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Friday, October 3, 2014

At local shelters one person experience is not important according to recent comment.

Comment made on one of our posts about interval house in Carleton place Ontario.
"This is just one person's experience and not indicative of life in shelters for the great majority of women and children."

I don't know about anyone, but I found this comment indicative to feminist thought and damn disturbing, they are there to help yet... the hive is more important than one abused woman and her kids. Seems to me, all people have individual experiences and should be treated as such. We had a post explaining how this mom and her kids where treated at a shelter for women in Carleton place, how she was pushed aside for those who fully co-operated with the idealism of the staff and where treated better than those who did not blame all the worlds woes on men.
Instead of expressing an understanding that people should not be treated this way, The author of this comment expressed that this persons experiences did not matter in the grand scheme of thing, which I'm guessing comes from a supporter of said shelter.
Man hate, lesbianism, demonizing fathers, dividing families, abortions, on and on, is more important than looking into how individuals are treated. This person is incapable of realising that "if one is treated this way, we can be sure others are also". 
We who have had experiences with the staff of shelters know full well, they are been used for an ideal that just does not exist or could ever take hold, expressions like "men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment", shows their true policy.
A woman goes there for help and is blasted with posters that expresses love between two women is better than one between a man and a woman. Abortions are better than life, co-operation with man-hate sessions is mandatory, and if one does not embrace these policies, then they are threatened to be kicked out or sent to a different city.
I disagree with the comment above, we know"this is indicative to most women's shelters", we have interviewed many residents of shelters and did some online research and found most are the same. There might be some who are actually run according to the mandate given to them, but they are far and few in between. Not to mention what they do to children or should we say how they ABUSE them by trying to get them to turn on their dads.
The local shelter had a "take back the night" march recently, (WHY???) hardly anyone showed up...one of the reason is they are been recognized as man haters, emma watson said so, lol. Thing is crime is down, women can walk safely and they do understand men will step up if they need our help, as long as they walk at our side, not in front. Those who live in la la land will be left behind, and rightfully so, the rest of us who know what reality is, will do just fine.
Everyone's experiences in life is basically unique, especially when it comes to abuse, under no circumstance do we advocate the closure of abuse shelters, only the firing of the radical anti father feminism staff that infests it. These places.unfortunately are still needed in our society, but to use them as a hive, where all must think the same way is by definition a communistic and fascist policy, if not a totalitarian ideal.
We do better when we accept all of our experiences are unique and free of the hive mind, we are not insects to be shoved aside when we do not agree or behave independently.
Treating abuse victims as permanent ones does not give a chance for that person to become a survivor but make them look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives, of course that way of thinking gives the staff of shelters and their legal counsels from the local legal clinic in Perth Ontario a continuing batch of returning women who cannot make it on their own and a constant bucket of funds from the tax payer.

Men and women do not abuse each other, a small minority of individuals of "both sexes do", when someone goes to a shelter for help, they must be treated on an individual basis, with the understanding and explanation that our society is not a rape culture or abusive, but a caring nation of people who will do anything to help as long as we are not all demonize because of our gender.
Shelters are staffed with hateful people who had bad experiences, it stayed with them and their character expresses that hate, they pass it on to all residents and have the audacity to call themselves experts. They are experts all right, in hate and destructive policies which does nothing to help anyone. The comment above explicitly shows that, where one person's experience doe not matter. If that person's experience does not matter then we can be assured it continues on to the next on, on and on, eventually, none of the personal experiences matter, only the hive which can provide them with more funds.
Instead of  explaining the world is not full of male rapist and abusers (or females one); to have faith that what happened was a singular experience not rampant, they install fear and mistrust of the outside world, that is their expertise, to make returning customers instead of survivors.
We still believe there is an imbalance in these places, men, real ones, must be placed as counsellors in shelters to offer a real look at the world, not a one sides views that all men achieve power through rape or that their individual experiences don't matter in the grand scheme of things.
According to these shelter staff, all men bad; according to the "real world" all men and women good, those who cause pain are a minority, this way a resident would see the world for what it is, not what they are told by a bunch of hateful ol'hags who never experienced the true love of a good man.

The conclusion to all this is; when someone goes to a shelter for help, they risk been abused again by the staff if they do not co-operate with the hive mind, and they call themselves "the experts"?
Ya ok...

I told the woman who opened up about her nightmare at this shelter, that someone had basically said, her personal experiences with this shelter did not matter, so she is writing in detail what happened and recently told me she was up to 6 pages...can't wait to read it and will pass it on.

The next time you see a picture with "I need feminism because...", its not feminism they need, replace it with...I NEED THERAPY, BECAUSE".
You have to admit, makes a hell of a lot more sense.


Anonymous said...

Not just your locals,these feminist hag hives are rampant across the misandry of Canada. They are all the same.


BlackWolf said...

Your right there, I only wanted to point out this persons experience and if it happens there, it happens everywhere.