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Thursday, July 17, 2014

If women ruled the world, things would be different???

How many times have we heard this, if women ruled the world there would be no wars, and things of that nature...
It's compatible to saying if men ruled the world all would be great right? The one reaction would be, "but they already do", well if we look at history, women have also had power...
Margret Thatcher
Indira Ghandi
Catherine the great
Golda Meir
Elizabeth 1
Queen Isabella of Spain
How many women have started wars?
How did that turned out?

We have to accept wars are not gender based, heck, even chimps go to war against each other, so it's not a human thing either. Ants have also been known to go to war.
True, the women in power who did go to war where sometimes forced into it, but then again, so were the men.
To say wars are caused by men is a total misinformation of facts for propaganda purposes. After all it took men to stop the likes of the hitler's of the world. Not all men want war, so it goes to say, not all women want it also...But there is always the few who rattle the cage with cruel intentions and vile world.
Case in point...
Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed: Israeli MP (noticed, it's not a man who said this?)
Some would point out she is part of a fringe party, not that important, well, neither were the nazis in the 1920's, till they eventually got power...
Wars, evil intentions, is not the domain of men, obviously, as feminists would like us to believe, women can also be as nasty as men, once they have the smell of power. It's not all men who thrive wars and neither is it all women, it only takes a few, or as we experienced in the 1940's, one person, with the help of a good portion of followers, males and females, can throw the world into chaos.
The point is, as we have said before, men and women are different side of the same coin, once they have the semblance of power, they are equally as capable to go to war, cause pain and suffering, starve people, abuse, as anyone....Usually hate is used to achieve that direction, and the Jews and Palestinians have enough hate in their ranks to assure people like her above get followers that will look at anyone to make them feel safe...
Not all Jews and Palestinians want to kill each other, most want to live in peace, raised their kids and family in a world that looks after each other, but with the few who are allowed to say "all those we hate must die" under the guise of freedom of speech, twisting it's true meaning, we will always have those, male or females, who will use this to promote the worse in us, instead of looking for that one opportunity to respect the worth of every individual to have a life we all look for, a life of peace.
So, "if women ruled the world" has the same meaning as "it's a man's world", if women are in business and have political power, under their own rules, isn't it a woman's world also?
So why do we have statements like; men achieve power through rape, all men are dildos, reduce the male population to 10%, all male children are born rapists,  #killallmen twitter, on and on by feminists?
Isn't that, hate promoted by some women? Under their own rules, should we not say "all women are evil"?

Wars, pain, abuse or power, starvation is not caused by all men, as feminists cackle about, just like the statements above is not caused by all women, it is caused by the opportunists who see a crack open to advance their personal hatred and if we want to see ourselves as evolved, then we had better show it. otherwise we are no better than the chimp or the ants...

Feminist claim patriarchy is the cause of all evil....Some have identified traditional native life as a matriarchal society, it's not, were not going to go into details but to put it simply, when did anyone ever heard us say, "matriarchy is the cause of all evil?"
We have an understanding that all have a equal place in the circle of life, as does any of the other sacred colours, (white, yellow, black or red). Women are as important as men and vice versa, the Elders, the Warrior, all must give part of themselves for the betterment of the whole, especially for the next generation, that's what's important, not personal power at the expense of other as some wants us to follow. There is not on gender better than the other, either one can bring on the good or cause pain, it is up to us to identify the individuals who will advance division for personal gain.

Statements like the ones we posted can and will attract the weak, those who depend on others for their well being instead of themselves. History is full of individuals who used fear as a source for power, feminism walk side by side with the nazi, the communist, the dictator, the totalitarians, the king and queen, all have one thing in common, divide and conquer.

We are giving you a warning, speaking from personal experience, take a good look at what happened to the nations of turtle island, (native people of the americas), division and hatred against each other landed us on reservations in our own lands, called savages and non believers, nations wiped from history, millions dead, all because we listen to the ones who divided us and promoted one over the other...Thing would have been different if we would have lived by the laws passed down by those before us, stood our ground together and not listen to the few who saw greed as a way to benefit themselves, not all Europeans believed in the destruction of the people for advancement, many wanted to live with us, but reason and co-operation took second step to fear and hate....
It's right there in front of you.......

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