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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paedophilia is not gender specific. Female paedophiles.

As we can see, paedophilia is not performed by one gender. To give a pass to female paedoes, or to treat it as a minor or unimportant problem invites an excuse for those who do this unforgivable act. Paedoes do not have a rational way of thinking, obviously, so when we excuse one group we invite the other to find a rational to do it...It goes something like this "If they can do it so can we".
When female paedoes go after male children, it is never perceived by the victim as "NICE",
It is a crime against children by an adult.

Mom Accused Of Having Sex Nightly With Teen Son

Pervert Babysitter Arrested After MAKING 3 KIDS PERFORM ORAL SEX ON EACH OTHER

Cops say Mom killed baby to hide dad's age

Female deputy jail guard; Child Pornographer and torture

Female Child Molester, Punched By 5-Year-Old Boy's Angry Mom, Sentenced To 16 Months In Jail 

Female Paedophile Freed


Female Bus Driver Gets Blackmailed On Facebook AFTER HAVING SEX WITH 2 TEENS

Woman claims Pregnant by 13 year old boy but dna shows "you are not the father".

Female Teacher Sex Offenders are Becoming Rampant in Public Schools
"Were seeing a greater number of female perpetrator than ever before, mainly in schools,,,it's almost an epidemic".

Sex with teacher: Mature woman, Elaine McKay, 58, sends nude selfies and sleeps with student, 15

Female teacher screws 'special needs' student, suspended for sex with 14-year old boy 

Female teacher sentenced to only three days jail for raping two boys

Naughty teacher: Utah high school teacher will stand trial for rape.

Introduction to the Female Paedophile

Feminists as we know them today are old hags with an inferiority complex against men, that's been proven and the subject is closed. Their man-hate is causing more and more difficulties in identifying bad people because they only concentrate on their dislike of men, resulting in unreal look at the woes of our society.
The problem these low life actually do with their man-hate is causing more difficulties in identifying the root cause of this sick perversion some individuals have. If we do not come to terms that paedophilia is not gender specific but a problem that encompasses both gender then this will never go away.
Any time they refuse to look at this with reality, other victims fall between the cracks and the issue is not addressed in its full form.
We will never get rid of this type of disgusting behaviour towards kids unless they accept, females are as capable of causing harm to children just as much as the male kind.
This is not men and women as a whole who do this, this is on the shoulders of evil "individuals" and as long as the feminists keep on demonizing only one group, namely males, then they are as responsible for the continuation of this problem as the paedophiles themselves.

Will we ever rid ourselves of the disgusting behaviour towards children? As long as we have those who try to defend it instead of condemning it....This perverse behaviour will be with us for the foreseeable future.
Paedophilia must be recognized for what it is, a crime against humanity, for humanity cannot survive without a healthy crop of a healthy future generation.
What we do today and how we do it echoes into the future.


Rob said...

Feminists are female chauvinists. You're absolutely right there is a double standard when it comes to female sex offenders. I think its feminists white knights that cause this problem. They all see women as 'up on a pedestal to be worshiped as gods". Its no different in America.

Dad in Almonte said...

Glad to see you back

Anonymous said...

Good post

Anonymous said...

Seems to me some women dont understand the idea that having sex with under age boys is also rape.

Anonymous said...

"having sex with under age boys is also rape" exactly, also I would say,at that young age,what r they learning about women,thanks to female rapists and the system who lets them get away with it.

Allison said...

Finally,was afraid you guys gave up.lol.Welcome back.

BlackWolf said...

Us give up? NEVER...

Anonymous said...

Giving up is not an option.