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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Male Feminists= Mangina? A Native look on the issue.

At 2.27 a mangina is introduced as someone who works at, get this; re-imagining masculinity,
and end gender based violence...at a slut walk. From my perspective, why would any woman call herself a slut, isn't that in itself degrading women? 
I couldn't listen to the whole thing, feminist and mangina propaganda is just that...propaganda...
And that specific policy of disinformation has historically been used to lie and bullsh*t their way to personal power by demonizing a specific groups...
Re-imagining masculinity is extremely dangerous in the type of world we live in, whereas we should be in a position to have evolved as human beings, thanks to the beta-humans who thrive on division, we live in a more divisive society than ever before.
What these low brow people do not realise, their freedom to spit on masculinity, depends on the males of their own society to be masculine and willing to put their lives on the line for their freedom to speak. 
The good cop, the brave soldier, the men who will cross the street to defend someone who is been assaulted instead of watching and calling 911, the hard worker who does is all for his family.
The man who loves his woman for who she is, and vice versa.
The feminist and the mangina cannot exist without the very people they bitch about at every turn...
Ironic isn't it. 

As for gender based violence, it does not exist the way they explain it, men do not perform violence on the weak, individuals do, and they are as likely to be males or females.
Where is their caring for the elder based violence performed by those who work at seniors home, which the majority are...females? Or child abuse, which statistics show that it is an act performed by majority females...
Do we go around blaming all women, of course not....These are bad individuals.

Feminism and manginism is based on an inferiority complex, they wonder why such sites as women against feminism, I don't need feminism, real women of Canada, ladies against feminism exists, all of which by the way are run by women and more popular than any feminist and mangina website.
It's fine to have women cops, soldiers, hard workers, freedom is for everyone, the choice to be who one wants to be is a right, but it must be done with respect, not at the expense of others, when this happens, we have the un-informed and the sub-intellectuals aka;the sheeples, running around like chickens without their heads, as we can see in the video spewing ridiculous notions of re-imagining masculinity....
And if they think this is what real women or real men wants, so be it, it's their right to live in their own little world where reality does not exist. 
In the meantime, the rest of us will continue on existing for each other without arguing which one is better and make a world that is beneficial for all, especially the next generation.
We can't debate stupidity, or those who want to reinvent the circle of life, the only thing we can do is point them out to be aware of their idiocy.

The union of a man and a woman aka; a family, with mutual respect for each other's place in the circle of life can achieve more than anyone who suffers from an inferiority complex, who is angry at everything and see the negative in all.

This site promotes the good in people, not the collective, but the personal gifts all of us are born with. If we have faith in ourselves, accept these gifts we are all given, and respect the person next to us, and their place in the circle, we can change the world into a place we can be proud of.
Doubting each other opens the door to the weak minded, the divider, and especially the corrupt who see's an opening for personal power and financial advancement.
This is what I was thought, to be who you were meant to be, not try to be better than the person next to you, but to walk...side by side, respecting and defending their place in the circle of life...
And if that makes me the SAVAGE, so be it, I would rather be that with respect for those around me than be knows as a feminist or a mangina.
We do not compete,
We complement one another.
That is what brings us to perfection.


scott said...

Many of the loudest male feminists, are white middle class bureaucrat males...who's job may in fact be a direct result of a "pork bloating triangle" somewhere...or a bureaucratic "make work" practice somewhere.
Many of the white middle class male feminists, can only stay on top, if they keep "Inflaming" the public about all the "Other males".

The Native Canadian said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

You may find this interview with Russell Means and his wife of interest


Feminists will never know this sort of relationship.

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the link ano... this site is based on those teaching, this enforces what we say.