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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What the fu#$% series. It's official, the western world had devolved into stupidity.

‘Withholding Sex’ Now Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ at U of M

The University of Michigan has released a list of relationship behaviours that it considers violent and abusive
including “withholding sex.”

I was hoping this was a joke, but alas...no.
None the less I'll let you decide what is real, because this is to stupid for me...
We have plenty of stupid people in university, at the university of Ottawa, allan rock (mangina extraordinaire) blamed all the males of the hockey team for the acts of two, demonizing all of the hockey team and giving the local nutty feminists a chance to accuse these young men who did absolutely nothing, of everything under the sun...including false rape accusations.
Let's not forget michaelle jean of the same crazy university of ottawa, who said, "these guys talk about women in the locker room". And she used to represent all Canadians as the governor general????
What we have here folks is sexually frustrated people, or people with one hell of an inferiority complex.
Even the CBC got into the fray, with their rape culture this, rape culture that, today...
Oh they had a few hints of, Oh those poor hockey players" but basically it was, she said she was raped, (no proof other than her own word, and as we now know because of so many false accusations, a word is no longer enough, thanks to feminists with inferiority complexes.), this happened to her because she said so, reporters with the sad look, so on...so is the world according to the lowly CBC and the feminists and their manginas.
Not putting links, look it up, easy to find, these idiots don't deserve the traffic.

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