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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Should we blame all women for, rapes, over sexed teachers, false accusers?

Woman assaulted boyfriend, smeared fake blood on herself

Rape report that roiled Appalachian State was a hoax

Woman jailed in 2003 for falsely claiming she was raped behind bars for lying again after wrongly telling police her boyfriend attacked her with a samurai sword

St. George woman sentenced in false rape report incident

Teacher guilty of lesbian teen sex

Woman 'has sex with student 5 times in week'

Woman Convicted In Killing of lesbian lover
Tried to uses battered- woman syndrome for defence

Woman sentenced for raping young boy

32 y old female sex offender, who posed as 14-year-old boy to have sex with girls ordered back to jail

Woman sentenced to 12 years in rape case involving child

Of course we can't blame all women, that would be propaganda basically, lies and bullshit, yet all the woes of the world is always blamed on men and this is acceptable???

Also, on a personal note, this is directed at all those radical feminists with an inferiority complex against men in lanark county Ontario.......The local women's shelter and it's staff, some in the Perth legal clinic, and all those who say and support this anti-male bullshit...
Seems like your all full of sh*t and according to studies, rape and sexual harassment is equally performed by individuals of both sexes, exposing your one sided BULL CRAP as hateful and discriminatory.

As for their open support of false accusations, studies, even back in 2004 revealed that this was and has been a problem for a very long time...In reality, false accusations can be financially beneficial to those who do it, those who look the other way, those who encourages it, the corrupt lawyer can collect money from legal aid or the client, shelters and feminist groups get funds according to how many women pass through their doors and make accusation; whether true or false, that does not enter into the discussion. 
"It was found that most of the false accusers were motivated by a need for an alibi or a desire for revenge.
Rape is a horrible crime. But false accusations of rape are every bit as horrible. They are a form of psychological rape that can emotionally, socially, and economically destroy a person even if there is no conviction, especially for those of less fame and fortune than Kobe Bryant. The stigma attaches to the falsely accused for life. Few believe them and few care. Prosecutors systematically refuse to prosecute the perpetrators. And victims' advocates like women's shelters refuse to see falsely accused men as victims, and instead work to minimize and conceal the problem."

It's the lame stream media, the radicals with an inferiority complex, education system who have refused to admit there is a problem with false accusation and convince little people like emma watson that the problem is all men related...benefiting from this financially, women's shelters are well known to promote such disturbing falsehoods.

Either way, when the problem of rape and false accusations which is done by individuals of both sexes is not addressed in it full form, them it will never go away. The idea all men are rapist and sexually harass women for power, forgoes the reality that females also do it, and now as we can see with the increase and exposure of women who rape, even children, the "men rape but women do not" attitude of the feminists and her manginas is out the door and they are loosing support because of their one sided hateful views with the help of uninformed people like emma watson. Corrupt people will take advantage of this for greed, for personal reasons, most of which is hate for the male species...
Oh and emma!!! Feminism "IS" related to male hatred, the discussion is closed, the debate id over, the proof is irrefutable.
Feminists are not the experts or the solution, by their actions, they are part of the problem. By not admitting women also rape, or falsely accuse, they give a pass to criminal acts.

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