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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What the fu#$% series. It's official, the western world had devolved into stupidity.

‘Withholding Sex’ Now Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ at U of M

The University of Michigan has released a list of relationship behaviours that it considers violent and abusive
including “withholding sex.”

I was hoping this was a joke, but alas...no.
None the less I'll let you decide what is real, because this is to stupid for me...
We have plenty of stupid people in university, at the university of Ottawa, allan rock (mangina extraordinaire) blamed all the males of the hockey team for the acts of two, demonizing all of the hockey team and giving the local nutty feminists a chance to accuse these young men who did absolutely nothing, of everything under the sun...including false rape accusations.
Let's not forget michaelle jean of the same crazy university of ottawa, who said, "these guys talk about women in the locker room". And she used to represent all Canadians as the governor general????
What we have here folks is sexually frustrated people, or people with one hell of an inferiority complex.
Even the CBC got into the fray, with their rape culture this, rape culture that, today...
Oh they had a few hints of, Oh those poor hockey players" but basically it was, she said she was raped, (no proof other than her own word, and as we now know because of so many false accusations, a word is no longer enough, thanks to feminists with inferiority complexes.), this happened to her because she said so, reporters with the sad look, so on...so is the world according to the lowly CBC and the feminists and their manginas.
Not putting links, look it up, easy to find, these idiots don't deserve the traffic.

Are you prepared for the coming storm.

talk of wars, 
natural disasters, 
abuse of power, 
lost of freedoms, ect...
You can harp at people(aka; sheeples) 24 hours a day and they still wouldn't catch on.

Wake up damn it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Should we blame all women for, rapes, over sexed teachers, false accusers?

Woman assaulted boyfriend, smeared fake blood on herself

Rape report that roiled Appalachian State was a hoax

Woman jailed in 2003 for falsely claiming she was raped behind bars for lying again after wrongly telling police her boyfriend attacked her with a samurai sword

St. George woman sentenced in false rape report incident

Teacher guilty of lesbian teen sex

Woman 'has sex with student 5 times in week'

Woman Convicted In Killing of lesbian lover
Tried to uses battered- woman syndrome for defence

Woman sentenced for raping young boy

32 y old female sex offender, who posed as 14-year-old boy to have sex with girls ordered back to jail

Woman sentenced to 12 years in rape case involving child

Of course we can't blame all women, that would be propaganda basically, lies and bullshit, yet all the woes of the world is always blamed on men and this is acceptable???

Also, on a personal note, this is directed at all those radical feminists with an inferiority complex against men in lanark county Ontario.......The local women's shelter and it's staff, some in the Perth legal clinic, and all those who say and support this anti-male bullshit...
Seems like your all full of sh*t and according to studies, rape and sexual harassment is equally performed by individuals of both sexes, exposing your one sided BULL CRAP as hateful and discriminatory.

As for their open support of false accusations, studies, even back in 2004 revealed that this was and has been a problem for a very long time...In reality, false accusations can be financially beneficial to those who do it, those who look the other way, those who encourages it, the corrupt lawyer can collect money from legal aid or the client, shelters and feminist groups get funds according to how many women pass through their doors and make accusation; whether true or false, that does not enter into the discussion. 
"It was found that most of the false accusers were motivated by a need for an alibi or a desire for revenge.
Rape is a horrible crime. But false accusations of rape are every bit as horrible. They are a form of psychological rape that can emotionally, socially, and economically destroy a person even if there is no conviction, especially for those of less fame and fortune than Kobe Bryant. The stigma attaches to the falsely accused for life. Few believe them and few care. Prosecutors systematically refuse to prosecute the perpetrators. And victims' advocates like women's shelters refuse to see falsely accused men as victims, and instead work to minimize and conceal the problem."

It's the lame stream media, the radicals with an inferiority complex, education system who have refused to admit there is a problem with false accusation and convince little people like emma watson that the problem is all men related...benefiting from this financially, women's shelters are well known to promote such disturbing falsehoods.

Either way, when the problem of rape and false accusations which is done by individuals of both sexes is not addressed in it full form, them it will never go away. The idea all men are rapist and sexually harass women for power, forgoes the reality that females also do it, and now as we can see with the increase and exposure of women who rape, even children, the "men rape but women do not" attitude of the feminists and her manginas is out the door and they are loosing support because of their one sided hateful views with the help of uninformed people like emma watson. Corrupt people will take advantage of this for greed, for personal reasons, most of which is hate for the male species...
Oh and emma!!! Feminism "IS" related to male hatred, the discussion is closed, the debate id over, the proof is irrefutable.
Feminists are not the experts or the solution, by their actions, they are part of the problem. By not admitting women also rape, or falsely accuse, they give a pass to criminal acts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is ww3 been pushed on us by the media and irresponsible western governments? YES.

In the past 10 years how many country or people has our side killed and destroyed, then giving ourselves a pat on the back...
Whether the blind support for netanyahu's hate for Palestinians which was right there before us, yet there he was with his propaganda machine practically every night on the news...Bad ol'Palestinians, how would any of us react to the bombing and killing of our families I wonder, and the before and after results? What was the result, over 2000 Palestinian deaths, most of them civilian death vs 60 israelis? Most of them military?

What about Libya, kaddafi bad, kaddafi dog of the middle east, but how many know kaddafi wanted to sell Libyan oil to China India and Russia and return to the gold standard, before our illustrious leaders bomb the shit out of them, not to mention the unity of Africa he was proposing which would have jeopardized western industries hold on the natural resources. Let's mention hillary clinton's little comment, "we came, we saw, he died?"
So how did we do with all that...endeavour?
What about the Ukraine, with it's "democratic western friendly government infested and at the mercy of...fascists who sided with the nazs in ww2?
The lame stream media's main argument was, or should we rightfully say, their main propaganda argument was, Putin wanted to annex eastern Ukraine, ooops, Putin recently made it clear, Russia has no intention of annexing that area of the country...so what  will our media and leaders come up with next? He is plotting with extra-terrestrials???
Noticed, since Putin reminded the west that Russia was a nuclear superpower, we have heard less and less about him?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Boko Haram Nigeria, Somalia, Russia, China, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Sudan(under clinton), so on so on. Hell we now have more enemies than we have resources.
But all this was pre-planned....It's all about oil???

Obama wanted to stop wars, instead of holding on to his beliefs, here we go again, Syria, Isis or Isil, some organisation none of us ever heard about till now, the khorasan group???? Who the hell are these imaginary people?
Syria Becomes the 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate
Looks to me that the "yes we can" became "I have to do what they tell me"

Is isis bad, who the hell knows, we can't base this on what the media said that's for sure, they have become the propaganda ministry for western governments.
They have beheaded a few of our people, I guess that makes them bad, but wait, in the past 20 years or so our side has bombed and killed countless of Arabs, so I don't know what their problem is. I mean shit, don't they understand oil is more important???? They should chill a bit...(sarcasm by the way)

As for the Syrian government, if they where so bad, why the heck are they still around and holding their own? That's because the people of Syria, obviously support them, otherwise they would never have survived this long. They probably looked at Iraq and Libya and realised they where better off with Assad.

There is so much to point out, about what the reality is in the world, is it we are so out of oil, which they are hiding, that we have to go to war to keep our system alive, is it because of the monetary issue, keeping the green back to buy oil is important to prevent the fall of the world's economy? Who the f*ck knows any more.
But we do know this, keep on going on the path we are today, and eventually this will expand to engulf us all. Are we in ww3 already, sure looks that way. Someone somewhere will go to far and then all hell will break loose, you think the ebola virus is bad, wait...there is a hell of as lot worse coming.

Here is a suggestion, look, research, investigate, see what the other side is saying, there is no reason any more to blindly believe what cnn, cbc, bbc and all the others are telling you what to believe...I'm not saying to believe the other side, but to listen, this way you get read between the lines and make an informed decision.
For our children's sake don't take these fools word for it, look it up that;s what the web is for, and make up your own mind...
We are either the sheeples they think we are, or we have evolved beyond the imperial way of life, where blindly following "for king and country" is as stupid as our leaders immeasurable addiction to war...

We live in Canada, there is a debate whether the government will extend our involvement in Iraq and Syria against isis, will they?...     YES.
Will hillary run for president in 2016.....   YES.
You heard it here first folks, as if you didn't know already.
There is no debate other than the media extending these realities for ratings, honesty and pride went out the door after 9/11, after that the media became a willing tool for governments.
The only opposition in the western world left is the web and the people. so whats you gonna do?
Ever noticed, those who talk of war are always those who will never fight it?
Please, we want to see one of these people who promote unending wars to go to the front and fight.
And not a pretend situation like we saw with harry sitting comfortably behind the lines all safe shooting a 50 cal.. if anyone believes for one minute they put this guy in the front lines and risk him been picked off, even with a lucky shot, and becoming a taliban talking point, you believe in little green men.

This site does not take sides, we just point out the obvious.

I thought they din't need men????

It's important to notice #heforshe 
insinuates men must protect women...
I thought feminists didn't need men????

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Woman adds third breast to make herself 'unattractive to men'

Good idea, if anything we need more boobs out there...LOL.
Give it some time and maybe we'll see feminists adopt this procedure so they can be even less attractive to men and easily identified, not that they aren't now, with their dark grumpy hateful stare when a man looks at them.
Sarcasm aside...
I wonder what doctor would do such a thing and isn't it..unethical. We've seem people do ridiculous things to get attention, but a third boob???? Boy oh boy, what a boob...lol.
I think she can kiss goodbye to any chance she has to get a reality show, though nowadays one never know, with all the stupid ones out there this would fit right in.
If this boob (pardon the pun) doesn't want the attention of guys, I'm sure there was another way other than disfiguring ones self at a cost of $20,000, wouldn't it have been easier and cheaper just to say no thank you???
As for making herself unattractive, to think about it, I would say works for me, though most men love a good looking woman who takes care of herself, this would creep me out. But that's me...lol.

Emma who????

Sites like cosmopolitan, jezebel and of course mangina extraordinary and prime propagandist cnn and good ol'blitzer will applaud the good work this little girl is doing...Will she be doing work in the field to promote anti discrimination in the "REALWORLD", like africa, saudi arabia, iran, isis contolled middle east, asia, so on? Or will she stay in her comfy world in the west? Condemning that bad patriarchy?
It is because of feminism and manginism that women's rights in some place have been going backwards, demonizing men, in a male controlled society like the middle east only pisses them off even more, they are incapable of diplomacy, since their blind man-hate prevents them from dealing with this reality.

The U.N. has been known to be awe struck by celebrities, and instead of doing real work in the field, these diplomats with their millions and some, billions, sit pretty pandering to hollywood, which never achieve anything meaningful. How many live can the saudi ambassador alone save and feed with his stolen millions? Let alone the rest of them.

Little emma didn't realise she was used by the same people who cause pain through greed in this world, and to claim she is a feminist, while bitching about womenagainstfeminism shows that her message was well powdered up for a specific audience, not those who truly need support.
As in that singer with the big word feminist behind her, (who did it for publicity more than anything) they fail to realise when they make that claim nowadays, even in hollywood, their career can suffer, since feminism has been identified, concluded, debate over, as man hate, the men who run hollywood do not enjoy the idea of having them around them. Too damn dangerous. (By the way, this site recognizes the contribution of  real women)

Little emma's speech, if one listens to it, was not to offer equality as much as a defence of the failing feminist movement and to claim she made a difference and brought it back...well let's see how remembered the speech will be a month from now. Or even tomorrow for that matter.

Yes, she acknowledged that men have problem with suicide and aren't considered equally important parents but still she calls men and boys to fight for WOMEN not for both sexes. Why?

#Menforwomen???? In what world does she come from? Men have been for women, our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, since time began, did she and her millionaires club acknowledge this? NO...They simply exist for a moment of self adoration?
The word feminism has been dirtied beyond repair, any time someone claims it's mantle, they are related to male-hate, hence anything they try to do under that flag goes down the drain. Let's be real for one minute, without the males of the species, nothing gets done, we have to do it together, not menforwomen, but peopleforepeople.

The U.N., what a f*cking joke. Of all the money they received from us, the taxpayer, since their beginnings, they should have at least eradicated hunger, but no, it's worse now than before it's existence.

The idea hollywood can do anything for equality, climate change, hunger, wars, is a joke, not only that but a lost of time...
We just have to look at their latest ambassador for climate change, dicaprio, with his yachts and jets.

There are plenty of dedicated people who stand in the background who are more capable of doing better work than those who claim titles without the work in the field, like Louise Harbour for instance. True experiences in the real world would give a chance to those who need us, instead of been awe struck by a passing fad.
As for a well written speech, it might be remembered for a few minutes, but it changes nothing, because they do it for the fame, instead of the people who need them...
Lets see leo give up private saudi yachts and private jets since they burn bad ol'fossil fuels, and little emma go out into the real world, claim feminist and blame men for all the woes in the world, see how far that gets her in some of those countries.

As for people like emma watson, and her menforwomen crap, what the f*ck do you think we've been doing all this time, look at those whom you surrounded yourself with at the U.N. before you blame the rest of us, we tried, died and suffered, to make things better, it's your friend and their greed who keep on f*ucking things up...AKA; the elitist.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The hypocrisy of the environmentalist walk.

Climate crusaders love to blame everyone else. There’s nothing like wasting a bunch of resources making memorable signs and driving to an occasion on Gas and fossil fuels to campaign with the rest of weekend environmentalists who talk about the need for everybody else to save the planet from “global warming”…or is it climate change now, since it is getting colder in some places.
The media here (CBC) bragged people from Vancouver where in new york doing the good work of saving the planet...
Question, how did they all (Like Al an inconvenient truth with a jet and mansions Gore) get there, oh ya, using fossil fuel, some of it most probably from the tar sands...lol.
In the meantime....
In New York, after their march....(bet you Toronto was no better...)

And if someone points out the hypocrisy

then they are called c*nt, tw*t,  That's the lefties for ya, "we can but you can't."

We're all for saving the planet, but we all have to be in it together without the hypocrisy, or calling each other names if we have opposing opinions.

And feminist idiocy...continues. Birth rape.

Majority of women do not take feminism seriously, and this is why. 
The rampant stupidity of what feminism is today, goes beyond understanding and rational. 

I doubt very much that a woman giving birth, does not want all the help she can get, to get the baby out of her with as little pain as possible....and as quickly as they can..
But according to feminists and sites like jezebel, with their explanation of birth rape, all medical personnel assisting a birthing mother should first ask permission for every procedure they intent to do while assisting her....Otherwise probing, making sure all is well, using the proper tools to ensure the safety of mother and child is...rape.
Also let's keep in mind, most of the medical personal in the room with her are females and maybe even the doctor since more women are now in the field.

Feminists, many of them radical lesbians have a obsession with the vagina, where there might be males, then it must have some rape involved. Because, holy shit, that's all we ever think about....(sarcasm)
They should get over this obsession and realise, to a doctor whether they be males or females, it is about the anatomy of the body, and I'm sure they understand the sensibility of child birth, but since giving birth has been dangerous in the past, causing death to mother and or child, they now do everything they can to prevent it, using all the knowledge accumulated up to this day to prevent any misfortunes.
According to idiots in the feminist movement permission should be asked for first????

What next? Is Prostate exams also rape??? (Dumb asses)

When a woman is giving birth, does she want her doctor to ask permission for every move, I don't think so, some would even yell out "shut the f*ck up and get it out of me?" 
Most of us have assisted or taken part in child birth, mothers and fathers, and from that experience, we can safely say, if a doctor would ask for permission for every procedure he or she intends to do, they would have the most evil look one could ever get....
Childbirth is extremely painful to a woman, interesting though that those who claim birth rape would be those who never had a child....

But let's not stop there....
According to what's left of the old hags promoting rape as a tool for power and financial gains, let's look at other forms of rape, where men might be involved...
Restaurant Rape - waiter gives you a salad instead of mashed potatoes with gravy on top.
Homework Rape - Your professor gives you an assignment of which you don't approve.
Stylist Rape - the sales lady at Macy's hands you a size 16 dress despite your insistence that you are "a borderline 6."
Mixology Rape - the bartender makes your martini a little too 'dirty.'
Yoga Rape - Your yogi puts you in an uncomfortable pose.
Romney Rape - When the Republicans make you pay for your own birth control and abortions.
Girls Night Out Rape - When men try to flirt with you and your friends when it is clearly 'Girls Night Out.' Hello, don't you see our tiaras?!
Thought Rape- When you have images in your head of sexual exploits with the opposite sex. Thoughts are too demeaning for women.
Gaze Rape - When you stare at a person of the opposite sex for more than 3 seconds without looking down. Men are supposed to stare down when heading their female counterparts.
Smile Rape - Broadcasting your teeth out there is a sound reason for sexual charge. A serious lack common decency.
Mac Rape - The ketchup splashes over your big Mac, onto your fingers and even covering the top of your nose, while the guy at the counter did not tell you not to squeeze that ketchup bag with both hands.
Vegan Rape - Puree your favorite sausages and meats in a blender with juice and vegetables and serve to any vegetarians/vegan's you're seeing.
Entitlement Rape - I asked some guy to buy me a drink and he didn't do it. He said something about "why don't I just give you my checkbook."
Non-date Rape - My BMI and age are both over 30, I have 2 kids, and no men who meet my standards (6 feet tall, rich, handsome, alpha, 400 other bullet points) have asked me out in the past week. Except that one tall banker, but he was creepy.
Retroactive Rape - I had amazing consensual sex last night but now I feel bad so it must have been rape (this one is too true).
Metaphysical Relativism Rape - Reality is created by our own individual perceptions. There may not be any objective evidence of it, but I believe I was raped so that makes it true for me.

So go ahead call yourself a feminist, and be a lowly mangina servant of these dumb old hags, the more you expose your stupidity, the more we will laugh at you....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Be aware of the surrounding realities, and maybe freedom can survive.

Redskins Star Was Wearing a Jesus-Themed T-Shirt Before His Press Conference — Notice Anything Different When He Actually Showed Up?

The lame stream media and that's all of them even here in Canada, are no longer the defender of freedoms, but the supporters of discrimination, pure and simple. Anyone believing what they report and follows their policy of "we tell you what to think", is nothing more than a sheepple...
As we read, the reason Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was told to reverse his shirt was that the nike logo was not present, that is a ball face lie, the real reason was because he was expressing his spiritual beliefs which are not those of the media...
Now tell me, where on his inside out t-shirt do you see a nike logo????

You want to be an atheist fine, but if they want their rights respected, they have to respect those who express opposing beliefs, otherwise, freedom is curtailed...and that is discrimination...
There is a concerted effort to get rid of spiritual beliefs, and that is scary...what's next?

The lame stream media has become nothing more than a propaganda tool, a la josef goebells, so be it, but their little game cannot survive, it has been tried before and the results has always been..catastrophic.
Freedom of expression is not for the chosen few but for all, otherwise their is no democracy, only dictatorial laws.
Griffin is also at fault here, he should have stood his ground for his beliefs, since he did not and probably protected his financial well being before his faith, then his true faith is....doubtful.

We have to be aware of our surroundings, what is been taken away, one little step at a time, freedom of expression is not for the chosen few, but for all. Since 9/11, the gift that keeps on giving, we have lost so many freedoms, bit by bit, that those who lived in the past would not recognize the country they fought for and left behind.
They can have a satanist ritual in Oklahoma, but ban the 10 commandments, because it infringes on people rights???
Something is wrong with this picture.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Was the Scottish vote for independence rigged?

Considering england's governments depends on the sottish oil and gas reserve to borrow money, I would say it is totally possible.
I say if the vote would have went for yes, they would have tried to find a way to prevent it one way or another.
In this video, it is clear that there was some fraud committed, question is, was it only one person, or was it rampant.
Police investigate claims of electoral fraud in Glasgow
Are you surprised..?! If so, then you still haven't understood how deep the root of corruption goes in the system currently enslaving all of us for oil.
It's time for the empire to fall.
Russia cries foul over Scottish independence vote
Russian observers say referendum count took place in rooms that were too big and did not meet international standards. Afshin Rattansi, the presenter of RT's Going Underground show, said there were "international considerations", such as the UK's nuclear deterrent, which had affected the outcome. He said: "With the vote as close as this, with the mainstream media on one side, with a massive amount of people from Westminster running up to beg Scotland the other way, and certain recounts in certain bits of the poll, which way did the vote go, really?"
He added: "It is normally the sort of turnout you would expect in North Korea.

Also, england's government will do anything to keep their flag, we seen this in their occupation of parts of Ireland. They other thing is their senseless addiction to that German family as their head of state, for the united kingdom. To keep that representation of dictatorship(and that is exactly what kings and queens are) with the power of life and death over people makes no sense in today's world.
That family has to be related to each other in order to be called royals, married and have heirs. Even will and kate are distant cousins...
This is frigging strange in today's realities, yet some people still bows to these people.
Let's not forget what royals represent, totalitarianism, dictatorial powers, murder, greed, war lords, if a peasant didn't have enough money to pay these people's greedy taxes they were kicked off the land and starved, including women and children...so on.
What about the war crimes, crimes against humanity, what these people did against the native people of turtle island, blankets from hospitals, scalping for bounties in new england first started by cornwallis which included women and children (this is where scalping began by the way, not by native people), land grab, annihilation of nations, all for king and country?
There is  no way, england would have allowed Scotland to separate. Like I said, they would have found a way to prevent it.
The other thing that is suspicious is the time it took to get the results, even the media was surprised on how long it took. Any results of election in england, just like Canada is usually instant.
Oil these days can make governments do many crazy things, like...unending wars, this is no different.

As for the promise made to the Scots if they stay....that's already been retracted...and will most probably fall apart before the next general election.
The Labour leader of the UK official opposition, Ed Miliband, has signalled he will not sign up to Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to give more powers to the devolved Scottish Parliament following a historic vote on Scottish independence.
Surprise surprise....

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank you for your continuing support.

I thought maybe if we went away for a while our numbers would go down, but no, on our first few hours, the numbers stayed the same, even increasing...
Thank you for sticking with us, and obviously what we post is important and reasonable, otherwise such numbers would not appear.
We do not claim to be overly popular, only that what we say is important to many, especially in Lanark county Ontario.

It shows, honestly, traditional family values, anti feminism is the main stream thinking and the idea we want "their" way of life is not exactly reality.
They live a life of make believe and as we can see throughout the world, rationalism is in dire need.
What we and other mrm, frm sites expose is, corruption inside our system at the expense of our kids and our family, in no way, will the state and it`s corrupt social organisation ever take over parental right away from us, we are the majority and we better do something about it otherwise our way of life will fall into the ashes of history. Without a strong family with traditional values, nations cannot survive.
We have also come to a conclusion that feminists and their manginas suffer from one hell of an inferiority complex against men, some bordering on hate, this is pretty obvious, therefore, debating them is a lost of time. 
One cannot debate stupidity and irrationalism, we can only point to their idiocy and hate.

If we are to survive as a species, we better learn to live with each other, understand our differences compliments each other, and gives the next generation a chance to live in peace...
What is going on in the world right now, wars and the talk of wars, diseases, hunger, perpetrated by the greedy is a direct result of the divisions inside our society created by those who thrive on it, when we are at each others throat inside our own circle, it is easy to turn that way of thinking towards anyone and everyone.
In other words; what we do to ourselves, we eventually find it easy to do to others...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paedophilia is not gender specific. Female paedophiles.

As we can see, paedophilia is not performed by one gender. To give a pass to female paedoes, or to treat it as a minor or unimportant problem invites an excuse for those who do this unforgivable act. Paedoes do not have a rational way of thinking, obviously, so when we excuse one group we invite the other to find a rational to do it...It goes something like this "If they can do it so can we".
When female paedoes go after male children, it is never perceived by the victim as "NICE",
It is a crime against children by an adult.

Mom Accused Of Having Sex Nightly With Teen Son

Pervert Babysitter Arrested After MAKING 3 KIDS PERFORM ORAL SEX ON EACH OTHER

Cops say Mom killed baby to hide dad's age

Female deputy jail guard; Child Pornographer and torture

Female Child Molester, Punched By 5-Year-Old Boy's Angry Mom, Sentenced To 16 Months In Jail 

Female Paedophile Freed


Female Bus Driver Gets Blackmailed On Facebook AFTER HAVING SEX WITH 2 TEENS

Woman claims Pregnant by 13 year old boy but dna shows "you are not the father".

Female Teacher Sex Offenders are Becoming Rampant in Public Schools
"Were seeing a greater number of female perpetrator than ever before, mainly in schools,,,it's almost an epidemic".

Sex with teacher: Mature woman, Elaine McKay, 58, sends nude selfies and sleeps with student, 15

Female teacher screws 'special needs' student, suspended for sex with 14-year old boy 

Female teacher sentenced to only three days jail for raping two boys

Naughty teacher: Utah high school teacher will stand trial for rape.

Introduction to the Female Paedophile

Feminists as we know them today are old hags with an inferiority complex against men, that's been proven and the subject is closed. Their man-hate is causing more and more difficulties in identifying bad people because they only concentrate on their dislike of men, resulting in unreal look at the woes of our society.
The problem these low life actually do with their man-hate is causing more difficulties in identifying the root cause of this sick perversion some individuals have. If we do not come to terms that paedophilia is not gender specific but a problem that encompasses both gender then this will never go away.
Any time they refuse to look at this with reality, other victims fall between the cracks and the issue is not addressed in its full form.
We will never get rid of this type of disgusting behaviour towards kids unless they accept, females are as capable of causing harm to children just as much as the male kind.
This is not men and women as a whole who do this, this is on the shoulders of evil "individuals" and as long as the feminists keep on demonizing only one group, namely males, then they are as responsible for the continuation of this problem as the paedophiles themselves.

Will we ever rid ourselves of the disgusting behaviour towards children? As long as we have those who try to defend it instead of condemning it....This perverse behaviour will be with us for the foreseeable future.
Paedophilia must be recognized for what it is, a crime against humanity, for humanity cannot survive without a healthy crop of a healthy future generation.
What we do today and how we do it echoes into the future.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer is over...we are back...and opinions on change of name.

Since we have become world wide; amongst our cherished regulars, we want your opinions on a name change.
Our name, The Native Canadians reflects only one part of Turtle island, Canada. We are thinking of changing said name to The Native Chronicles.
We believe this would invite readers to have a better rapport to our way of life and since we do not believe in borders as a people, it would also reflect on all the nations of all Turtle island and Mother Earth...and her 4 sacred colours.
What do you think?