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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Feminists and their manginas on the defensive and freaking out? Read this...

'Women Against Feminism' generates backlash among students

A social media movement called “Women Against Feminism” has been making headlines recently both nationally and internationally, generating a wave of backlash and discussion on the definition of modern feminism.
Pictures are shared on the movement’s primary social media outlets, Facebook and Tumblr, of women holding up pieces of paper with reasons on them as to why they do not believe in or need feminism — the primary reason being the victimization of females and the demonization of males by feminists.

Juliana Rose, a rising senior at the University of Montana, says she was “frustrated” when she first heard of the movement, adding that their arguments are “uninformed” and respond to the more radical, stereotypical side of feminism.
(No need to be frustrated juliana, just go pet your cat, you'll feel better)

“Feminism is about equality. The majority of moderate feminists want equality, and that is it. I think the women of this movement are misinformed and heartbreakingly so,” she says.
“These women are not only uniformed, but dangerously so.
(Equality? hehehehe, hahaha, stop your killing me, who is uninformed little girl? Your feminists say all men are rapists, real women do not subspecies to this b*llshit)

Local mangina Daniel Greinke, a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University, considers himself as a feminist, says...
 “The perceptions that these women have about feminism is [sic] grossly misinformed. ‘Women Against Feminism’ paints feminists as man-haters who like to play the victim,” he says. “Feminism is not about oppressing men or playing the victim.
(listen my mangina friend, "recognize that men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" is not exactly about loving men is it, and that includes you, when you leave the room)

Hannah Cowan, a rising freshman at the University of Wyoming, says the modern feminist movement is “full of faults” — adding that it is a fight for “entitlements and supremacy” rather than equality, that it shames men and does not take into account how men also have issues, and that feminists are “manipulative people” playing the role of a victim.
(well said)

Cowan, who will be pursuing a pre-law track, says she finds “Women Against Feminism” to be a positive movement that sheds the truth about modern feminism, which holds up equality and creates an “unnecessary wall of tension” between the sexes.
“I am an anti-feminist, because feminists have attacked me for my political, personal, and religious views more than the ‘patriarchy’ ever did for my gender,” she says. “I absolutely loath the stigma feminism is placing on women as being ‘weak,’ ‘delicate,’ or ‘oppressed by the patriarchy.’ As a female living in the U.S., I am in no way ‘oppressed’ and I pity the women who are dull enough to believe the feminists lies.”
Cowan says “Women Against Feminism” is based on facts and that the discussion fostered by the movement should occur beyond social media. She adds that because Western women already have the same rights as their male counterparts, feminists should shift their energies to issues like sex trafficking in Europe and not concern themselves with “ridiculous crap here like worrying about clothes that boys ‘hate.’’
While Cowan was “delighted” to see the movement expand as well as the attention it gained, she says that this attention has not been entirely positive — with members of the movement having been name-called and personally attacked in addition to receiving death threats even.
(that's feminism and manginism for ya, threaten if one does not follow the line, even the writers of this blog have been...threatened)

“The way feminists treat the women who disagree with them proves feminism is not as ‘pro-women’ as they would like to believe,” she says. “For as long as I have been active on social media, feminist have dominated it with their whining, constantly attacking me for my conservative, non feminist views. I was delighted to see the movement expand, knowing that I am not the only one who felt this way.”

They, and that's feminists and their manginas are loosing the arguments because of their open policy of hate, and if they don't get their way, they act like spoiled brats who are not getting that toy they want....
They can stay in their small hate filled world, the rest of us understand full well what they represent...
How can anyone defend statements such as this.....and say they are not anti men????
No! my cat loving disturbed numb-nuts, women against feminism are fully informed and know exactly who you are....say what you want, but realise you have been tagged as a hate movement. Live with it.

I can only speak for myself but there is nothing more uglier than a feminist and nothing in this world more beautiful than a strong, secure, woman.
This site fully supports the secure women of women against feminism.


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later this had to happen.....and it has. :)


The Native Canadian said...

They just cant go around and say men rape for power and think they will get away with it...men have mothers, daughters, sisters, friends...they r to stupid to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Yep,if it wan't for the government supporting stupidity,things wouldn't be so out of hand.