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Friday, October 31, 2014

Always the same crap, anita sarkeesian, erin lee todd, feminists and their manginas...all men bad, give me money.

This was about the recent shooting in a school in Washington.
Dumb dumb is now blaming all men and boys for shootings and blaming "toxic masculinity" for it.
And feminists are now claiming the shooting for themselves of course...
Blood hasn’t even dried yet': Two journos spin school shooting into feminist B.S.

Just like sarkeesian, feminists like those in lanark county, love the idea of defending someone who, makes money by a useless complaint or false accusations. As for non existent personalities of video games, sure women are dressed sexy and look healthy, but here is a reality these bozos never mention because it would bite their funding...so are the non existent men in video game and both are...NOT REAL...IDIOTS
Here is the Irony, without this "so called toxic masculinity" making sure their rights are protected, to say the crap they do, they have no freedom.
And it's all our fault? That is the mark of those who have an inferiority complex, why the hell would some listen to them? Simple! they have the same complexes.
On their site, (you want bullsh*t anti male rhetoric, this is a great place), they even had complaints about a local bar that had women characters as the beer taps...lol.
Just like saskeesian, they see things that are never there, or in their case...not real. A female beer tap is not going to turn men into rapists dumbarses...and real women who attended this bar, did not care and some even though it was cute by the way.

You'll notice marc lepine, the feminists best friend is in there also....One thing we have to admit, if lepine wanted to be remembered he has achieve this thanks to feminists, ironic.
Anyway, to make it short and laughing at the same time, "women are been driven offline"???They should have said it in a more realistic phrase, " lying feminists and manginas are been driven offline", big difference, and many who are driving them into their hiding place of shame are also women who defend their men...bless their sweet little hearts.

Here is an interesting concept, whether this past threat, or others; out of nowhere comes the name of....marc lepine. Why is that important you ask? Well anywhere there is a feminist, lepine is there...So here is what crossed my mind when I heard about this "threat" in Utah to sarkeesian and mentioned by the local cat lovers who "always: mention lepine. WHO MADE THE THREAT? I theorise it points to a fake one, done by a feminist, which are known for doing this type of crap. Strange, because anyone making a plausible threat can be easily found through an IP address, yet so far, nothing....You can hide an IP address, and that's also something to think about, you can't tell who really send the so call threat. So it could be a fake one initiated by the feminists themselves to attract more support and sympathy. Nothing like sympathy to increase ones bank account.
As you can read on the picture above from this shelter, she was subject to threats of rape, and assassination, and yes, we are supposed to take "her" word for it, no proof, no links, not one f*cking picture, it's not hard, just push "print screen", show something for f*ck sakes, if you want us to believe your b*llshit....but, again, 
nothing like faking all this to make one more important than they really are, helps in the funding I guess.

These man haters have one thing in common, false statistics, fake reports, and exaggerated figures. If it's not the figment of their imagination of video games, its the non existent pay inequities, and promoting false accusations for funding purposes, faked domestic violence figures, coaching women to make false accusations against men, promote slut walks and teach men not to rape, terror for women on a biblical proportion, male demons walking the streets, cats and dogs raping each other, f*cking chaos out there according to these fools.(OK, I got carried away...lol)

The common denominator between these two is obvious, use anything to collect a pay check and fake everything possible in the process.
Whether sarkeesian or tod, sorry todd, they have the same attitude towards men or women, all men bad and women who don't follow the line are slaves or worse. My God, it's hell on Earth for the ladies according to them...
Thing is, as we reported so many time, both have been known to exaggerate, todd with her false dv statistics which did not match local police reports, or sarkeesian who claim women are objectified. Yet comicon shows otherwise when the ladies dress as their favourite sexy video game characters, they seem to like the idea of dressing sexy just like their video game counterparts...So much for their "women are objectified on video games arguments." Looks to me the ladies enjoy and feel safe dressing sexy as their favourite "FEMALE" game characters...Were not talking about a few here, these ladies make sarkeesian and her supporters look like total morons, if women as they say are used as sex objects in video games, how the F*UCK can they explain the number of young women who points to the contrary????
Please, I'm just a dumb male, explain this contradiction to me?

They (the hags and their manginas) have the smallest of support, laughed at as clowns, but to be considered dangerous none the less because of their big mouth. They depend on the lowly mangina and the fearful sheep, people who feel so inadequate that they will turn to anti-anything rhetoric in order to make themselves feel needed....

Both abuse their position, yet still collect a pay check from those who are so fearful of the world around them, they need acceptance from anywhere, even if they know it all...BULLSH*T.

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