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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feminists loosing ground, try to push their hate into schools, to protect their failing power.

The shadow home secretary warned a culture is spreading in schools where girls are subject to verbal abuse and have their shirts undone and skirts lifted by boys who do not respect them.
Let's get something straight for as minute, sure there are boys who might go too far, but the majority still to this day, respect the girls at schools, especially if they want a date, and girls know who is nasty and who's the good guy, they know how to defend themselves, lets give them that credit. Making all girls victims and all boys horn dog abusers in not the way to teach these kids...
Don't be fooled by all this, it has nothing to do with gender equality....

The reality of this crap, been pushed by radical feminists is this;
They are loosing ground, we have seen this in their behaviour as of late, they are getting more and more desperate, this is just a ploy to try to save their hate movement from extinction and protecting their failing power...Every time they open their yap, they are been discredited.

Schools have been their target for the past decade, they are too stupid to figure out men and women, boys and girls do not subscribe to the "all men achieve power through rape, or all men are abuser, all boys are born potential abusers and stay at home moms are slaves"....Idiotic statements like those by sub intellectual left overs of the human race is divisive and we are not as dumb as they thought we were, especially this generation.

They lost the argument, men and women are not their targets any more, we and that's all of us, men and women, decided to take them on, wherever they are, their unchallenged power is no more and every time they say something stupid, their faces is attached to it...It's called the web.
Sure they are still dangerous, thanks to their political lap dogs (aka; the lowly mangina) but the days of their unchallenged hatred towards men, sons, brothers, is soon coming to an end...and the only way they can keep what's left is trying to push their hatred in schools to our kids...

This comment puts it real time...
Jack180, Newcastle, 30 minutes ago
I'm 20 and only finished school a few years ago. Most of the stuff Yvette Cooper mentions never happened at my school. The boys sometimes made flirty comments and usually went a bit over the top, but that was it. As far as turning boys into feminists, good luck with that, Feminism concentrates solely on one half of the population so I don't really see what young lads like me get out of that.

People like cooper sees this as an opportunity to keep and pass on the hate of the past, which has been identified and understood as discrimination, a cult, the opinions of those with an inferiority complex, and the idea they will succeed in passing this on to the next generation shows they do not follow realities, and are stuck in the past.

Feminism has been identified as a hate group, especially by the next generation, and when you are tagged as such, one cannot come back no matter what the effort...
We just have to push it over the edge as we have done in the past with so many other hate groups...

I judge myself on whether I am a good person or not on how many local feminists hate me and my blog, and from what I have experienced in the recent past from lanark county Ontario's cat lovers, I would say I am doing just fine...lol.

A just society does not survive on pandering to such groups, we evolve into a better nation by working together...MEN AND WOMEN, MOM AND DAD, GRANDPA AND GRANDMA, BROTHERS AND SISTERS....FAMILY.

“I don’t pay attention to them...”
Is the most ignorant statement you can make.
By not taking a stand,
You allow these people
To discriminate in your name.
Without questioning their actions,
You are just as guilty as they are.

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