, the elite taking what's not theirs, media luring us into fear and dependence. 
And bombing the shit out of everyone who does not follow our way of looking at things....
This is the reason why ISIS(not isil) is so popular for the moment, until they go and are replaced by another one, not because of the false report by the media of extremism, but because of those we have killed and the countries we destroyed.
Time to be realistic, and return to our true identity, for the sake of those we are supposed to keep safe.
If this become harper's war, him and his back peddling we want the royals back conservatives will be out of a job soon enough.
I have read many comments on many sites, some supportive, but mostly "what the f*ck are we doing over there, none of our business". Even some "what do you expect".
Many mentioning their intention in the 2015 election.


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