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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall of the western world....High level gathering places accused of child abuse...Destructive policies...All point to a coming pain.

Groucho Club and Child Sexual Abuse
Posted on July 29, 2014 by Cathy Fox see all links below...
Also, original post found on and credit to CESS SSEC

The Groucho Club is a private members club, set up in 1985 whose members are mainly drawn from publishing, media, entertainment and arts industries.

In 2010 the Groucho Clubs web forum was found to have hundreds of web pages and links dedicated to gross and indecent material of young children. This was reported to Metropolitan Police and CEOP but nothing appeared to be done. Googles cache pages of the evidence also kept being removed.

There is the suggestion that various members used to snort cocaine and that the extra surveillance cameras, initially vehemently denied by the Groucho Club, but proved to be present after a failed libel case by the Groucho Club, could be used to blackmail members. If this was the case, the cctv could also be used to collect evidence other indiscretions. This evidence, in the wrong hands, could be used for blackmail purposes.


The more I get involve in searching to promote family rights, the more I am appalled at what I find. How many times have we heard a break up a paedophile ring lately, involving high level people.

The arrests were the result of a three-year investigation, code named Operation Rescue, which has so far identified 670 suspects in more than 30 countries, including police officers, teachers and scout leaders.

The comparison between western society and the rest of the world, ("we are better than them" ) doesn't seem to be honest to me. I'm not saying they are better, but neither are we, as we can see above. 

The increase in paedophile cases involving high level people points to the fact that our society shows a deep rooted corruption and sickness that will eventually bring us down....either that or when they realise our society can't be fixed, they will find themselves a nice war somewhere to take our minds off it.

In order to dictate how our way of life is better than theirs, we should first look at ourselves; our families are falling apart, our kids are raised by strangers in state sponsored day cares, Immoral lifestyle, men(some behaving like manginas) and women(some calling themselves sluts and expecting respect in return) no longer know their true place in life, politicians listen to a small minority of people who suffer from an inferiority complex as if they speak for all(aka;feminists and manginas), we war against countries we know have no possible way of defending themselves(that use to be called cowardice), then pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, corrupt politicians(most of them rich to begin with) give themselves pay checks and raises and take what is not theirs(senate), (as a worker, when was the last time you could write your own pay check and give yourself a raise?), but worse of all, our kids seem to be the main target of these people, whether in schools(Squeal on your parents, if they even try once to discipline you, and tell us because we know better), or social programs, (Your parents are bad, here is a welfare check, don't have to work, want more money, have more kids).
More and more we see countries walking away from the western way of life, can we blame them?

The media, no longer report the news, they are now a mouthpiece for governments policies,(cnn, msnbc, cbc, on and on) they only pass on the talking points given to them by the elite.
And sheoples just bow their heads and accept what they are told; Hello! the news media said so, so it must be true.
Democratically elected governments in Ukraine and Egypt should be good, we should support the democratic process, if they are bad governments, vote them out? But no, the people did not elect those "we wanted" so lets have a coup....
Take a look at Libya and Iraq lately, supposedly our best work in bringing democracy?
And they wonder why our enemies are at our door?

We don't need to be invaded by a foreign force to see the destruction of the way of life our Elders passed down to us, I mean shit....we are doing it to ourselves, by simply worrying about how much we can get, forgetting our neighbours, our community, our families.

We even have some saying paedophilia is really not that bad and should be treated differently than the way we now do, some are even calling for it to be LEGALIZED, or calling it intergenerational intimacy...
FUCK!!! (pardon my French)

Children are our future, we as adults are here not for ourselves only, but to care for the next generation, the family is the strength of a nation, you can judge it's health by it, if the traditional family falls, so does the nation.
If we go against the natural way of things, nature will hit back, if we can't live life the way it is meant to be...
WE WILL BE REPLACE at the top of the food chain. It has happened before.

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