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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Feminist msm in full panic mode over, conference for men and women against feminism.

After watching this video from msnbc (are they still around?) and listening to the hate about the men's rights conference in Detroit and the latest target (women against feminism) of those cackling hens over at the house of the falling feminist, we see the panic mode they are experiencing.

Feminists make the point for all mrm's, mra's, fra's, THEY DO NOT ALLOW CRITICISM, or debate, and when one takes that route, one proves the point that they are anti males even anti women. They are trying to pass off men's rights as a anti woman hate group, plainly seen in the msnbc video when they claimed men's rights sites advocate the rape of women by saying, "women like to be raped"... I mean f*ck, really?
What men wants their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters raped or would say they like to be raped?

We can clearly see feminist panic over women against feminism, basically describing them as as poor little girls who don't understand the "men all bad philosophy". Women against feminism perfectly understand that philosophy, they just do not subscribe to the idea the men in their lives are all bad.
This is why the feminist times fell apart and could no longer be financially feasible after only 12 months, women no longer want to be part of a "toxic culture", and the contradiction it promoted.

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