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Friday, July 25, 2014

Exposing feminist stupidity....Promoting humanities extinction?

This is what a feminist sounds like....
Women who have sex with men 
are gender traitors.
Tina Rosenberg is a Professor of Gender Studies at Lund University in Sweden. She was formerly professor of Theatre Studies and lecturer of Gender Studies at Stockholm University. She received her Ph.D. in 1993. She currently works as a rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Tiina Rosenberg defines herself as a Queer Feminist and was instrumental in introducing Queer theory in Sweden.She is a founding member of the feminist party Feminist Initiative and was formerly a member of the party's executive board.
Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon have long argued that...
In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not in a strong enough social position to give meaningful consent.

Both these quotes have basically the same meaning, one might be promoting lesbianism in her own way, re-classifying it as "queer feminists, queer theory"(whatever the h*ll that means), but eventually, adding a little hate or dislike for the male species, it's results, if we were to listen to such stupidity would be the extinction of the human race....
Considering how many actually listen and follow such an ideology, I am not sure that wouldn't be such a bad idea, and let some other species evolve, maybe they'll do a better job...(yes I am been sarcastic)

Such quotes from people who obviously suffer from an inferiority complex versus men, unlike real women, show a disturbing pattern, parts of humanity always had, it's weakness to believe in ones worth in the circle of life. 
If it's not the desire to be ruled by the few, to be told what to do and what to think, how to raise kids, how to spend and buy, when to live and die(i.e.Wars), then it's the idea that as a species we should point to each other and bitch about our place in life....

A little reality for just one minute....
It's not men's fault, as these feminists seems to point to, if the biology of the human species is what it is, the female sexual organs are on the inside and the males outside, this is not just in humans but all life on Earth, that doesn't mean one is better than the other, it's just what is. 
Such a divisive nature from these "people"(and I use the term lightly), has one inevitable conclusion for all of us, even us "normal thinking people", the eventual extinction of humanity...it is inevitable under those circumstances. (If we were to follow their rules)

There is a simple answer to idiocy and self destruction, and that is to do what we are doing now, gather all these dumb-ass into a circle of their own by exposing the stupidity of their idealism, combine those who support them (i.e. the lowly mangina), and let them live in their own little, limited, world...Under those simple rules, if they continue on the path they have chosen for themselves, it is them who will eventually die off...they can't survive as a group if they fully implement the idea that sexual contact between males and females is....rape or treason.

There was a time these "whatever they are" could say anything idiotic and get away with it, even thrive, assembling those who suffered from complexes or where known to be weak, into a neat  little package of negativity. But that time has passed with the advent of the web and the p.c., men's sites, women's sites, are now strong enough to push these dividers of the genders into a neat little circle of their own, pointing to what they say and do, and simply ask..."is this what you believe"?.

Men's rights is not about dishing on women,  and women's site like "women against feminism or women for men" is not about been treasonous to their gender, it is about equality, these are people who always understood we can't have it unless we work together, and as we see, bitching about "it's all men's fault" did not stop there, now it's all "women who have sex with men's fault".

We can't debate the stupidity and inferiority complex of the weak. Feminists and their manginas are those who feel inadequate towards the rest of us, statements like those above or "all men are born to rape, and achieve power through rape", is after all a direct attack on the women who become mothers and raise boys and girls, when dad is at work. Whether that mother is a stay at home mom, or a working mother, the point is, let's not forget the early stages of a man is with his mother. Whenever a feminists backed up by her mangina opens their yap, they fail to realise they demonize not only man, but the woman who carried him, nurtured him, and guided him to boyhood, which will stay with him for the rest of his life, then dad takes over part of the rearing, pointing him to manhood.
And the same goes for girls, it is a father, through his behaviour at home, who shows his daughter the true value, heart and identity of a man. Both need and learn about morality and self worth from mom and dad, if one is missing, the true identity of that person will be incomplete.

Yes there are single parents who do a good job at raising kids, we are not trying to demonize those who have been thrown into that situation, men or women, so don't freak out, the point is not against the single parent but the demonization of genders by those who have a twisted view of what the world should be like.

To close;
Feminist and their manginas ideology is a direct threat to human survival, by the way, ever noticed those who try to demonize the stay at home mom have no kids of their own, or if they do, they have them raised by the state in state sponsored day cares? 
If we continue on looking the other way while the very continuation of the human race is at stake, then as I said, do we have the right to be here?
Either way, our best defence against those who thrive on division of the genders for personal gain, is to expose what they represent, put them in their own circle, let them become extinct, the world will be a better place for it.
The rest of us will do just fine without them....

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