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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More corruption in the social programs, giving themselves checques???

There is no way of determining if all the money meant to be spent on children in child protection services was actually spent on them, an audit has found.
The findings were part of Auditor General Jane MacAdam’s annual report, tabled in the legislature Wednesday. She found internal accounting controls to be inadequate.

MacAdam performed the audit at the request of the government. Normally, the auditor general chooses what areas she will investigate.

“We did note there were some unusual payments that were made,” MacAdam told the media lockup Wednesday.

The province has about 250 children in care, and spends about $3 million in direct care for them. The Department of Community Services requested the audit because it had noted a large number of cheques issued to staff in the Summerside office.

These are people who try to tell us how to behave with our families?

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