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Monday, September 22, 2014

The hypocrisy of the environmentalist walk.

Climate crusaders love to blame everyone else. There’s nothing like wasting a bunch of resources making memorable signs and driving to an occasion on Gas and fossil fuels to campaign with the rest of weekend environmentalists who talk about the need for everybody else to save the planet from “global warming”…or is it climate change now, since it is getting colder in some places.
The media here (CBC) bragged people from Vancouver where in new york doing the good work of saving the planet...
Question, how did they all (Like Al an inconvenient truth with a jet and mansions Gore) get there, oh ya, using fossil fuel, some of it most probably from the tar sands...lol.
In the meantime....
In New York, after their march....(bet you Toronto was no better...)

And if someone points out the hypocrisy

then they are called c*nt, tw*t,  That's the lefties for ya, "we can but you can't."

We're all for saving the planet, but we all have to be in it together without the hypocrisy, or calling each other names if we have opposing opinions.

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