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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Well, now we can say with certainty..the western world has gone totally bananas...5 year old Kindergartner accused of sexual misconduct

District defends kindergartner's sexual misconduct discipline

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- An assistant superintendent for the Dysart Unified School District defends calling a kindergartner's actions "sexual misconduct."
Five-year-old Eric Lopez pulled his pants down on the playground at Ashton Ranch Elementary School last Spring and received a punishment of detention for what the school has deemed sexual misconduct.
Eric now has a note that will remain in his permanent file for the duration he attends Dysart schools. His mother was not notified of the incident or the note her son signed in the assistant principal's office until after the fact.
District policy states that a parent does not have to be present for a disciplinary meeting unless the student requests his or her parent.
"He did not know that he could ask for me," said Eric's mother, Erica Martinez "He's 5."
Martinez has been fighting for two months to have the sexual misconduct label removed from her son's file, saying Eric's actions were not sexual in any way. So far, the district has denied her appeal.
Assistant Superintendent Jim Dean says the district follows strict guidelines and definitions set by both the state and federal agencies about what constitutes a sexual offence.
Saying a 5 year old knows what sexual misconduct means and accusing him of it, is like saying feminists and manginas care about men, fathers and parental rights, just doesn't fit in there and is terribly idiotic.
One can't debate this, one cannot debate sheer stupidity......one can only point to the idiot and laugh at him or her...Assistant Superintendent Jim Dean your an idiot who cannot tell the difference between reality and bowing to your masters, the local anti male feminists of Dysart Unified School District...
Which makes you a f*cking mangina.
All this is a result of the rape culture hysteria, which feminism manipulated to demonize anything male in schools.


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What bs,signed.

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Poor kid,whats wrong with these people.

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lets take our schools back