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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is ww3 been pushed on us by the media and irresponsible western governments? YES.

In the past 10 years how many country or people has our side killed and destroyed, then giving ourselves a pat on the back...
Whether the blind support for netanyahu's hate for Palestinians which was right there before us, yet there he was with his propaganda machine practically every night on the news...Bad ol'Palestinians, how would any of us react to the bombing and killing of our families I wonder, and the before and after results? What was the result, over 2000 Palestinian deaths, most of them civilian death vs 60 israelis? Most of them military?

What about Libya, kaddafi bad, kaddafi dog of the middle east, but how many know kaddafi wanted to sell Libyan oil to China India and Russia and return to the gold standard, before our illustrious leaders bomb the shit out of them, not to mention the unity of Africa he was proposing which would have jeopardized western industries hold on the natural resources. Let's mention hillary clinton's little comment, "we came, we saw, he died?"
So how did we do with all that...endeavour?
What about the Ukraine, with it's "democratic western friendly government infested and at the mercy of...fascists who sided with the nazs in ww2?
The lame stream media's main argument was, or should we rightfully say, their main propaganda argument was, Putin wanted to annex eastern Ukraine, ooops, Putin recently made it clear, Russia has no intention of annexing that area of the country...so what  will our media and leaders come up with next? He is plotting with extra-terrestrials???
Noticed, since Putin reminded the west that Russia was a nuclear superpower, we have heard less and less about him?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Boko Haram Nigeria, Somalia, Russia, China, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Sudan(under clinton), so on so on. Hell we now have more enemies than we have resources.
But all this was pre-planned....It's all about oil???

Obama wanted to stop wars, instead of holding on to his beliefs, here we go again, Syria, Isis or Isil, some organisation none of us ever heard about till now, the khorasan group???? Who the hell are these imaginary people?
Syria Becomes the 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate
Looks to me that the "yes we can" became "I have to do what they tell me"

Is isis bad, who the hell knows, we can't base this on what the media said that's for sure, they have become the propaganda ministry for western governments.
They have beheaded a few of our people, I guess that makes them bad, but wait, in the past 20 years or so our side has bombed and killed countless of Arabs, so I don't know what their problem is. I mean shit, don't they understand oil is more important???? They should chill a bit...(sarcasm by the way)

As for the Syrian government, if they where so bad, why the heck are they still around and holding their own? That's because the people of Syria, obviously support them, otherwise they would never have survived this long. They probably looked at Iraq and Libya and realised they where better off with Assad.

There is so much to point out, about what the reality is in the world, is it we are so out of oil, which they are hiding, that we have to go to war to keep our system alive, is it because of the monetary issue, keeping the green back to buy oil is important to prevent the fall of the world's economy? Who the f*ck knows any more.
But we do know this, keep on going on the path we are today, and eventually this will expand to engulf us all. Are we in ww3 already, sure looks that way. Someone somewhere will go to far and then all hell will break loose, you think the ebola virus is bad, wait...there is a hell of as lot worse coming.

Here is a suggestion, look, research, investigate, see what the other side is saying, there is no reason any more to blindly believe what cnn, cbc, bbc and all the others are telling you what to believe...I'm not saying to believe the other side, but to listen, this way you get read between the lines and make an informed decision.
For our children's sake don't take these fools word for it, look it up that;s what the web is for, and make up your own mind...
We are either the sheeples they think we are, or we have evolved beyond the imperial way of life, where blindly following "for king and country" is as stupid as our leaders immeasurable addiction to war...

We live in Canada, there is a debate whether the government will extend our involvement in Iraq and Syria against isis, will they?...     YES.
Will hillary run for president in 2016.....   YES.
You heard it here first folks, as if you didn't know already.
There is no debate other than the media extending these realities for ratings, honesty and pride went out the door after 9/11, after that the media became a willing tool for governments.
The only opposition in the western world left is the web and the people. so whats you gonna do?
Ever noticed, those who talk of war are always those who will never fight it?
Please, we want to see one of these people who promote unending wars to go to the front and fight.
And not a pretend situation like we saw with harry sitting comfortably behind the lines all safe shooting a 50 cal.. if anyone believes for one minute they put this guy in the front lines and risk him been picked off, even with a lucky shot, and becoming a taliban talking point, you believe in little green men.

This site does not take sides, we just point out the obvious.


Anonymous said...

Not hard to see the obvious when you don't follow the sheep.


Excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Love it,good work

BlackWolf said...

Thank you.

Marie said...

They wont stop till they push the wrong button and kill us all.

d715 said...

Acuity I just like to point out Ukraine had a reason

Its called the holodomor, in 1932 Stalin took ever bit of food form Ukraine resulting in 10 million dying form hunger within a year

and of course they quickly change their minds once they realized there "liberator" don't like Slavs too much

I agree on everything else, I'm an American and tried of my nation keep making our own enemies

BlackWolf said...

d715, what you said about stalin is true, the thing is, what is important is...today. Living in the past does not provide for a healthy future, especially for the haziness and safety of our kids. Thank you for your comment.