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Monday, July 14, 2014

The fall of feminism...is self imposed.

It’s enough to have Emmeline Pankhurst turning in her grave, but does this new Tumblr, named Women Against Feminism, prove that the new generation are just sick and tired of feminism?

The site encourages women, most of them under-25, to post pictures of themselves posing with signs that say why they don’t need feminism. Yup, you heard right.
With captions like ‘I don’t need feminism because I am not a victim’ and ‘I don’t need feminism because I believe in equality not entitlements and supremacy’, there will no doubt be uproar within the feminist community. A LOT of uproar.
But what does feminism even mean any more?
It’s supposed to mean equality for women – that’s the same social, economical, political, workplace and home life benefits as men. It’s supposed to mean that we get treated the same as a gender that, since history began, has had the upper hand.
There’s no denying we’re almost there – yes, there’s still more men in senior positions at the biggest companies in the world, and yes there’s more stay-at-home women than men, but women are entitled to everything men are, give or take a few things.

This Tumblr is not an expression from women that they want to go backwards in time, this is an act against what the modern day feminist has come to represent in society, as the page describes it ‘a toxic culture’.
Young women are actually stepping back and saying ‘is this how we should be treating men?’ and it’s kind of nice.
It’s saying yes we’re grateful that we can vote and get an equal education and equal treatment in the office, but do we need to show off our tampon strings and say horrible things about men all the time, just because we can?

We saw years ago when we first started this blog the distances the younger generation of ladies where putting between them and the old cat adoring haters.
It's not hard to see why this next generation is distancing themselves from these losers, I mean take a good look at what they represent and if not, the messages they stick out there believing all women adapt themselves to their hatred...Their lack of intelligence go hand in hand with their inferiority complex, not to mention the ideal they have to demonize men in order to advance themselves with power and over inflated salaries...
There are more sites now that exposes what these feline admirers represent than those who promote the fake values of feminism...
There was a time when propaganda worked perfectly for those who wanted us to dislike someone or even hate them, this war time tool was embrace by the feminist in order to achieve personal power through fear, to promote hatred of men.
No longer....
One of the reason they are failing and falling hard is the "informed generation". Thanks to the web, propaganda is no longer a tool, but a path to misinformation and stupidity, they can no longer say things like "all men achieve power through rape" or "when we watch sporting event we buy beer and beat our women" as my lanark county feminists and their supporters over at the Perth legal clinic seems to think, (personal experiences), but when such idiotic comments do come about, they are exposed for what they are, hate.
It is hard to promote hate against men when ladies with a sense of reality take a look at their bf, husbands, sons, fathers, brothers and see honest men who show respect, by pulling a chair, opening a door, defend their honour, which they have always and will always want men to do. Sure there are bad individuals out there, male and females, but they are not part of the whole, or the majority. Feminists forgot that when they took the path of hate instead of reason...
Feminism is now side by side with nazis, kkk, and any other group which thrive on division, and the worst is the mangina with his pink shirt who looks for acceptance for his lack of manhood towards a group which demonizes him in the first place.
So, they can enjoy the failing power they have now, because as time goes on, they will realise their time is up...
Feminism and manginism offers an imbalance in nature, and when you take that path...
You already lost.
We like women to be women, and they like men to be men....one does not want to be above the other, we simply want to walk side by side, holding each others hand, doing what is right for ourselves as human beings and for the next generation...
It is the nature of things.

Don't be a woman who needs a man,
be a woman a man needs.


Don't be a man who needs a woman,
Be a man a woman needs.

Here is the secret we always known since the beginning of time, which the feminist and the mangina forgot...
We f**** need each other.
Dumb ass feminist and mangina. Go home, your cat is waiting for you.

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