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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attacks in Ottawa Canada...here's a thought.

SOOO! These 2 recent attacks on people, where done by 2 locals who converted to Islam, wanted to go to Syria to fight for Isis, but their passport was taken away...right?
Now if they would  have gone there, no Canadians would have died, and most probably they would have, unnamed and unknown.
Or as others have done, gone fight, returned disillusioned like most who have come back and Canadian intelligence would have had an easier eye on them, knowing who they are instead of the lone wolf action we experienced....
Again, because their passport was taken from them, their anger stayed, and decided to fight here instead...
And everyone  is ok with this????
I say let them go, if they want to get killed its their business. It's better than keeping them here.

Here is another thought...It's a f*cking war, we are at war with Islamic state, what? everyone thinks they would not try to hit us back????
Are we that stupid???

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