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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Compassion...or the lack there of, at women's shelter. An exposer.

Wise man once said;
"I don’t know how to save the world. 
I don’t have the answers or The Answer. 
I hold no secret knowledge as to how to fix 
the mistakes of generations past and present. 
I only know that without compassion 
and respect for all of Earth’s inhabitants, 
none of us will survive – 
nor will we deserve to”

Compassion for one another prevent wars, death, starvation, lack of freedoms, false imprisonment, on and on and on, but the human race seems to be on an opposite path lately. We are right, they are wrong, seems to be the extent of any argument, trust us, no need to know the details, is a policy for the fool.
And fools there are many, they can be made to believe anything, and those who have no compassion other than for personal gain or their new god aka; money, have enough followers to cause a disturbance in the circle of life. 
I have personally experienced corruption, this has been reinforced lately when I interviewed someone about her time at the local women's shelter. More and more, it points to massive corruption, hatred of man, revenge based policies, using the system to destroy any dissent, even at the expense of real victims of crime.
And that's what's so dangerous about all this, when they are adamant about going after anyone they wish, anyone who does not follow the order of things they've established.

I was totally amazed on what a source revealed about a woman's shelter, I always hoped it wasn't as hateful as it looked, but it is, hate, greed, manipulation of victims. 
There is no compassion from those who should have some, none what so ever, the dislike of anything man, of pregnancy, of traditional relationships, the power of money, the treatment of those who go to them for help depends on the way the victim follows the rules set by them, otherwise if they don't, they are treated like dirt, further victimizing the victim.

This person opened up because she was disgusted by what she saw, heard and the way she was treated, I did not pushed her to divulge anything, people need to open up and when they do, it is more important to be there, to listen, than to think about ones own problems. 
This person I talked to was a "real victim" not someone who invented false accusations in order to get money, or be put on the top of the list for housing. The way she was treated is disturbing, it was more important to do what she was told than to be listened to. 

From what I was told, the guiding principle of this shelter is; "do what we say and you get treated good, go against it and you will be treated like dirt." Where the hell is the compassion????  When I was listening, I was so appalled at what I was hearing and what they did, that it became more about that person, than about what they did and said about me.
To actually give those condition to "real victims" shows the heartless guidelines the staff of these shelters really have and their claim of, "they are the experts", goes to wonder what their expertise really is.
This type of corruption goes further than a simple shelter staffed with self serving "experts", we have to look at who supports them, who represents them and who knows of all this, yet, still say nothing, in order to protect their access to payments from legal aid. (For example; the local feminist lawyer)

As for the person I interviewed, you can understand why I cannot give too much detail, on the account that they would be able to identify her. I am not here to make victims lives more difficult(unlike them) but to exposed the so called experts as to their corrupt attitude towards the ones who go to them for help.

What she did notice from the start is the rampant man hate she experienced with the staff, she told me that was the one thing that was...obvious.

Here is some of the things we talked about....
-In this shelter there is posters on the wall, one says, "it is better to be loved by a woman than a man" or something to that effect. (how would I know about this poster unless someone who was inside told me?)
Now they want to promote this, fine, but I doubt, a shelter where someone is looking for help and comfort is the place to do it. They are confused enough as it is, than to see and read something that further throws them off balance. Not only that but this alone shows how far they will go to rationalise their dislike of men, "using victims" to promote a lifestyle that most who enter this place probably never even thought of, let alone agree with".

--Any time someone goes to this place, whether the claim of abuse is true...or not, they open a file on the men who the client mentions, his name, where he lives, who he is,...(boy oh boy they must have a big one on me...lol). This filing system on men, and remember, there is a lot of false accusations coming from shelters, will describe you as whatever is said about you, even if it is just a moment of anger and we know some can say the worse during this time. Under the freedom of information act, shouldn't we have the right to see what is said? Oh the frigging law suites that would occur once these files would be open.......
I do believe this gives us the same right to have a file or web page on THEM, to name them, expose those who have an anti male agenda, anti father, false accusers, this also justifies the existence of register-her, name and shame so on..
There are plenty of others who have experienced these types of policies, one only has to research and many will pop up.
So let's get one thing straight, your a man, to a woman's shelter staff, your the enemy, NEVER forget that, this way you will be better able to handle things accordingly. Especially if your kids are involved.
And remember, a calm and logical way of handling such a situation you have been given will defeat anger, hate, vendettas, every time.

--There is a preferential treatment for the residents, if one decides not to follow up on charges against a man, they are treated like crap, those who do charge a man are treated with kid gloves. (Doesn't this alone opens the door to false accusations, if they want to be treated better they must charge someone?)

--A young lady went there, she was pregnant and was told to get abortion, she mentioned to the person I interviewed that they told her; "you don't want a man's kid in you".

--Here is the interesting part;
The staff tells the resident they "cannot" help them to collect money from victims compensation if the man has not been charged or in jail....??? That is really strange....
(Due to a publication ban I cannot give much details about this bullshit (for now), but this is not true, they have been known, with the help of the local legal clinic to go after men even if they have not been charged or to court, this is a waste of time, money and resource for misplaced "vendettas", not to mention, the accuser gets free representation from the local legal clinic while the man has to pay for his own lawyer, if he decides to defend himself.
Be aware; If one is on their "black list", especially a man, they will use anything at their disposal to get revenge.

Sounds like they pick and chose who they want to help, if you're co-operative and follow "their rules" your in tight, if not, the hell with you????
And they call themselves...the experts???? Experts do not pick and chose, experts would understand the difficulties a victim is going through and would do anything to make them feel comfortable first, experts would not push residents into doing things they are not ready for, experts would not try to demonize all men for the act of a few individuals, experts would not make women who go there to find their strength and place in life into permanent victims and look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

We said it before and so has others, these places are used as a personal home base of radical feminism for man hate, anti family, anti father, anti children's rights to have access to both parents , even anti woman if they do not do what they are told..... Such policies adopted by staff member of this type of shelters is nothing more than corruption, for when they lower themselves to dictate and use victims for ones own benefit or to impose an agenda...their "so called expertise" as they claim goes out the door and serves no one, especially a community.
So, why should anyone support such things?
Hopefully more to come....I do know this, as for compassion, this place has none.
The more we look into this the more we shake our heads and say; "What the f*ck is going on", it's not hard to see there is a problem, abuse, but then again, this is what happens when we let radicals into such places, and those who suffer in the long run?.... The true victim, kids, fathers, families....
And they have the gull to call themselves...experts.


Dad in Almonte said...

Excellent.Good post.Passionate. Exposing the truth will help fix all this. I feel bad for your source the way she was treated but not surprised after the way they treated me and my children.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than using victims for personal use,or as a toy.the idea that they can do anything they want to anyone is nothing new,a friend went though this herself in toronto .If a woman wants her independence back this is not the place to go to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Bonny said...

If this is true, the staffs are definitely not experts, they do more damages than good. If someone doesn't want to charge the man who hurt her, maybe she doesn't want to go through the process and wants to move on, she should not be treated badly just because of that choice, we might not like it but her choice must be respected, just like one who does go through with it, experts would understand that. Too chose who too help or who to ignore shows a lack of experience and like you said a lack of compassion.

Allison said...

@Bonny, all this is true,someone I know said the same thing,word for word.

Anonymous said...

Seems feminists only supports a woman's choice when they choose feminism. When they decide to be themselves, they are treated like shit.

BlackWolf said...

"If this is true"...Be advise, we do not post anything without proof or witness accounts. Just so everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

(boy oh boy they must have a big one on me) lol i have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Well, everyone's experiences are different. This is just one person's experience and not indicative of life in shelters for the great majority of women and children.

BlackWolf said...

Sorry this is not one persons experience, many other parallels what we posted. From what we have researched, this is a pattern in most shelters, not all, but a lot of them, definitely the policy of the one we have exposed...used as a personal toy by radical feminism at the expedience of those who go to them for help.
We are not against the shelter system only it`s staff`s behaviour, especially their hatred of men, husband, fathers.

Anonymous said...

to the one thats defending shelters behaviour, why dont you do something to make it better.

Anonymous said...

Since I have been involved in the shelter system,I can assure the comment above that yes, this is indicative of life in shelters,preferential treatment,dictatorial rules towards the residents,anti male rhetoric bordering on hate,the list goes on.Sounds to me like your from this shelter and trying to defend it's policies,why?

Nikyon the clan mother said...

What is disturbing is, the anonymous comment pushes aside the experiences of this woman who went to this shelter as unimportant because it's just one persons experience.Statistics always show,where there is one there are others, and even if it's just one,the comment basically admits she is not important?
Way to show the true value of women's shelter staff.
The person who goes there for help is unimportant, neither are her kids because she is one.
They obviously forgot they are there for that one person,that one woman and her children,to help them one at a time,not as a group for money.I agree with the comment above,this sounds like someone who works there.

Allison said...

I agree with Nikyon,its disgusting that the experiences of this woman seems to be unimportant to this person,but then again,not surprising,women dont matter to them, only money and power.

Karen said...

Thats feminism for ya.