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Monday, October 6, 2014

Act like a man and get treated like a man. The true gender wars in our society.

Gender imbalance is not what they preach in the lame stream media and those manginas in government, in support of ol'hags who suffer from an inferiority complex,(aka;feminists), their idea of gender equality actually puts women in danger. Oh, they'll use all kinds of words and phrases to attract the weak minded, you know, the one that needs to be protected by the state and will give anything to feel that way even his or her freedoms.
We've seen all kinds of useless words pop up as of late, meaningless word and phrase which does not address the real problems in our society, but causes them. Like rape culture(The Rape 'Epidemic' Doesn't Actually Exist),  patriarchy, misogyny, politically correct, so on, none of which actually have any power to change things for the better because it targets every one, including the majority who are good and decent folks.
Politically correct is just another Bullshit expression and a ploy to keep us busy and at each other's throats while their greed flourishes.
The danger is, the weak minded will actually believe this without realising it has repercussions and it''s reality is not what they thought it was.
Some who live and adopt themselves to this world of make believe, will go on the assumption that this is what nature intended and can now behave as if natural laws can be modified to adapt itself and pander to their complex of inferiority towards men instead of accepting their importance as human beings with gifts that differ between genders.
If that is the world they want to live in so be it, but don't come crying to us when reality slaps you upside the head and reminds you of your stupidity....

 Her friends are cheering her on till she gets her comeuppance....then it's all this guys fault.

In this one, woman hits man, gives him bloody nose, hits her back.
Once she hit him, she forfeited her advantage as a woman, sure we have don't hit a girl philosophy, but that only applies to "girls" not those who want to be treated the same as men.

Life has to have balance, man cannot be a woman, woman cannot be a man. Sure one can "pretend" by having a sex change, but your still who you where at birth, inside, that can never be changed.
But, there is still natural imbalance...as we see here...( I found this particularly disturbing, this puts a black eye on the mma)
Man gets sex change, beats a woman almost to death, and "he" wants to do it again. Where is Leila Ali when we need her, I would love to see "this guy" beaten to an inch of his life...by a woman, but the odds of that happening are small.
This man is free to assault again, because this man is Fallon Fox. Fallon Fox is a transgendered professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Last week, it took Fox, who was born a man yet now lives as a woman, about two minutes to destroy his opponent, Tamikka Brents. Brents is an actual, real-life woman, and as a result of the fight suffered a broken orbital bone, a concussion, and seven staples in her head.
If this were the NFL, Fallon Fox would be sitting in jail right now.
But because this is modern America, Fallon Fox’s gender identity whims must be catered to. He must be called a “she”, and be allowed to beat up women.
This "man" should not be allowed in the ring with women, because of natural laws, couldn't make it as a man in the ring against other men so he beats up on women to feel strong??? What a f*cked up concept...
Let's face it, upper body strength on a man is greater than a woman, this simple reality puts women in danger when they step in the ring with this "guy". What the ladies have to do is realise the  imbalance and refuse to fight "him", then "he" will simply fade away.

What we do with our individual gifts is compliment each other, when we recognize our limitation as individuals, yet stronger together, then life will, take a leap forward, till then, crap like this will continue to show the imbalance in our society and we will be at each others throat, letting the greedy take what's not theirs, endanger us all with their thirst for war, while we fight one another...
So be it, maybe the human race has reached it's zenith, let some other species take over, maybe they will do better.

Again, this is the world "they" created; This, is not "our" world.
 I found this video hard to watch, a fight between two guys can be extremely violent, this is passed on as we see, when a lesbian tries to be a man and fight under the same rules.
There is a reason why nature made the males species stronger, and more violent (when the need arises), it is to protect and to provide, it is a gift, not a curse. To balance this nature gave women their own gifts, put them together and you have harmony in the family, as long as we respect each other. Doesn't mean one is better than the other, it simply means, we need each other.

Telling girls they can be just like men is one of the stupidest thing the idiots of this world have ever come up with, it works both ways, now the young men who have been told women are the same are treating them like it....Hit me and I'll hit you back?
If we think about it, maybe this is what the feminists and their manginas really want, then the so call abuse on women can be manipulated to benefit them financially. They can actually claim it's on the increase, but what they do not mention is, it's because of them.

It's like what Woopi Goldberg said; "If I hit a man he has the perfect right to hit me back". Is that the world we really want, to hit each other??? it's obviously what the hags want, that way they can continues sitting on their fat asses and collect undeserved salaries with false and manipulated statistical claims that violence is on the way up, which "they caused".

It's not a weakness to be a woman, it is a strength, she is physically more fragile than a man, but emotionally stronger, a man is physically stronger than a woman but is quicker to emotionally go off the bend to protect his surroundings, doesn't mean he is more violent, it simply means we have our place in life, natural laws. If we follow these laws with respect for each others place in the web of life, instead of listening to those feminists and their manginas who suffer from an inferiority complex towards real men and women, then we would do better than we are now.
Let's face it, society might still be viable because many of us still accept our differences, but the other side is causing such damages, increasing every year, that eventually our way of life will no longer be viable. You can only put so many people dependant on the state and it's social programs run by angry feminists till the whole thing shuts down and crashes all around us.

You can tell the sheeple we are all the same, deny your individual importance and become the worker bee, the worker ant, nothing but an asset they throw away when they are done with you. They don't want the stay at home mom and the working dad, (yes we do support the working mom also, but stay with us for a moment) this would teach children responsibility and self reliance the way it always was.

So, if you want to be considered equal to a man, go right ahead, forgo the feminine, adopt the masculine just like the radical lesbian feminist tells you, see where that gets you...
But remember this, nature does not want the same, look around you, it's diverse, with all life given individual importance to the circle, break with nature and it will react. I'm not saying been a lesbian is bad, it's a choice, and if it makes one happy so be it, who are we to judge.
But even in your little circle, remember who speaks for you...

We have had comments and especially emails saying feminism and manginism does not have an inferiority complex vs men, REALLY? Sh*t one just has to read what they say about "real men and women" to realise what really drives them.

This site speaks as real men, real women in defence of real families. The world which the corrupt and the greedy and the weak want to create will never come to pass, never...they are just a bump in the road, true one hell of a bump but it can be straightened out. Eventually.
Because natural law rules this world, go against it, and Mother Earth will clean itself.

P.S.; (for those suffering from an inferiority complex, aka feminists, in lanark who read this blog, hoping that I promote violence so to find some a way to shut down this page, good luck with that; right linda, stay away from my facebook page by the way, it has nothing to do with this web site)


Anonymous said...

They are all tough until they get a bit of what they hand out.


Anonymous said...

As a woman I noticed I get a lot more respect if I behave like one.LOL, crazy biotch.

Karen said...

Well put together,act like a man, forfit your womanhood,I never had a problem been myself.I agree with woopi.

Anonymous said...

The gender wars is a figment of the feminist mind,give me a man who know who he is and ill show him a woman who knows who she is.Things just does work when one behaves like the other.

Anonymous said...

I looked up this man with boobs beating up on women,i was shocked to see it was true,why is this allowed.

BlackWolf said...

"why is this allowed".
I have no ideas, just one f*cked up world is my only answer.