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Friday, September 19, 2014

Was the Scottish vote for independence rigged?

Considering england's governments depends on the sottish oil and gas reserve to borrow money, I would say it is totally possible.
I say if the vote would have went for yes, they would have tried to find a way to prevent it one way or another.
In this video, it is clear that there was some fraud committed, question is, was it only one person, or was it rampant.
Police investigate claims of electoral fraud in Glasgow
Are you surprised..?! If so, then you still haven't understood how deep the root of corruption goes in the system currently enslaving all of us for oil.
It's time for the empire to fall.
Russia cries foul over Scottish independence vote
Russian observers say referendum count took place in rooms that were too big and did not meet international standards. Afshin Rattansi, the presenter of RT's Going Underground show, said there were "international considerations", such as the UK's nuclear deterrent, which had affected the outcome. He said: "With the vote as close as this, with the mainstream media on one side, with a massive amount of people from Westminster running up to beg Scotland the other way, and certain recounts in certain bits of the poll, which way did the vote go, really?"
He added: "It is normally the sort of turnout you would expect in North Korea.

Also, england's government will do anything to keep their flag, we seen this in their occupation of parts of Ireland. They other thing is their senseless addiction to that German family as their head of state, for the united kingdom. To keep that representation of dictatorship(and that is exactly what kings and queens are) with the power of life and death over people makes no sense in today's world.
That family has to be related to each other in order to be called royals, married and have heirs. Even will and kate are distant cousins...
This is frigging strange in today's realities, yet some people still bows to these people.
Let's not forget what royals represent, totalitarianism, dictatorial powers, murder, greed, war lords, if a peasant didn't have enough money to pay these people's greedy taxes they were kicked off the land and starved, including women and children...so on.
What about the war crimes, crimes against humanity, what these people did against the native people of turtle island, blankets from hospitals, scalping for bounties in new england first started by cornwallis which included women and children (this is where scalping began by the way, not by native people), land grab, annihilation of nations, all for king and country?
There is  no way, england would have allowed Scotland to separate. Like I said, they would have found a way to prevent it.
The other thing that is suspicious is the time it took to get the results, even the media was surprised on how long it took. Any results of election in england, just like Canada is usually instant.
Oil these days can make governments do many crazy things, like...unending wars, this is no different.

As for the promise made to the Scots if they stay....that's already been retracted...and will most probably fall apart before the next general election.
The Labour leader of the UK official opposition, Ed Miliband, has signalled he will not sign up to Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to give more powers to the devolved Scottish Parliament following a historic vote on Scottish independence.
Surprise surprise....


Scot said...

"The other thing that is suspicious is the time it took to get the results". Your right with that one, when it was taking so long for the first results, the thing that came to mind was, the yes side just lost.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Scot,when the results were late, thats when i realised something was smelly.

Anonymous said...

Governments all over the world cannot be trusted anymore.