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Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Avoid a False Rape Case.

Reposted for your safety from DANGER AND PLAY

Although you often read of the dangers women face from “date rape,” in truth, men are just as likely to be falsely accused of rape as women are to be actually raped. Date rape is the easiest accusation for a woman to make and the hardest one for a man to defend against, as the Tinder rape case shows.
Not even the most feminist criminal defense lawyer will deny what I’m about to tell you:
Fifty-percent of date rape cases are outright false.
There is also extensive data corroborating what every criminal defense lawyer already knows, and thus men must take proactive steps to avoid catching a case.
Film it. Four Hofstra college students were accused of gang-raping a fellow student. They were thrown into jail, and held without bail. Had they gone to trial, they’d have been convicted.
Yet the men were released from prison, after one of the defendant’s lawyers produced a cell phone video of the encounter, proving it was consensual.
Even lawyers need to beware of false rape accusations. A San Francisco lawyer was charged with raping three women, and held effectively without bond. Luckily he had videotaped sexual encounters with two of the women, and most charges were dismissed against him.
Unfortunately, he did not videotape his sexual encounter with the third accuser, and thus still faces trial.
Some will ask about the legality of secretly recording sexual encounters. Cap We Tape provides an excellent overview of the legal landscape. One must highlight that lawyer in California illegally recorded his sexual encounters. Breaking the law saved his life.

Get confirmatory texts. It may go against a “PUA’s” advice to do this, but I am worried about keeping you out of prison.
After banging a girl for the first time, send her a text message, telling her how much fun you had with her. After all, a rapist wouldn’t send an e-mail the next day, as he’d be afraid of the law, or ashamed of his actions. By sending a text, you are showing that you’re neither afraid nor ashamed of what happened the night before.

Sometimes you should take the girl out to breakfast. If you’re seen in public the morning after, she’s going to have a horrible time having you prosecuted for rape.

Have her put on the condom. This will ensure that her fingerprints are on the condom, which is evidence of consent. Unless you can’t save your condoms in a glass slide, ala Dexter, this is only short-term protection. Even if you’ve thrown the condom away, you can scare the shit out of her by claiming you still have it.

If she mentions “buyer’s remorse,” take her out for dinner, and do not bang her. Imagine a girl calls you, telling you she feels “weird” about what happened. Beware. This girl could have Borderline Personality Disorder, and she may be prepared to accuse you of rape.
Take her out in public. Show her a nice time. Have her smiling. Then go home – alone.

Never “be nice” if she expresses buyer’s remorse. If a chick calls you the next day, keep in mind she may be recording the conversation, or the police may be monitoring it.
Most Special Victim’s Unit prosecutors and investigators will use this ploy on you:
Girl calls the next day, telling you that what happened last night was “wrong.” She’ll demand an apology. You apologize. This apology is used as proof you raped her, even if she never directly claims you raped her.
She may instead say she felt “rushed” or “pressured.” These are red flags. Do not apologize. Instead, say,
Well, we’re both adults. It’s sad we live in such a Puritanical society that hates sex. Last night was a great time, though, and I can’t wait to see you again.
If the police call, don’t answer. Did you know that the police can lie to you? Did you know that the police will lie about what you tell them? Police will claim that you confessed to rape, even when you denied it to them.

NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE (without your lawyer present).

It’s a dangerous world out there, guys. You should be just as vigilant in avoiding false rape accusations as you are in getting laid.
Protect yourself at all times, and you should avoid a false rape case.

It is sad we have come to this point, but until the nature of things comes back to normal, and ol cat loving feminists and their manginas with inferiority complexes are in the graveyard of history.....there are certain precautions one must take.
As for the nature of things, men love women and vice versa that is the majority of us all, feminism and their manginas are a small minority with a big mouth, never forget that, not all women are false rape accusers, most of they are sweet pieces of art that deserve to be treated with class....
But...The times dictate that one must be careful so....
Today's sweet piece of art might be tomorrow's nightmare...
Believe me I know, had one of those meeself.
Recording devices can be a Godsend.

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