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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Woman adds third breast to make herself 'unattractive to men'

Good idea, if anything we need more boobs out there...LOL.
Give it some time and maybe we'll see feminists adopt this procedure so they can be even less attractive to men and easily identified, not that they aren't now, with their dark grumpy hateful stare when a man looks at them.
Sarcasm aside...
I wonder what doctor would do such a thing and isn't it..unethical. We've seem people do ridiculous things to get attention, but a third boob???? Boy oh boy, what a boob...lol.
I think she can kiss goodbye to any chance she has to get a reality show, though nowadays one never know, with all the stupid ones out there this would fit right in.
If this boob (pardon the pun) doesn't want the attention of guys, I'm sure there was another way other than disfiguring ones self at a cost of $20,000, wouldn't it have been easier and cheaper just to say no thank you???
As for making herself unattractive, to think about it, I would say works for me, though most men love a good looking woman who takes care of herself, this would creep me out. But that's me...lol.


Karen said...

what an idiot.

Bonny said...

Stupid bitch

Anonymous said...


Allison said...

Now theres a chick that makes us all look smart. not.

Anonymous said...

Its gotta be a joke nobody's that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Dont hate the boob,Love the boob.lol

Anonymous said...

I read it is a lie,she lied.

Feminists never lie.