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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Questioning michelle obama's gender???? REALLY????

We have many problems in this world, especially the western world, one of those problems is despicable people trying their best to destroy the family as a unit, the other is the bubble which we call the economy...
They tell us all is fine, but anyone with some intelligence knows damn well we depends on the stability of families for nations to survive, and when government spend more money(taxes) than they take in, eventually the bubble will burst...
Add wars, disease, corruption, greed, starvation, on and on, and that bubble gets thinner and closer to that pin every day...what is disturbing is how many people or better known as sheeples who believe governments knows best...
There is many important issues to talk or comment or blog about, but to get on the recent bandwagon and say michelle obama is a man is not one of them. One of the reason is, the 2 little girls involve in all this.
First is; where the hell do they come from then, if she is a man or trans like joan rivers claimed.
Second; this kind of talk can and does affect these kids, whether in schools, or simply by reading it on the web.
We have to be careful what we write when it affects kids, and the 2 obama teens are no exceptions, they are not political targets and should never be, and if we go after this issue, then it does affect them and this site protects kids, parents and families, we do not demean them by posting things like what gender is michelle.

Anything they do politically is open season, after all their policies are left oriented, very destructive and this guy has spent more taxpayers money than all past president combined, criticizing them does not make one racist, it is part of the democratic process, but there use to be a "no touch" a long time ago, and that was the family of politicians, because kids where involved...it is the corrupt main stream media who started and goes after families, then they have the gull to claim the high ground.

Is michelle obama a man, is bam bam gay, who cares, but we do know this, we cannot go too far to demonize them, otherwise we become the same as those who demonize us.
Unless there is some proof these 2 girls where adopted, or something else, seems to us, michelle is a woman, a mother and a parent and deserves to be treated as such.
Just a thought.....


Anonymous said...

Do people really have nothing better to do?


The Native Canadian said...

I know, sh*t, things are falling apart and this is what they want to talk about?