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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is the left loosing it? Megyn Kelly makes a good point to that effect..

Listening to both points of views is always a good idea to get a full understanding of what they offer as policies, but some on the left no longer go that route, they seem to be on the path of divide and get power. 
Of course there are strange statements made from the right also, but the left seems to behave as if they are constant victims, or victimizing anyone in order to achieve, not decent policies, but power itself.
When we come to a point where power is more attractive than doing the right thing, or trying to find a balance, and respecting other people who believe differently than we do, then the thing that suffers is democracy. 
Especially freedoms, since people no longer believe the system works for them, they no longer vote, and we see extremely corrupt one sided ideas been elected with the smallest margin of the voting public...
I don't know what the answer is, can't force people to vote, that would be against freedom to chose, but politicians are the problem, how many times have we seen them say one thing and do something else when they get in power?
Living with democracy is accepting opposing opinions, respecting others place in it, we can't agree with everything, but must respect it if we want to be heard ourselves. 
When are we going to get a batch of politicians who will explain this important point, instead of using opposing views to divide, it's not hard to explain, "we might not agree, but their rights are protected just as we want our to be respected", instead of angering the population into a hatefest.
Western democracies cannot survive under the system we have now, divide and conquer is rampant in every aspect of life these days, false info from feminists, non-existent rape culture, war on women, all men bad, the state taking parental right away from families, taxes so high families cannot make ends meet, high suicide rates, we are walking on a thin line, something has to give...and honesty in politics seems to be the first thing to fall over the edge these days....
Men and women "together" can achieve a hell of a lot more than been at each others throat, as people like pelosi seems to thrive on, but the responsibility to all this mess is in the hands of the people in the end, after all we outnumber them thousands to one, this is "OUR" democracy, "OUR" freedoms our Elders gave us, what we do with it, who we send to represent us is not their choices but ours, we can bitch, but if we do not get involve we have no right to blame anyone but ourselves.

The hobby lobby decision was the right one, respect for Christian values against abortions must be protected just as any other rights, but the left seems to want to "impose" instead of finding a balance, it's their way or no way...
No one took rights away, you can still get your abortion pill in any pharmacy as Megyn explained, hobby lobby got their rights protected, and women who want their morning after pill can buy them freely...
Pelosi and people like her, whether in the U.S. or here in Canada finds issues that divides instead of explaining the rights of others, which probably would have made her sound a bit less hypocritical, instead, all men bad talking points(supreme court) got the best of her, as always...so much for true democracy.

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Megyn Kelly is not only smart,she is Hot!

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