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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The strange, paranoid, destructive world of the feminist and her mangina.

Father-of-three branded a 'pervert' - for photographing his own children in public park
When Gary Crutchley started taking pictures of his children playing on an inflatable slide he thought they would be happy reminders of a family day out.
But the innocent snaps of seven-year-old Cory, and Miles, five, led to him being called a ‘pervert’. 
The woman running the slide at Wolverhampton Show asked him what he was doing and other families waiting in the queue demanded that he stop.
One even accused him of photographing youngsters to put the pictures on the internet.
Mr Crutchley, 39, who had taken pictures only of his own children, was so enraged that he found two policemen who confirmed he had done nothing wrong.
Yesterday he said: ‘What is the world coming to when anybody seen with a camera is assumed to be doing things that they should not? 
‘I repeated that the only people being photographed were my own children. She said I could be taking pictures of just any child to put on the internet and called me a pervert. We immediately left the show.’
Mrs Crutchley, 37, a teaching support assistant and qualified nursery nurse, said: ‘I was shocked by the reaction of those women.
'It is very sad when every man with a camera enjoying a Sunday afternoon out in the park with his children is automatically assumed to be a pervert.’

'Suspicious Man Photographing Kids' Just Guy Taking Pics of Grandson
Watch out, residents of Pocatello, Idaho! A "suspicious man" driving a "tan/brown van" was seen at the local park, "taking pictures of children." Is he a pedophile? A murderer? A Satanist sex perv? He "ran off" when confronted by parents!
"If anyone has information about this man," Local News 8 reported on Tuesday, "police would like them to call police dispatch." Well! Someone did have information: The man himself, who "was at the park taking pictures of his grandson." Also, the whole "ran off when confronted" thing?
The man also said that he did not run away, but simply walked away from a woman who had gotten very close to him and was yelling at him. Manning said police are no longer worried about the man and he is not suspicious.

We’ve become too paranoid about men in the company of children 
Amanda Blair
The Advertiser, July 05

A man walks into a playground and sits down. He pulls out his phone and starts taking photos. Do you:

a) Wonder what he’s taking photos of and smile at how much fun your kids are having.

b) Don’t even see him because you’re too busy enjoying the sunny day.

c) Engage him in a conversation about photography.

d) Gather a lynch mob, assuming the worse?

If you’re an adult male and you walk past a kid who’s just fallen over, do you stop to help the child and potentially get accused of molestation, or do you ignore your inherent niceness and walk on by like a callous bastard?

And if you love soccer and want to coach a team but don’t yet have kids of your own? Do you really want to coach or do you have more sinister intentions?

According to some, Santa’s just trying to get kids to sit on his lap, volunteering at swimming day is a ruse to perv on 6-year-olds in the change room, and if you’re a bloke who tells a little girl she looks really cute in her party dress, most mothers will dial 911 so you can have a nice chat to the police.

It’s important that our children know about personal boundaries and inappropriate behaviour. That they know to speak up if somebody approaches them or touches them in a harmful or sexual way. It’s important that they know to be wary of risky situations.

But it’s equally important that our children learn to socialise, to interact with people, to feel a part of a community and to not be paranoid that every stranger is dangerous. This is a warped view of the world.
"All men bad", now part of the world around us...
Here's a suggestion; those "politicians", especially the males, should one day, take themselves away from their feminist supporting mangina position, go to the local park full of children, take out a visible camera, take photos of trees and birds, or their kids and grandkids, sit back to see what happens next....
See how long it takes for someone to call 911, or confront them for their actions...then they can tell us how they enjoyed been accused of something they would never do and live in a world "they" created by appealing to the weak minded, the corrupt, the hater, (aka;the feminist). 

Teaching kids to be aware of their surrounding is a necessity, parents have been doing this since the dawn of time, but there was a time when balance was also offered, that way, when they became adults they would not live in fear and knew how to protect themselves.

Let's accept reality for one minute....
Men hate pedoes, that is in our blood, and if we do see them, it's in our DNA to hunt them at whatever the cost... 
The thing is, if you take away this majority of men who have it in them to defend the weak, you take away a segment of society that ensures a safe environment for children...and that's what's going on right now...
The lowly feminist and her mangina, are excluding, by their false accusation against all men, the very group that kept all kids safe from evil...

So, is there a difference between the feminist, her mangina, who alienated men from their God given right to protect, and the paedophile?
After all, if man does not want to get involve any more, in fear of getting falsely accused, thanks to constant attacks by man hating feminists, isn't the feminist and her mangina supporter opening the door to rapists and paedophiles?
Isn't this why there are pervs and pedoes in kids parks instead of men? These low lives would be less incline to go to a park full of fathers taking pictures of their kids, instead, they will pick the ones where there are only women and children...
And some women (not all) are made so paranoid of men, that they endanger their own kids by chasing real men away.

What a f*ucked up world, if man wants to sit at a park full of kids, he has to be aware that someone might think he went there for any reason other than to be in a quiet and natural place....even enjoying the sounds of children playing...
In other words, taking man away from the kids in a park, puts them in danger, and the pedoes(females or males) have a clear run at whatever is in that park....
Thanks to the feminist and her mangina....

Why are men so pissed? Why are so many mra, mrm, mhrm, frm(family rights movement) popping up with the support of "our women"? Because the world according to the feminist and her mangina is not our world, it puts the innocent in danger....and they have to go.
A viable nation depends on the stability of the family, man, woman and child, if this is taken away, such a nation cannot survive.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you very much to feminism and their promotion of hate and fear of men. Your sick and twisted ideological hate movement has destroyed to many good men.


Gilles said...

well put.

Dad in Almonte said...

Aw man, i would freak on the biotch or anyone who accuses me of been a weirdo simply 4 taking pics of my kids at the park.

Anonymous said...

We have to accept feminist idiots wouldn't have this type of destructive power if it wasn't for their manginas in governments who support them,thanks for pointing that out.

Allison said...

If anyone ever accused my babies father of doing something wrong just because hes taking pictures,I would go bitch on her ass.