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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

George Will refuses to be a mangina....

This Conservative Icon Isn’t Apologizing for the Column that Has ‘the Rabble’ (feminists and manginas) Furious.
George Will isn’t backing down, even as critics are “calling for [his] head.”
Will’s Washington Post column on sexual assault stirred up a great deal of controversy, as he acknowledged in an interview with C-SPAN published Friday.
“Today, for some reason … indignation is the default position of certain people in civic discourse,” he said. “They go from a standing start to fury in about 30 seconds.”
The internet has “erased the barriers of entry to public discourse,” Will said, which is good because more people can be involved in conversations, but it’s bad because a lot of those people aren’t that bright.
“Among the barriers of entry that have been reduced, is you don’t have to be able to read, write, or think,” he said. “You can just come in and shout and call names and carry on.”
In his controversial column and in the Friday interview, Will argued that progressives on college campuses are eroding centuries of legal precedent while feeding into misplaced fears about a “supposed campus epidemic of rape.”
It is rare, though some are starting to wake up; to see someone stand by their words, especially in the media, which is so out of touch, if one is in the slightest criticized by feminists, his mangina sides pops up and apologies all around to protect their place and their salaries...
It is no longer about been an opposition to twisted policies and abuse by governments, now a days, media outlets are so intertwined with governments, usually because of governmental advertising, (as in, not allowed to bite the hands that feeds ya) and broken down feminist idealism, that criticizing them is dangerous to a career...
What makes a good reporter is, his or hers thoughtful investigation of their reports and standing by them through thick and thin...but we don't see this any-more do we, they will accept any statement without criticizing them even when it attacks the personally, such as these made by local a  feminist and obviously supported, since no one dares to call her up on it; "men achieve power through rape" and "at Xmas time and Superbowl Sundays, we cheer for our teams all the while beating our loved ones with a beer in our hand"...

The respect main stream media used to enjoy is basically gone down the drain, they no longer report the news, but try to impose it by telling you what to think, who to support and who not to. When we have people like anderson cooper of cnn's making now infamous statement "keeping them honest" all the while been dishonest himself  by not researching if what he is reporting is true or not, or wolf blitzers adamant support of certain politicians instead of reporting on them, well, no wonder their ratings are crap...
We have the same thing here in Canada, if your left, and want left wing news and propaganda, go to cbc, ctv, so on....their love affair with a certain political party makes them irrelevant.They are not supposed to take sides, yet they openly do, and when you research their stories, you find out they are full of sh*t.

George Will is from the old school of journalism, not the crap we have today, be honest and stand by what you say, it's not supposed to be popular, it's supposed to be honest, but in today's media, it's all about...propaganda.
Josef Goebells would be proud.

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