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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exposing feminist stupidity...No Longer Politically Correct to be a Gentleman???

Being a Gentleman ‘Sexist’, say Feminists

Chivalry is demeaning towards women and a sign of ‘sexism’ in men, feminist psychologists now claim.
The controversial claims follow a report for the Psychology of Women Quarterly which asserts that there is a cluster of behaviours called ‘benevolent sexism’ which manifests itself in everything from opening doors for girls to men offering to help women.

Feminism= stupidity, idiocy, irrationality, radicalism, inferiority complex...
Don't worry you cat loving feminists, we men can smell a feminist a mile away and as you have noticed, we do not hold doors open for ya, pull a chair, and we make sure you to pay half the bill when going to the restaurant for dinner...after all this is what you want isn't it?

As for the ladies, they know holding a door, pulling a chair, so on, is a sign of respect.

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