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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Be back soon

Taking a break, Vacation, ridding the bike, enjoying a little R & R...
Read the last post, this is why we exist. 
For the true victims of hateful behaviour; 
Families, husbands and wives, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, men, women and children.
Don't worry my cat loving, family man and woman hating feminists and manginas of Lanark county.
Be back soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Compassion...or the lack there of, at women's shelter. An exposer.

Wise man once said;
"I don’t know how to save the world. 
I don’t have the answers or The Answer. 
I hold no secret knowledge as to how to fix 
the mistakes of generations past and present. 
I only know that without compassion 
and respect for all of Earth’s inhabitants, 
none of us will survive – 
nor will we deserve to”

Compassion for one another prevent wars, death, starvation, lack of freedoms, false imprisonment, on and on and on, but the human race seems to be on an opposite path lately. We are right, they are wrong, seems to be the extent of any argument, trust us, no need to know the details, is a policy for the fool.
And fools there are many, they can be made to believe anything, and those who have no compassion other than for personal gain or their new god aka; money, have enough followers to cause a disturbance in the circle of life. 
I have personally experienced corruption, this has been reinforced lately when I interviewed someone about her time at the local women's shelter. More and more, it points to massive corruption, hatred of man, revenge based policies, using the system to destroy any dissent, even at the expense of real victims of crime.
And that's what's so dangerous about all this, when they are adamant about going after anyone they wish, anyone who does not follow the order of things they've established.

I was totally amazed on what a source revealed about a woman's shelter, I always hoped it wasn't as hateful as it looked, but it is, hate, greed, manipulation of victims. 
There is no compassion from those who should have some, none what so ever, the dislike of anything man, of pregnancy, of traditional relationships, the power of money, the treatment of those who go to them for help depends on the way the victim follows the rules set by them, otherwise if they don't, they are treated like dirt, further victimizing the victim.

This person opened up because she was disgusted by what she saw, heard and the way she was treated, I did not pushed her to divulge anything, people need to open up and when they do, it is more important to be there, to listen, than to think about ones own problems. 
This person I talked to was a "real victim" not someone who invented false accusations in order to get money, or be put on the top of the list for housing. The way she was treated is disturbing, it was more important to do what she was told than to be listened to. 

From what I was told, the guiding principle of this shelter is; "do what we say and you get treated good, go against it and you will be treated like dirt." Where the hell is the compassion????  When I was listening, I was so appalled at what I was hearing and what they did, that it became more about that person, than about what they did and said about me.
To actually give those condition to "real victims" shows the heartless guidelines the staff of these shelters really have and their claim of, "they are the experts", goes to wonder what their expertise really is.
This type of corruption goes further than a simple shelter staffed with self serving "experts", we have to look at who supports them, who represents them and who knows of all this, yet, still say nothing, in order to protect their access to payments from legal aid. (For example; the local feminist lawyer)

As for the person I interviewed, you can understand why I cannot give too much detail, on the account that they would be able to identify her. I am not here to make victims lives more difficult(unlike them) but to exposed the so called experts as to their corrupt attitude towards the ones who go to them for help.

What she did notice from the start is the rampant man hate she experienced with the staff, she told me that was the one thing that was...obvious.

Here is some of the things we talked about....
-In this shelter there is posters on the wall, one says, "it is better to be loved by a woman than a man" or something to that effect. (how would I know about this poster unless someone who was inside told me?)
Now they want to promote this, fine, but I doubt, a shelter where someone is looking for help and comfort is the place to do it. They are confused enough as it is, than to see and read something that further throws them off balance. Not only that but this alone shows how far they will go to rationalise their dislike of men, "using victims" to promote a lifestyle that most who enter this place probably never even thought of, let alone agree with".

--Any time someone goes to this place, whether the claim of abuse is true...or not, they open a file on the men who the client mentions, his name, where he lives, who he is,...(boy oh boy they must have a big one on me...lol). This filing system on men, and remember, there is a lot of false accusations coming from shelters, will describe you as whatever is said about you, even if it is just a moment of anger and we know some can say the worse during this time. Under the freedom of information act, shouldn't we have the right to see what is said? Oh the frigging law suites that would occur once these files would be open.......
I do believe this gives us the same right to have a file or web page on THEM, to name them, expose those who have an anti male agenda, anti father, false accusers, this also justifies the existence of register-her, name and shame so on..
There are plenty of others who have experienced these types of policies, one only has to research and many will pop up.
So let's get one thing straight, your a man, to a woman's shelter staff, your the enemy, NEVER forget that, this way you will be better able to handle things accordingly. Especially if your kids are involved.
And remember, a calm and logical way of handling such a situation you have been given will defeat anger, hate, vendettas, every time.

--There is a preferential treatment for the residents, if one decides not to follow up on charges against a man, they are treated like crap, those who do charge a man are treated with kid gloves. (Doesn't this alone opens the door to false accusations, if they want to be treated better they must charge someone?)

--A young lady went there, she was pregnant and was told to get abortion, she mentioned to the person I interviewed that they told her; "you don't want a man's kid in you".

--Here is the interesting part;
The staff tells the resident they "cannot" help them to collect money from victims compensation if the man has not been charged or in jail....??? That is really strange....
(Due to a publication ban I cannot give much details about this bullshit (for now), but this is not true, they have been known, with the help of the local legal clinic to go after men even if they have not been charged or to court, this is a waste of time, money and resource for misplaced "vendettas", not to mention, the accuser gets free representation from the local legal clinic while the man has to pay for his own lawyer, if he decides to defend himself.
Be aware; If one is on their "black list", especially a man, they will use anything at their disposal to get revenge.

Sounds like they pick and chose who they want to help, if you're co-operative and follow "their rules" your in tight, if not, the hell with you????
And they call themselves...the experts???? Experts do not pick and chose, experts would understand the difficulties a victim is going through and would do anything to make them feel comfortable first, experts would not push residents into doing things they are not ready for, experts would not try to demonize all men for the act of a few individuals, experts would not make women who go there to find their strength and place in life into permanent victims and look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

We said it before and so has others, these places are used as a personal home base of radical feminism for man hate, anti family, anti father, anti children's rights to have access to both parents , even anti woman if they do not do what they are told..... Such policies adopted by staff member of this type of shelters is nothing more than corruption, for when they lower themselves to dictate and use victims for ones own benefit or to impose an agenda...their "so called expertise" as they claim goes out the door and serves no one, especially a community.
So, why should anyone support such things?
Hopefully more to come....I do know this, as for compassion, this place has none.
The more we look into this the more we shake our heads and say; "What the f*ck is going on", it's not hard to see there is a problem, abuse, but then again, this is what happens when we let radicals into such places, and those who suffer in the long run?.... The true victim, kids, fathers, families....
And they have the gull to call themselves...experts.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fall of western society...Oral sex, bondage, orgasms, vibrators, sex ed and immorality in schools.

Every one is allowed to have their own opinion in a free society, their own way of looking at things, but we always had an understanding, that been, we will not impose our views on others, we must let people make up their own minds...Let them raise their kids, the way they see fit, protect the family against outside intervention and especially interference...
This worked pretty good in the day, less teen pregnancy therefore less abortions, less teen suicides, less crime, less drug and alcohol use, and kids where told to work for what they wanted....In other words, kids where thought to be self reliant, and to believe in themselves, BY THEIR PARENTS and the role families played with responsible behaviour.

Now, here comes the new age....
Those who want to change life, or nature itself, tell us we had it all wrong. It started in the late 60's and 70', many who called themselves hippies or otherwise, wanted a socialist utopia, some even promoted openly, communism. Ironically these same communist countries who existed at the time would have imprisoned these people as subversive, even have them shot...

Is there is a secret communist organisation in the dark shadows trying to control our lives? Who knows....
That said, the ideology of the 60's and 70's on the other hand is there, some who grew up in those days are now in a position of power and have brought this way of thinking with them. Somehow the communist ideal was imprinted on them as been normal, even teaching it in schools, reducing parental rights, and demonizing anyone who opposed it. These "people" embraced immorality as a right, forgetting that one must find a balance, respect others opinions, this is what keeps a nation strong.

Now we have oral sex, bondage, orgasms, vibrators, been thought in schools, amongst other things. If you dare to oppose it as a parent, your told your either behind the times or out of touch...they will even try to vilify you for it, with the help of the media.
They will point to the few bad individuals or bad parents and tag all of us as been like them to promote their twisted views, this is how they take control of family rights in order to dictate their rules to us.
They try their best to tell us we do not matter in the grand scheme of thing, that the hive personality is more important.

Their stupidity in not understanding the child mind doesn't stop there; total control of thought and action is their goal.
“They told me my son brought a weapon to school and they asked me if I was aware, I asked them what it was and they said it was a plastic Nerf gun.
You just have to shake your head on that one.

MMM! The hive mind....Where does that way of thinking come from, I wonder?

Too many Americans are serving up our children to the 'Slippery Slope' initiated by the:
- Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism, and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers associations. Put the party line in text books.

-Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography, and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV.

-Present degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

-Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

-Do away with all loyalty oaths-

Discredit the FAMILY as an institution.
Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce

It's not that there is a communistic grand plan for the take over of the world, this has failed in many ways, we even see China going towards capitalism in order to protect what is left of their failing ideology. It's that this failed ideology is used to promote failure and still is in university and now in schools even as far down as kindergarten. These lost ideologue were and are used as tools to promote individuals ideas of hate, resentment, inferiority complex, and in their idiotic way of thinking, since they cannot persevere on their own, they push their failure onto others to protect their inadequacies. 

The main entity in their way is...the traditional family, this is where kids learn; spirituality, morality, hard work, self respect, so on, no one can tell me they will learn this in schools, on the contrary, they learn the opposite. Sex, welfare, state dependency, drugs, on and on....

The point is, you put weak people with inferiority complex in a position of power, and they will pass on that complex to others. If we say nothing when we notice this, then who do we blame, after all it is up to us to make sure those who are a danger to the circle of life and it's natural laws do not infect the rest of the circle, for if they do...
We all fall...

Immorality is a disease of the sub concious mind, this is where as adults we are supposed to have the ability to differentiate between what is good or bad, wrong or right. Some of us still have the morality to understand there are limits and balances, but others have totally given in to the idea that right or wrong no longer is important, what is to them is imposing their will, their ideas and their failures on the rest of us....
At the expense of our kids, our families, our parental rights, and our future.
And schools are their primary targets.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall of the western world....High level gathering places accused of child abuse...Destructive policies...All point to a coming pain.

Groucho Club and Child Sexual Abuse
Posted on July 29, 2014 by Cathy Fox see all links below...
Also, original post found on and credit to CESS SSEC

The Groucho Club is a private members club, set up in 1985 whose members are mainly drawn from publishing, media, entertainment and arts industries.

In 2010 the Groucho Clubs web forum was found to have hundreds of web pages and links dedicated to gross and indecent material of young children. This was reported to Metropolitan Police and CEOP but nothing appeared to be done. Googles cache pages of the evidence also kept being removed.

There is the suggestion that various members used to snort cocaine and that the extra surveillance cameras, initially vehemently denied by the Groucho Club, but proved to be present after a failed libel case by the Groucho Club, could be used to blackmail members. If this was the case, the cctv could also be used to collect evidence other indiscretions. This evidence, in the wrong hands, could be used for blackmail purposes.


The more I get involve in searching to promote family rights, the more I am appalled at what I find. How many times have we heard a break up a paedophile ring lately, involving high level people.

The arrests were the result of a three-year investigation, code named Operation Rescue, which has so far identified 670 suspects in more than 30 countries, including police officers, teachers and scout leaders.

The comparison between western society and the rest of the world, ("we are better than them" ) doesn't seem to be honest to me. I'm not saying they are better, but neither are we, as we can see above. 

The increase in paedophile cases involving high level people points to the fact that our society shows a deep rooted corruption and sickness that will eventually bring us down....either that or when they realise our society can't be fixed, they will find themselves a nice war somewhere to take our minds off it.

In order to dictate how our way of life is better than theirs, we should first look at ourselves; our families are falling apart, our kids are raised by strangers in state sponsored day cares, Immoral lifestyle, men(some behaving like manginas) and women(some calling themselves sluts and expecting respect in return) no longer know their true place in life, politicians listen to a small minority of people who suffer from an inferiority complex as if they speak for all(aka;feminists and manginas), we war against countries we know have no possible way of defending themselves(that use to be called cowardice), then pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, corrupt politicians(most of them rich to begin with) give themselves pay checks and raises and take what is not theirs(senate), (as a worker, when was the last time you could write your own pay check and give yourself a raise?), but worse of all, our kids seem to be the main target of these people, whether in schools(Squeal on your parents, if they even try once to discipline you, and tell us because we know better), or social programs, (Your parents are bad, here is a welfare check, don't have to work, want more money, have more kids).
More and more we see countries walking away from the western way of life, can we blame them?

The media, no longer report the news, they are now a mouthpiece for governments policies,(cnn, msnbc, cbc, on and on) they only pass on the talking points given to them by the elite.
And sheoples just bow their heads and accept what they are told; Hello! the news media said so, so it must be true.
Democratically elected governments in Ukraine and Egypt should be good, we should support the democratic process, if they are bad governments, vote them out? But no, the people did not elect those "we wanted" so lets have a coup....
Take a look at Libya and Iraq lately, supposedly our best work in bringing democracy?
And they wonder why our enemies are at our door?

We don't need to be invaded by a foreign force to see the destruction of the way of life our Elders passed down to us, I mean shit....we are doing it to ourselves, by simply worrying about how much we can get, forgetting our neighbours, our community, our families.

We even have some saying paedophilia is really not that bad and should be treated differently than the way we now do, some are even calling for it to be LEGALIZED, or calling it intergenerational intimacy...
FUCK!!! (pardon my French)

Children are our future, we as adults are here not for ourselves only, but to care for the next generation, the family is the strength of a nation, you can judge it's health by it, if the traditional family falls, so does the nation.
If we go against the natural way of things, nature will hit back, if we can't live life the way it is meant to be...
WE WILL BE REPLACE at the top of the food chain. It has happened before.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Exposing the truth...Another corrupt claim from our local women's shelter.

My source gave me another story about a false claim by some local young lady...
Women like her know the game, that been, false accusations.
This can get you what you want or out of trouble, because the "experts" at your local shelter do not weed out false claims....(see pic below)

She met a man, had a baby, eventually claims he assaulted her, they separate...had him charged.
This is where it gets interesting and obvious...this young lady, after making a report of assault against her man, whether it's true, I have my doubts, continues on seeing him, and eventually he buys her an engagement ring.(Wow, what a dangerous man, or stupid, who knows)
Slowly she goes back and forth to him while he is under a charge of assault? She eventually get warned by the police, if she is seen with him again after having him arrested "she will be charged!"...
So she comes up with a plan to prevent the police from charging her and mentioned she had fears someone might take her kid...since they now assume she made a false claim.
She boasts to one of her neighbours, she can go to the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, simply say "she fears for her life", (jezz this sounds familiar) and they will put her on the emergency list, eventually getting her a place in housing. Here's the funny part...she is already in housing. She claimed she can do this because the staff at this....shelter...will do anything for her. (Even if it's a false accusation?)

With "permanent victims" like her, this shelter can now claim her as a victim in next years funding, (even though she has been warned about her activity by the local constabulary). Also if she plays her cards right she could even go to the local legal clinic in Perth Ontario, and make a claim to victims compensation, and get funds meant for real victims, (Since she claims they will do anything for her)...
The thing is, this shelter and this legal clinic has done this in the past, false accusations, passed off for financial gain...I like this video, because she explains perfectly what it's all about, money and funding, for shelters and especially feminist lawyers. (it's about the money, it's always about the money)

This "I am afraid for my life" is not the first time I have heard the claim, also "he locked me up in a closet" and many others that seem to be the false accusations of choice which are promoted for financial reasons...
We have posted about the claims from the staff at the local shelter of over 2000 calls while the local police admitted to only receiving 60 calls of domestic violence for that same year.
The reason why their numbers is so high is because anyone who makes any claim of abuse is not investigated, hence inviting false accusations against men for custody of the kids, emergency help, housing, money and everything else in between...it's not about the victim, it's about the funding...they do not care if the story is true or not...
I'm confused? A safe haven for those who make false accusations???
It is not up to them to weed out those who make false claims of abuse,
If they don't, the funds meant for "real victims" goes to those who do not deserve it.
Telling the truth does not limit funding, it increases it through support.

In the meantime....
The real victims or Lanark county Ontario, lack the funds to get needed help, money is wasted, children are forgotten....they are told to be quiet, to co-operate with the hive and if they complain to much and make waves about other residents "talking to themselves" and "banging their head on the wall" in front of children, they will be sent to a different shelter, taking the kids out of their school and alienating them from their friends...(as told to me by a recent resident)

But the worse of all, these people who promote false accusations by not investigating to see if it is true or not, alienate kids from their father, cause a riff that lasts years, destroys families and then sit back on their fat asses, collecting undeserved salaries and pat each other on the back for a job well done....

In order for this social program to be viable, the current staff of shelters must be replaced; to use victims in such way is criminal, as for them claiming to be "the experts"....Experts do not use victims of domestic violence for financial gains, personal power and a broken anti male ideal that everyone has thrown into the trash...Shelters should be composed of men and women, to assure a victim, whether they be men or women, that we are all in this together, and that the act of an individual does not reflect on the nature of people in general...When we allow anti male rhetoric in a shelter, they make permanent victims of those who came to them for help, though this is not surprising since someone who suffers from permanent victim syndrome (PVS) will come back over and over again, assuring shelters of a constant funding...

The other thing I wanted to "say" is, this shelter, has native women working there, and for them to side with such corrupt ideals is against our tradition, to promote hatred against others goes against everything the Elders passed down to us, which is, we are all part of the circle of life, part of the web, and to demonize one group, namely men, destroys the value of the sacred laws. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

As for others who support these "people", whether they be in politics or businesses, this is what they say about you...

We are not saying shelter should be closed, there is a need for them, unfortunately, for males and females, but to run them as the private property of anti male radical feminist rhetoric is destructive to the reason for existence of said shelters, their primary mandate should not be for money or demonizing a certain group (namely males), but to help those in need, and if they do find themselves in a financial difficulty, then with honesty and recognition of their good work, I don't think any of us would refuse to help...In the meantime, if it continues to be nothing but a toy for a twisted ideal, hate, corruption and financial gains, then why should anyone support such disturbing policies?...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fall of western society...Burning babies to fuel a hospital...

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

This is so disgusting to anyone who respect life, there is no other words to describe it other than...evil.
It's not enough they're killing these kids at will, or offering euthanasia if your too sick or too old, dividing families, alienating children from fathers, passing immoral laws, on and on, now they are fulling their hospitals with the bodies of those they killed...

A nation depends on it's children for it's future..
It's Elder for it's wisdom...
It's families for it's strength...
And fathers willing to sacrifice all to keep them safe...

Such a nation that does not respect these simple laws of life is doomed to fail.

More corruption in the social programs, giving themselves checques???

There is no way of determining if all the money meant to be spent on children in child protection services was actually spent on them, an audit has found.
The findings were part of Auditor General Jane MacAdam’s annual report, tabled in the legislature Wednesday. She found internal accounting controls to be inadequate.

MacAdam performed the audit at the request of the government. Normally, the auditor general chooses what areas she will investigate.

“We did note there were some unusual payments that were made,” MacAdam told the media lockup Wednesday.

The province has about 250 children in care, and spends about $3 million in direct care for them. The Department of Community Services requested the audit because it had noted a large number of cheques issued to staff in the Summerside office.

These are people who try to tell us how to behave with our families?

Unknown fact about native rights...Ownership.

Natives deserve same property rights as all Canadians

The concept of fee-simple home ownership is so straightforward that most human beings — outside of North Korea and Cuba, at least — don’t even think of it as a “concept.” Yet it is the bedrock of our society’s wealth and economic stability.
Look up and down your street. Unless you live on a military base or in a government-run low-income housing development, the homes you see are owned by private citizens — in most cases, by the people living in them. Each one provides more than mere shelter. They provide a nest egg for retirement; and a source of mortgage credit for temporarily distressed families, or for small business owners seeking seed capital.
They also provide families with a bricks-and-mortar stake within a geographical community. This sense of ownership and belonging in turn leads to numerous sociological benefits. Academic studies show that, as compared with renters, homeowners move less frequently, have stronger social ties with their neighbours, participate more in elections, report higher life-satisfaction and self-esteem, experience less crime, collect less welfare, exhibit less teen pregnancy, and raise more stable, well-educated families.
If there is a community that cries out for all of these benefits, it is Canada’s native population, especially those living on poor, isolated reserves. Yet, perversely, these are the only communities in Canada where one is legally forbidden from owning a house and the land under it.
On reserves, land is owned by the Crown, which in turn permits First Nations to use it for their collective use. Houses typically are built and maintained by bands or bureaucrats — with no economic input from (or equity for) the occupants. It is an artificial, Soviet-style arrangement.
Whenever a crisis erupts in a remote community such as Kashechewan or Attawapiskat, visiting journalists and politicians invariably are shocked at the poor condition of the homes. But this isn’t because Ottawa is nickel-and-diming Canada’s native reserves. Rather, it’s a function of the perverse economic incentives facing the natives who live in those homes.
Consider, for instance, a typical (off-reserve) Canadian homeowner who wakes up to find a leak in his basement. The carpet, he notices, is beginning to soak through — and there’s a musty smell. Fixing the problem will cost thousands of dollars, but the homeowner nonetheless puts down his money, and fast: He knows that once mould sets in, his whole house can become toxic. If he waits too long, the basement may need to be gutted entirely. Even if he doesn’t use his basement as a living space, the homeowner has equity in the structure: He knows that investing in necessary maintenance will pay off when he sells the house. That’s why properties in communities that have high rates of home ownership typically are so tidy and well-kept: Each house-proud owner is simply responding to market incentives.
But now consider the very different incentives facing a reserve-resident family with a leaky basement: Even if the owner can find a qualified contractor in his community, why would he plunk down a nickel of his own money to pay for a house that he didn’t build, didn’t buy, and doesn’t own? He also knows that his reserve is essentially a welfare state, with the band council controlling all capital expenditure. If he just waits for his house to become uninhabitable, he’ll eventually get a new one.
Bigots often make much of the decrepit condition of many reserves, arguing that it speaks to some flaw in the collective Indian character. Nothing could be further from the truth: If white Canadians lived on reserves, and were subject to the same laws of collectivist property ownership, their homes would be every bit as decrepit. The economic incentives at play are entirely race-neutral. It’s our policies — which confine natives to an archipelago of communist bantustans — that are racist.
Fortunately, there are signs that the Harper government may be moving to fix Canada’s property-rights double standard. “We intend to move on our commitment to implement legislation to allow on-reserve property rights,” a government official told the Globe & Mail last week. “There is solid support from first nations for this and we’ll work with them.”
As Tasha Kheiriddin suggested in her Thursday National Post column, the timing for this might have much to do with pipeline politics. But no matter the motive: Good policy is good policy.
Indian chiefs — and their lobby group, the Assembly of First Nations —oppose such privatization. But then, why wouldn’t they? After all, the present system allows every chief to act as a property czar, with the power to dole out homes to some subjects, and take them back from others. They are like the nobles of the late Middle Ages, trying to preserve their feudal entitlements in the face of market capitalism.
The collectivist model for Canadian reserves is based on the noble-savage myth that natives — because of some mystical, inveterate attachment to the land — are somehow immune to the economic principles that govern the rest of humanity. That lie has done hideous damage to native communities all across Canada for generations, and it is time that it be put to rest. All Canadians — of whatever skin colour — should get the same property rights the rest of us have enjoyed for centuries.
Jonathan Kay |  |

Here is a concept; How can one discover a land, claim it as their own, if there are people already living on it...
Wouldn`t that give Natives the right to cross the Atlantic, land in Europe and claim it as our own...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Turning a child against a father with false accusation is...child abuse.

A manipulative mother who did all in her power to turn her eight-year-old daughter against her father – even falsely accusing him of being a paedophile – has herself been condemned as a child abuser by top judges.

And the mother, from the Solihull area, paid the ultimate penalty for her lies today when the Court of Appeal ruled that her little girl had rightly been taken from her by social services and placed in foster care.

Following the break-up of her relationship with the father, the mother had accused him of being a child molester. She had done everything she could to poison her daughter’s mind against her dad even though the youngster ‘delighted’ in the time she spent with him.

The mother tried to exclude the father from school events, said her daughter was frightened of him, informed others of her accusations against him and deliberately took every opportunity to put obstacles in the way of the father-daughter relationship.

Judge Martin Cardinal, sitting at Birmingham High Court, dismissed each and every one of her accusations last year, describing her as a ‘worryingly obsessed’ woman who had come to ‘believe her own propaganda’.

And he took the Draconian step of authorising Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to remove the little girl from the mother’s care. She is now in foster care awaiting a final decision to be made on her future.

The mother challenged the decision at the Court of Appeal, claiming she had been treated unfairly and never told that the removal of her daughter was even on the cards.

However, dismissing her appeal, Lord Justice Ryder said: “Given the prevalence of false allegations made by parents against each other... conduct at this level by a parent should be understood to be serious child abuse”.

Even if the mother was suffering from some kind of behavioural or psychological condition, she had proved herself ‘bent on manipulation’ and the false stories she had told her daughter about her father were ‘inexcusable and highly damaging to the child’.

He added: “The child had been encouraged by the mother to make allegations against her father despite the child’s own delight in seeing him, in the process of which she had obtained an unhealthy knowledge of sexual issues”.

The mother could have no complaint of unfairness and had been warned in clear terms that she was at risk of having her daughter taken from her if her accusations against the father turned out to be false.

Her success in turning her daughter against her father had sadly been so successful that an immediate move into his care had proved impossible, leaving an interim care order and a short-term foster placement as the only viable options.

Original post.

First, it's about time and we need more cases like this, be it known that most of the false accusations are usually directed against fathers by women's shelters, child protection, greedy lawyers, it is done without consideration for the kids for revenge, vendettas, easy child support, alimony, so on...

The idea of calling someone the anti christ, the devil, (which someone I know was), falsely accusing someone of sexual perversion, paedophilia, as the father above was, to scare children away from good fathers is child abuse, and staff of women shelters, lawyers, child protection workers, women, family courts, who thrive on such "man hate" and greed should and will, from now on be recognized as...child abusers...
I was kept away from my children with false accusations, so I know how it feels and believe me, it is heartbreaking. I recognized it as child abuse back then, but women who performed such abuse got away with it, I am glad to see things are on the path to change for the good of children and their fathers.

This might be just the beginning of the fight for family rights, which by the way includes fathers, but eventually we "will" get what belongs to us, our place in the circle....You see, their policies are based on greed, hate and anger, our fight is based on what is right, access and our love for our children.

This site does not promote the idea that all women demonize fathers to their children.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Feminists in panic mode...Feminists trying to defend feminism...Corruption, preferential treatments at shelters, the list goes on..

You have to listen to the bullshit these 3 cackle about, "one of the reason women against feminism can say what they say is because of feminism?" Bullshit...
But first let's draw attention to what these feminists on the today show are really doing and that is to demean the women against feminism website, these young women, according to these bozos, don't know what they are talking about...that's feminism for ya, if you do not agree with feminism then your a silly young girl, which they clearly promote.

As for their twisted ideals of feminism, which is once and for all, identified as anti male, anti stay at home moms, and now anti freedom to chose ones own path, we can see they totally spew out the false propaganda feminism is known for...
It is explained perfectly well in this piece by anti-feminism's comment...
-Men didn't conspire to oppress women for thousands of years. Men have provided, protected and sacrificed themselves for women and were primarily responsible for their families. Men have made the greatest inventions which made life much easier and helped liberate women from the once full-time job of housekeeping. 
It was the top 2% of royalty, tyrants and dictators who oppressed the common folk.
"The days where men were in charge and had all the power, is nothing more than a feminist fantasy concocted to excuse finger pointing at the entire male sex, justifying their own identity as victims and ironically enough their own pursuit of a lopsided power arrangement.
Sure there has historically been the upper 2% of men who had allot of power and control, but as far as male power goes, thats where it ended. The other 98% of men were never powerful, never! 
Just the opposite in fact, they led powerless lives of sacrifice and expendability in order to take care of women and children and to serve the interest of the 2% of men that feminists always complain about, and very mistakenly confused for the way the rest of men actually lived. And that upper 2% held much more oppressive sway over the rest of men than they did women.
It was the 98% of men who were conscripted to fight in the wars forced to take on the shitty back breaking jobs and did so generally with mouths closed and heads down so as not to jeopardize their ability to take care of their families.
The idea that there was ever any privilege or power in that is so stupid it borders on deranged! But that is what feminists have convinced themselves of and allot of other people as well. "

Feminism as we know it today did NOT give women the vote, get them out of the house, or made things more equal amongst the sexes, they had absolutely nothing to do with this, "we did, all of us, including fathers who wanted the best for their daughters". The irony of today's feminism is. they still are the angry anti male cat lovers they were back then, and they still lack the understanding of the political elite reality of the past. They are the problem not the solution.
Instead of fighting for what they claim, equality, they are still used by the top 2% to keep us at each others throats. It is fact, they are now associated with the destruction of the traditional family, they are responsible for the watering down of parental right, of children's rights even to have equal access to a mother and a father, they are responsible for kids been raised by the state instead of loving parents, they are responsible for telling women they would be happier at work, providing a new taxable population for the 2%...Instead of supporting the stay-at-home-mom and the working woman equally.
They are incapable of grasping what women against feminism truly represent... and that is the idea the we, men and women can achieve more by fighting for equality "together" than apart. The new generation understand perfectly well, feminism is a "TOOL" of the 2 %, and what this 2% wants is the total control of the population. To achieve this, and this has been a policy since the beginning of civilisation, the best way to do it is to keep us fighting each other, if we did not we would realise we are been played as fools in a circus.

And talking about circuses, here is a feminist talking about IBM executives not wanting to hire women of child bearing years....
First, in this day and age of recording devices and cell phones, I doubt very much anyone would openly talk out loud about not wanting pregnant women in the company who has...a women running it and women workers as this cat loving spinster mentions...She also mentions, "come at me again about the equality in tech that I refuse to see", There is plenty of women in the tech industry, if they are good at what they do, they are hired, it's good for business, and if a man is good then he will be hired, life is simple, it's about your qualification not sex identification.
What she reported is, keeping in mind it's here-say and trusting the word of a feminist is ridiculous, because they are liars true and true, (personal experience), we can safely say it points to bullshit...Remember she claims they have anti women policy and she works there, one of the 3 executive she "claimed" to be prying on was a woman and Virginia Marie Rometty is the current chairman and CEO of IBM, the first woman to have ever headed the company. Not to mention their open policy against discrimination.
And even if they did, guess what, they can, doesn't mean they'll go through with it.

As for hiring feminists on the other hand, I do believe there is an ongoing discussion about hiring one who claims to be one, they are becoming extremely dangerous for the health and well being of businesses. They sneak around corners, they will lie, misrepresent what anyone says, or they will whine at every corner, costing you money and time.
But don't take it from me, We can FIND WOMEN WHO DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF HIRING FEMINIST WORKERS... or had terrible experiences with them.

If it's not the young ladies of women against feminism been described as silly little girls who don't know how to be thankful for corrupt ideals, it's all men's fault. These feminists are too stupid to figure out, there is responsibility for ones actions, it is their spinster like attitude that's the problem, not the rest of us...
It's statements like "men get power through rape or during sporting event and Xmas time we buy beer and beat our loved ones, or stay at home mom's are slaves" that women against feminism are against.

I recently interviewed a young lady who was a resident at our local interval house of lanark county, run by...feminists. She was  "real victim of a crime", and decided not to pursue the one that attacked her, not because she was afraid, but because she did not want to go through the whole process which might have taken years. She specifically mentioned she did not want to be reminded of the incident.
The thing that she told me, which was disturbing, was when she decided not to follow up on it, she was treated as dirt, while those who did follow up on charges were treated with kid gloves and would get anything them asked for....
The point is, it was her choice and she should have been respected for it, even an understanding why she would not pursue, we might not agree, but we must respect her decision. In this place, since she did not, favouritism was offered to those who where following the dictates of the staff while those who chose their own path where treated like dirt...
If the staff of these places treat some better if they follow up on charges, and forget those who make an independent choice not to, then this policy of preferred treatment will promote false accusations, the choice that is given under these circumstances is, "if you charge someone, and we know some are false and frivolous accusations, then you will be treated right, if you do not on the other hand, you will be treated like shit?"
And they claim to be experts????
And this is supported by the local feminist controlled legal clinic....in Perth On.

These are all funds meant for "real victims", yet they are wasted on false accusers, hundred of thousands; taken from shelters, welfare, housing, legal aid....
We know, like this young lady for instance, that there are those who are abused, this is undeniable, but, because of the way these shelters are run, the corruption, preferred treatment of some over others, false accusations, all this overshadows everything this is supposed to accomplish. The staff of these places treat the shelter system as their own little private radical feminist domain, forgetting it is not theirs, but the people that go there, which includes kids.

She also mentioned when she walked in that place the first thing she saw was a poster saying "it is better to be loved by women". Now, there has been instance when lesbianism has been reported in these shelters...
This is not the appropriate place to promote this lifestyle, "real victims" are confused enough as it is...
In the video above, the experiences the women went through is "EXACTLY"  what the young lady told me happened to her...word for word...man hate, parental alienation, women using shelters to gain an advantage to get housing, preferential treatment....on and on.

Some of these shelters will try to demonize fathers to kids...as seen in this video...and that alone shows an anti male policy which they impose on children.

Personal though...
Feminists can no longer defend feminism, in my personal experiences, which I would rather not have, I pity them, hate is not in my character because it gives out anger, and I certainly am not like them.They are liars, promote false accusations, hate men, alienate kids from parents, they are corrupt, and their primary mandate is always money, at the expense of honesty, truth and as we can see, the real victims. They are experts in nothing other than how to care for their cats in a lonely empty house.
I tried to get along but then quickly realise their hate for men, and under those circumstances I had to adapt to this reality, call it as I see it, so to say, and calling it as they treated me. It is their action that dictates the response we all have, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know who they are, one just has to listen, read, research. Some claim not all feminists are the same, I say yes they are, they try to make all women believe they are victims and blame men for their inferiority complex, unless one is a mangina and bows in front of them, but then again those who do bow do not realise they are also frowned upon simply for been men...

We did not achieve all that we have from hating each other, gender and any kind of equality is based on mutual respect, not division. When one lives with hate, anger, as those I have experienced do, their expertise goes out the window, nothing they say can convince me otherwise, it was not enough for me to go only on what they did to me and my family, I researched other people, other stories and found this to be an ongoing pattern. I have other interviews which I will concentrate more in the near future. I will try as much as I can to protect my sources from been identified but you will notice the corruption and abuse of this system put in place, which is supposedly there to help victims.

I have been totally disgusted by what I heard, how people are treated by them, that's why feminism is loosing and to see the media still pandering to these people goes to show how many are so how of touch, but that's OK, we will do just fine without them, they are on their way out because of the blinders they wear and we will make sure history identifies them for what they really are, what they did to families and what they really represented.....

The real power behind caring for each other is not through hate and division but truth and honesty.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Avoid a False Rape Case.

Reposted for your safety from DANGER AND PLAY

Although you often read of the dangers women face from “date rape,” in truth, men are just as likely to be falsely accused of rape as women are to be actually raped. Date rape is the easiest accusation for a woman to make and the hardest one for a man to defend against, as the Tinder rape case shows.
Not even the most feminist criminal defense lawyer will deny what I’m about to tell you:
Fifty-percent of date rape cases are outright false.
There is also extensive data corroborating what every criminal defense lawyer already knows, and thus men must take proactive steps to avoid catching a case.
Film it. Four Hofstra college students were accused of gang-raping a fellow student. They were thrown into jail, and held without bail. Had they gone to trial, they’d have been convicted.
Yet the men were released from prison, after one of the defendant’s lawyers produced a cell phone video of the encounter, proving it was consensual.
Even lawyers need to beware of false rape accusations. A San Francisco lawyer was charged with raping three women, and held effectively without bond. Luckily he had videotaped sexual encounters with two of the women, and most charges were dismissed against him.
Unfortunately, he did not videotape his sexual encounter with the third accuser, and thus still faces trial.
Some will ask about the legality of secretly recording sexual encounters. Cap We Tape provides an excellent overview of the legal landscape. One must highlight that lawyer in California illegally recorded his sexual encounters. Breaking the law saved his life.

Get confirmatory texts. It may go against a “PUA’s” advice to do this, but I am worried about keeping you out of prison.
After banging a girl for the first time, send her a text message, telling her how much fun you had with her. After all, a rapist wouldn’t send an e-mail the next day, as he’d be afraid of the law, or ashamed of his actions. By sending a text, you are showing that you’re neither afraid nor ashamed of what happened the night before.

Sometimes you should take the girl out to breakfast. If you’re seen in public the morning after, she’s going to have a horrible time having you prosecuted for rape.

Have her put on the condom. This will ensure that her fingerprints are on the condom, which is evidence of consent. Unless you can’t save your condoms in a glass slide, ala Dexter, this is only short-term protection. Even if you’ve thrown the condom away, you can scare the shit out of her by claiming you still have it.

If she mentions “buyer’s remorse,” take her out for dinner, and do not bang her. Imagine a girl calls you, telling you she feels “weird” about what happened. Beware. This girl could have Borderline Personality Disorder, and she may be prepared to accuse you of rape.
Take her out in public. Show her a nice time. Have her smiling. Then go home – alone.

Never “be nice” if she expresses buyer’s remorse. If a chick calls you the next day, keep in mind she may be recording the conversation, or the police may be monitoring it.
Most Special Victim’s Unit prosecutors and investigators will use this ploy on you:
Girl calls the next day, telling you that what happened last night was “wrong.” She’ll demand an apology. You apologize. This apology is used as proof you raped her, even if she never directly claims you raped her.
She may instead say she felt “rushed” or “pressured.” These are red flags. Do not apologize. Instead, say,
Well, we’re both adults. It’s sad we live in such a Puritanical society that hates sex. Last night was a great time, though, and I can’t wait to see you again.
If the police call, don’t answer. Did you know that the police can lie to you? Did you know that the police will lie about what you tell them? Police will claim that you confessed to rape, even when you denied it to them.

NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE (without your lawyer present).

It’s a dangerous world out there, guys. You should be just as vigilant in avoiding false rape accusations as you are in getting laid.
Protect yourself at all times, and you should avoid a false rape case.

It is sad we have come to this point, but until the nature of things comes back to normal, and ol cat loving feminists and their manginas with inferiority complexes are in the graveyard of history.....there are certain precautions one must take.
As for the nature of things, men love women and vice versa that is the majority of us all, feminism and their manginas are a small minority with a big mouth, never forget that, not all women are false rape accusers, most of they are sweet pieces of art that deserve to be treated with class....
But...The times dictate that one must be careful so....
Today's sweet piece of art might be tomorrow's nightmare...
Believe me I know, had one of those meeself.
Recording devices can be a Godsend.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Aboriginal children used in medical tests...Canada.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission seeks further documentation on tests
Aboriginal Canadians were not only subjected to nutritional experiments by the federal government in the 1940s and 1950s but were also used as medical test subjects, says the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
In an interview with CBC Radio's All Points West on Tuesday, Justice Murray Sinclair told host Jo-Ann Roberts that commission staff has "seen the documents that relate to the experiments that were conducted in residential schools."
Other documents related to experimentation in aboriginal communities outside of residential schools have not yet been obtained, Sinclair said.
"We do know that there were research initiatives that were conducted with regard to medicines that were used ultimately to treat the Canadian population. Some of those medicines were tested in aboriginal communities and residential schools before they were utilized publicly."
Sinclair said some of those medicines developed were then withheld from the same aboriginal children they were originally tested on.
"Some of those medicines which we know were able to work in the general population, we also have discovered were withheld from children in residential schools, and we're trying to find the documents which explain that too," Sinclair said.
CBC News has not seen the documents in the possession of the commission.
Recent revelations that the Canadian government used at least 1,300 aboriginal children attending residential schools in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia as test subjects have prompted further calls from aboriginal groups to pressure the federal government to turn over all archival documents related to residential schools.
"Our government recognizes that the relationship between Canada and First Nations has helped shape the country we know today," Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt's director of communications Jason MacDonald said Wednesday in a statement.
"While we cannot undo the past, we can learn from it and ensure that those dark chapters are not repeated."
MacDonald said that is why the Conservative government apologized for the residential school policy and "that is why we continue to focus on the work of reconciliation, on improving living conditions for First Nations, and on creating economic opportunities for First Nation communities."
What helped shape the country we have today is the annihilation of multiple nations and it's people, I suggests he visits reservation and see if those dark chapters are gone. Maybe he should live in one for a year, especially the poor ones up north? That way he can see if there is any "improvements."

The commission, according to Sinclair, is in possession of the documents used by historian Ian Mosby to show that the Canadian government conducted nutritional experiments on malnourished aboriginal children and adults attending residential schools during and after the Second World War.

However, the commission has not been able to obtain documents "related to experimentation that went on in aboriginal communities outside of the residential school setting."
"We haven't seen those documents," the chair of the commission told CBC News.
Valcourt's office has said they have turned over 900 documents related to this to the work by the commission.
On Thursday, Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Bill Erasmus told CBC News in a written statement that "the federal documents show that the government either doesn’t know what’s in its own records or that there may be an effort to actually suppress information."
Erasmus called on the federal government to provide all relevant documents to the commission.
"We believe that what’s already been exposed represents only a fraction of the full, true and tragic history of the residential schools. There are no doubt more revelations buried in the archives," Erasmus said.

Ottawa ordered to provide all documents

In January, an Ontario Court ordered the Canadian government to turn over all residential school archival documents to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and while the federal government has expressed a willingness to comply, Sinclair said "we haven't seen the documents start to flow yet."
The worry now, said Sinclair, is that even with the best of intentions Ottawa may not have the resources to provide all these archival documents in a timely manner.
"It's a question of capacity and whether they have sufficient resources and time to be able to get them to us before our mandate as a commission expires on July 1, 2014."
Sinclair said that if the federal government is unable to turn over all of the documents from Library and Archives Canada before the commission's mandate expires next summer, the commission may have to turn to the courts once more.
Many of the documents are said to reside with departments outside of Aboriginal Affairs, such as the Health Department.
But a final report without all the documents would not be a "truthful" report, according to Sinclair.
"The report itself, in our view, only complies with the mandate if we are able to write a full and complete history of residential schools and in order to do that, we need those documents," the chair of the commission told CBC News.
The residential schools system, which ran from the 1870s until the 1990s, removed about 150,000 aboriginal children from their families and sent them to church-run schools under a deliberate policy of "civilizing" First Nations.
Many students were physically, mentally and sexually abused. Some committed suicide. Mortality rates reached 50 per cent at some schools.
In the 1990s, thousands of victims sued the churches that ran the schools and the Canadian government.
The $1.9-billion settlement of that suit in 2007 prompted an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper followed by the creation of the commission in 2008.
The money and the apology doesn't do it, it should have never happened in the first place, this was a crime against humanity under international law, and should be treated as such...
TRADITIONAL leaders, Elder, Clan mothers, Warriors, should get together, assemble all nation of Turtle Island, and once and for all, through OUR justice system, a final judgement on all historical and living person, who committed crimes against the people of this land....Put into a native archive for the future generations, the truth, names and policies of extermination adopted by those who stole the lands.
I don't care if it takes decades, let's put together all those who committed this holocaust of a peaceful people for greed, war and personal profits...Name them all, research what they did, said, and the policy they put forward...
It's time we started to reveal what really happened...not according to their history but ours.
Truth prevents repeats....