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Monday, September 22, 2014

And feminist idiocy...continues. Birth rape.

Majority of women do not take feminism seriously, and this is why. 
The rampant stupidity of what feminism is today, goes beyond understanding and rational. 

I doubt very much that a woman giving birth, does not want all the help she can get, to get the baby out of her with as little pain as possible....and as quickly as they can..
But according to feminists and sites like jezebel, with their explanation of birth rape, all medical personnel assisting a birthing mother should first ask permission for every procedure they intent to do while assisting her....Otherwise probing, making sure all is well, using the proper tools to ensure the safety of mother and child is...rape.
Also let's keep in mind, most of the medical personal in the room with her are females and maybe even the doctor since more women are now in the field.

Feminists, many of them radical lesbians have a obsession with the vagina, where there might be males, then it must have some rape involved. Because, holy shit, that's all we ever think about....(sarcasm)
They should get over this obsession and realise, to a doctor whether they be males or females, it is about the anatomy of the body, and I'm sure they understand the sensibility of child birth, but since giving birth has been dangerous in the past, causing death to mother and or child, they now do everything they can to prevent it, using all the knowledge accumulated up to this day to prevent any misfortunes.
According to idiots in the feminist movement permission should be asked for first????

What next? Is Prostate exams also rape??? (Dumb asses)

When a woman is giving birth, does she want her doctor to ask permission for every move, I don't think so, some would even yell out "shut the f*ck up and get it out of me?" 
Most of us have assisted or taken part in child birth, mothers and fathers, and from that experience, we can safely say, if a doctor would ask for permission for every procedure he or she intends to do, they would have the most evil look one could ever get....
Childbirth is extremely painful to a woman, interesting though that those who claim birth rape would be those who never had a child....

But let's not stop there....
According to what's left of the old hags promoting rape as a tool for power and financial gains, let's look at other forms of rape, where men might be involved...
Restaurant Rape - waiter gives you a salad instead of mashed potatoes with gravy on top.
Homework Rape - Your professor gives you an assignment of which you don't approve.
Stylist Rape - the sales lady at Macy's hands you a size 16 dress despite your insistence that you are "a borderline 6."
Mixology Rape - the bartender makes your martini a little too 'dirty.'
Yoga Rape - Your yogi puts you in an uncomfortable pose.
Romney Rape - When the Republicans make you pay for your own birth control and abortions.
Girls Night Out Rape - When men try to flirt with you and your friends when it is clearly 'Girls Night Out.' Hello, don't you see our tiaras?!
Thought Rape- When you have images in your head of sexual exploits with the opposite sex. Thoughts are too demeaning for women.
Gaze Rape - When you stare at a person of the opposite sex for more than 3 seconds without looking down. Men are supposed to stare down when heading their female counterparts.
Smile Rape - Broadcasting your teeth out there is a sound reason for sexual charge. A serious lack common decency.
Mac Rape - The ketchup splashes over your big Mac, onto your fingers and even covering the top of your nose, while the guy at the counter did not tell you not to squeeze that ketchup bag with both hands.
Vegan Rape - Puree your favorite sausages and meats in a blender with juice and vegetables and serve to any vegetarians/vegan's you're seeing.
Entitlement Rape - I asked some guy to buy me a drink and he didn't do it. He said something about "why don't I just give you my checkbook."
Non-date Rape - My BMI and age are both over 30, I have 2 kids, and no men who meet my standards (6 feet tall, rich, handsome, alpha, 400 other bullet points) have asked me out in the past week. Except that one tall banker, but he was creepy.
Retroactive Rape - I had amazing consensual sex last night but now I feel bad so it must have been rape (this one is too true).
Metaphysical Relativism Rape - Reality is created by our own individual perceptions. There may not be any objective evidence of it, but I believe I was raped so that makes it true for me.

So go ahead call yourself a feminist, and be a lowly mangina servant of these dumb old hags, the more you expose your stupidity, the more we will laugh at you....

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"Rampant stupidity"

Nailed it.