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Friday, July 4, 2014

When we let the state raise our kids, we do not have the right to criticize the results.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.

We can start in many places to call things by their proper name, but the first and foremost would be the type of government we have now, call it business democracy, or even farming democracy, to train the population to provide for those who claim to be the elite...just like a farmer would do with his cows.
For example; In Ontario, the liberals want to spend over 1.5 billion dollars for daycare. According to them and feminist logic, this is to give free time to mothers.....
What they want to do but do not explain it in detail, since they would be exposed for what they really are, political opportunists, is to put as many women, mothers into the work force, tax them, make sure they join unions, which believe in bigger intrusive government and therefore increase their voting base. In the meantime, no one seems to realise, kids are been raised by those who will teach them to be subservient to big government, to support a welfare state, ideals and values that are not the respective families, so on...And in the long run, these same mothers who forfeited their responsibilities to raise these kids will scratch their head when they become teenagers and behave contrary to what they believe....(yes fathers can stay at home too, but since the majority of kids are raised by their mothers in this country, for the sake of argument,  let's just look at it from a realistic point of view.)
Now, what they are really doing is demeaning the value, respect, importance and hard work of those who decide to stay at home to raise their kids. Feminists and their supporters have even compared stay at home moms to slavery and servitude to their husbands, which, as any of us know, deciding to stay at home to raise kids is a calling, if we can call it that, it requires dedication, hard work and sacrifice to be respected, not demonized.
It also produces more stable kids as adults, better able to handle stress, better values, less likely to depend on government hand outs, and what they have learned they will pass on to their children....That is the true value of someone who decides to raise their own kids instead of letting the state, with it`s true intentions, do it for them, at some state sponsored day care..
This is where we can debate which is more important to a future stable society, the state, the mother, the father, or as we believe, the combination of mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and all the rest of a close knit family who decided to put their resources together with mutual respect for each other, to give the kids of said family a chance to have a good and prosperous future.
If we let others raise our kids, they will install their values on them, that is...inevitable. What we have to accept if we do this, is their ways will not be what we wanted them to have, and have no right to complain and criticize these kids, because as parents, we chose to have others raise them for us.

Wisdom dictates that we should accept responsibility and eventual results of our actions. 
Governments who go out of their way to destroy the stability of nations, hence the traditional family, do it for..
Political ambition,

Those who give up their responsibility as parents to others do it out of...
Misunderstanding of their importance,
Forfeiture of their responsibility to others.

Those who push for and support this, do it for...(I.E.; feminists and manginas)
Personal power,
Financial gains,
Political idealism,
Hate for, men, stay at home mom, kids, traditional family,  
To prop up their inferiority complex towards real men and women.

To debate such destructive anti-family policies is a waste of time, we have seen what the results are if we do not embrace their twisted ideals, we are either anti woman, misogynists, patriarchal, then they start shrieking in your face, or troll your site with idiotic comments....
The point is, as Confucius says; to be honest and call things for what they are...
If we debate what we know to be irrational behaviour, where is the wisdom in that.
Wisdom is knowing stupidity and idiocy when one sees it, and treat it as such, expose it for what it is and point out the destructive nature of this type of anti-family policy.

This post does not want to demean anyone`s personal choices, but to point out the possible results...Also, we will always strongly defend the choices of women, to be stay at home moms...respect it....even admire the strength it takes to make such a personal sacrifice for others...
We know women who are so dedicated to their families welfare, they deserve to be recognized for it...
Namely, the stay at home mom...

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